How to Increase Earpiece Volume on Android

Norvan Martin
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Are you finding it hard to hear calls or music through your Android earpiece? If that’s the case, don’t worry, we will help you find a solution. Many users experience low volume or poor sound quality from their earpieces, which can be especially disorienting while driving or in other noisy environments.

However, there are ways you can increase your Android’s earpiece volume and clarity: from device settings changes to third-party apps or accessories.

This guide contains everything needed for enjoying louder, clearer audio on an Android earpiece.

Before we continue, if you are using a regular headphone and not an earpiece, please read this guide that covers how to increase headphone volume on Android because of sudden low volume.

1. Adjust Your Volume Settings

The simplest way of increasing earpiece volume on an Android device is by adjusting its volume settings. 

Pressing the volume up button while listening through headphones or going into the Settings app on the device, then Sound, then Sound Volume Adjust, and making changes accordingly should do it.

2. Use a Volume Booster App

When simply changing the volume settings is not enough to increase earpiece volume on Android devices, volume booster apps such as Volume Booster Pro, Equalizer FX or Bass Booster & Equalizer may help. 










With such apps installed and activated on their earphones, you will experience clearer audio.

3. Use an Equalizer

An equalizer is a tool used to modify sound frequencies according to your taste. 

An Android equalizer application such as Equalizer Pro, Music Equalizer, or Poweramp Music Player are popular choice available through the Google Play Store for customizing these sound waves as desired.

4. Clean Your Earphone Jack

Sometimes the earphone jack on your Android device may become clogged with dirt or debris that compromises sound quality, requiring regular cleaning with either cotton swabs or toothbrushes to restore proper functionality for your earphones.

Clean Your Earphone Jack

For optimal sound quality, use a cotton swab instead of compressed air.

5. Use High-Quality Earphones/Headphones

Your choice of earphones can impact both sound quality and volume on an Android device. Low-grade or cheap headphones could prevent you from hearing music clearly


For an optimum experience, you must invest in premium quality earphones that offer greater sound performance.

6. Keep Your Device Up-to-Date

Outdated software on an Android device may compromise earpiece volume and sound quality, so to stay ahead, keep checking back with updates.

android software update

On your Android device, go to Settings app > System > Software update to check any potential updates on earpiece volume/sound quality issues.

7. Turn Off Audio Effects

Some Android devices feature audio effects like bass boost, 3D surround sound, and reverb that enhance sound quality but may impact earpiece volume negatively.

Turn Off Audio Effects

To increase volume on Android device earpiece speakers you should temporarily turn off these effects by turning them off altogether or temporarily dimming volume controls on the device screen.

  •  Use of a Sound Amplifier:

A sound amplifier is a device used to increase the volume and improve the quality of audio from headphones or earphones, such as those found on Android devices. When used together with Android phones and devices equipped with microphones such as phones or smartphones you may notice improved earpiece volume as well as increased audio quality.


Popular sound amps on the market include FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier; Creative Sound Blaster E1 Portable Headphone Amplifier; Topping NX1s Portable Headphone Amplifier among many more!


In conclusion, Android device owners can utilize various techniques and tricks to increase earpiece volume on Android devices and enjoy louder and clearer audio quality. These strategies range from tweaking device sound settings, downloading third-party applications, cleaning their earpiece, and optimizing audio files being played.

However, you must always proceed with caution to prevent damage to either their devices or ears when applying these strategies. By considering these measures and applying these tips successfully, users can improve the audio experience on their smartphones with high-quality sound without straining to hear it!

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