How To Increase Bluetooth Volume On Your iPhone

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It can be frustrating when you want to enjoy your music, but when connecting your iPhone to Bluetooth, the volume is too low.

You have cranked your iPhone to the maximum, but nothing changes and the ironic thing is your friend’s volume over Bluetooth is working fine. This is often a problem with fake Baets Wired Lightning Apple Earbuds.

Don’t worry, there is a solution for that. You just need to follow a couple of steps to get your iPhone’s Bluetooth volume up.

iphone volume How To Increase Bluetooth Volume iPhone

Connecting your phone to a Bluetooth wireless speaker allows you to use your phone while listening to music at a high volume and some bass or receiving and making calls hands-free. But if the volume of your gadget remains low, all that good technology is rendered useless.

If you follow the steps described below and you have an iPhone, the problem should stop immediately. The method works for all iPhone users regardless of their phone model, whether new or old type, this method should fix that Volume problem once and for all.

By the way, if you have an Android phone, an excellent way to improve volume is to use a good docking station for Android

Without further ado, let’s fix the problem of low volume when connecting to your iPhone with Bluetooth.

SOLUTION 1: Turn off the Volume Limit – Set to Maximum

iOS devices have a maximum volume limit designed to protect your ears from loud music or just to help you to set your preferred maximum.

iphone volume limit

If your phone’s volume is too low, then the maximum volume may be set too low. To fix this, go to Settings > Music > Set Volume limit to the maximum, and after that use the side volume up button when playing a song on Bluetooth or headphones. This is normally the quest way to increase Bluetooth volume on the iPhone.

SOLUTION 2: Change High EQ for Music

By setting the proper equalization, you can boost your iPhone’s sound quality and volume. To do this, you need to go to Settings > Music > EQ > Late Night (Music app).

If you have Spotify, you can follow the same procedure as it supports this EQ setting. Nonetheless, for other third-party apps, you can use App settings.

Change High EQ for Music iphone

To turn off the sound check toggle, go to Settings > Music > Sound Check > Turn off Toggle. When you follow this procedure, it helps to increase the volume up to about 20%.


SOLUTION 3: Try An iPhone Volume Booster

If the volume problem persists, you can try using a volume booster through several apps that are reputable on the Apple app store.

There is one called EQUALIZER PRO VOLUME BOOSTER that enhances the volume of our phone and so far has a good rating, which shows it works. But you need to test with your Bluetooth device to see whether you require extra adjustments.

iPhone Volume Booster

The app is a new generation that has enhanced sound quality and media player capabilities. The app allows you to play music outside Soundcloud and the music library. The only downside is the app is not free, and some users reported a display of bugs.

You can also use actual volume-boosting docks if you don’t need high volumes for portable use. Here are some good choices:

SOLUTION 4: Force Close the Music App

When you see these volume problems, you also need to check your music app as sometimes some apps get stuck on the screen, and it could be unable to change the volume level.

iphone music app

It is recommended that you force close to your iPhone screen. How you do this? You swipe with your finger up from the bottom edge bar to the center so you could see all apps in the app switcher.

Now after doing that, you force close it by swiping up on the app preview.

SOLUTION 5: Adjust the Volume of your Bluetooth

Ensure your Bluetooth speaker volume is turned up, you can do that using the remote or input button.

SOLUTION 6: Remove Bluetooth Profile

You can follow the easy detailed procedure given below to help you fix your iPhone Bluetooth too low compared to how it was earlier or other gadgets.

The first thing you should do is delete the Bluetooth profile from your iPad or iPhone.

How to Remove the Bluetooth Profile from Your iOS Device

The process should not be a hilly task for even those doing it for the first time. You go to Settings > Tap the Bluetooth > Check the device and tap on it > Next, you to the BT device to check the details > Next, you tap on to Forget the Device. After that, you turn off the Bluetooth trigger on your iPhone device.

  • To start the process, try to pair it again
  • Pair your Ios Bluetooth to the third-party Bluetooth gadget
  • The next step is to turn the Bluetooth on your iPhone and your Bluetooth device
  • Take a couple of minutes to let your phone sense the Bluetooth device and start over again
  • If, after going through that process and still the voice is low on your new software, there could be a glitch with the software.
  • For Bluetooth volume, you set it under the music settings

How Advanced Speakers Respond to Volume

Some Bluetooth speakers use your phone’s volume control to determine the volume of the speaker, which is much simpler than when you have two independent volumes.

And it can work both ways as well. If you are using volume buttons on the speaker, then your iPhone slider is able to update instantly.

This is similar to how using line out was considered better than headphones for connecting speakers through a cable a couple of years back.

You can try a speaker using that feature and see how it responds to you. For instance, Anker Sound Core Sport can function through the process shared above.

SOLUTION 7: Make Changes To the Side Button

If the volume is set to the maximum, but the sound still is limited, ensure you have applied the volume limit for iPhone music volume.

Check your iPhone status, and if it is not up to date, do so with the latest iOS version. You do that for a swift process by connecting your iPhone to WiFi.

After the connection go to your iPhone Settings > General > Software Update > Check for Update. If it was not updated, start the update to get rid of any volume interference.

SOLUTION 8: Connecting iPhone To Car Audio Problems: Adjust Audio Bluetooth Setting

Sometimes if you are using your iPhone to connect to the car system to stream music via Bluetooth, you may find that the volume level may sound extremely low.

But on changing it back to CD/DAB, the source plays at double the volume of that of our iPhone.

Connecting iPhone To Car Audio Problems: Adjust Audio Bluetooth Setting

If you find yourself in such a predicament, try to check your vehicles in Bluetooth audio settings. This is because your car could be one of those designed with a boost setting for Bluetooth volume.

Also, another trick that can help your iPhone increase volume over the Bluetooth device is trying to turn the volume down. After you are sure the voice is wholly set to down, try now turning it up and make sure as you do this, your iPhone should be connected to the Bluetooth device.

On turning it up, the volume should get fixed immediately, and from there, start having loud and clear audio coming through your Bluetooth device. Also, get to understand your phone volume settings. For instance, not many would imagine the call volume could be in the music settings.

SOLUTION 9: Low Or No Sound From the Bluetooth Speaker

Sometimes, your connection on your iPhone may turn out to be okay, but not give you enough sound from your Bluetooth speaker. First, make sure that your wireless speaker and the source device is turned on. You have to make sure the Bluetooth indicator of your speaker is lit.

You should make sure your Bluetooth is turned on in the settings of the wireless speaker and source gadget. Increase the volume level of your wireless speaker and the source device, and as you adjust the volume, let the source device play the music. Sometimes objects may interfere with the free flow of music from the source device to your Bluetooth speaker.

Therefore, you have to make sure the wireless speaker is distant from any metal objects. The Bluetooth device should not be connected with any AUDIO IN port, because that will automatically interfere with your source device music connection.

If you see the connection still not producing enough volume, try to restart the software from your iPhone. Restart the software again, amplify the volume from your device to the maximum while connected to the Bluetooth speaker, and see how it responds. Also, ensure you have the software updated to the latest version.

Another problem that could result in low volume over our Bluetooth device is checking from your source device (iPhone) volume limit.

Under Settings, go to the Volume limit as your phone is designed to limit volume for your ear protection, and this sets the maximum volume the phone will output. The function is supposed to be off. Or if it is left to be on, to set the maximum volume level with a slider.

Still, under the settings, go to SOUND CHECK as this detects the lower volume recordings and acts to boost the volume.

You can toggle this back on by adjusting it. If you are running off of your streaming library, you can try setting the cellular quality to high (if you are not mindful of the data that will be used).

SOLUTION 10: Check The Specific Settings of The App You Are Using

When playing music from your iPhone over to our Bluetooth device, ensure the music files that are downloaded on your phone are of high resolution as low versions of music end up playing at a lower volume.

You can select all the files on your phones with a lower resolution and try upgrading to a larger size file, which enhances a better dynamic range.

You also need to check the apps you use on your iPhone as they could be preventing a normal connection even after trying all possible methods.

For instance, the Facebook app can affect the volume of your music that is being played through the app. You can turn off the IN-APP SOUNDS by going to FACEBOOK > MORE OPTIONS > SETTINGS > ACCOUNT SETTINGS > SOUNDS.

As an alternative approach, you can prevent Facebook from running in the background. Double-click the home button > then scroll up to where the Facebook app is running in the background > swipe it up to stop it from running entirely in the background. If you follow the steps, it should stop interfering with the music connection to the Bluetooth device.


1. What Are The Benefits of Connecting Your Phone Over To Bluetooth?

Bluetooth has simplified the idea of having to fiddle with cables, which at times may turn things messy. With Bluetooth, you can make calls or receive while driving or riding a bike without touching anything.

It makes things easier and is safer for you. You no longer have to worry when on the road, as you can focus along the way while having an uninterrupted conversation. The problem comes when all the connection looks fine but you struggle to hear the person on the other end due to a low volume issue.

After struggling with the volume issue, the process below is said to get back an iPhone connection with a high volume of your choice.

2. Why Isn’t My iPhone Loud On Bluetooth?

The ultimate solution to this connectivity problem is to adjust the volume of your paired iPhone using the Side Down while on Bluetooth. Ensure that your iPhone is updated with the latest iOS version.

Connect your iPhone to WiFi and go to the settings > General > Software Update > Check for Update.

3. How Can I Increase Bluetooth Volume On iPhone XR?

Users of iPhone can change volume levels between left and right Bluetooth headphones from the iPhone settings toggle.

Launch the settings, scroll down and tap on accessibility, tap the audio/visual option. Precisely, go to settings > Sound and Hepatics > Ringer and Alerts, slide your finger right, and level up the volume to maximum.

4. iPhone Bluetooth Volume Control Not Working. How Can I Fix It?

Several factors could be responsible for this. Recognizing what the problem is will help you fix it faster.

Below are some of the common causes of your iPhone’s Bluetooth volume control not working.

  1. Your phone is set to a particular “volume limit” which it cannot go beyond. You will need to remove the limit through the music settings on your phone.
  2. The Bluetooth device is not responding. Try to close the music app or disconnect the Bluetooth and reconnect it again to solve the problem.
  3. The button may be faulty and needs to be repaired. If you’ve tried the above solutions and none seems to work, it might be a sign that you need to visit the phone shop for a repair.

5. iPhone Bluetooth Volume is Low in My Car

To fix the low volume on the Bluetooth when you connect to your car, it might require you to first disconnect the Bluetooth device.

Now connect again and after connecting, reduce the volume to almost zero and gradually turn it back up. This should fix the problem.


So How To Increase Bluetooth Volume iPhone? That’s 11 steps to get it done. One thing you should know when trying to fix the volume increase over to Bluetooth device issue, other areas may hinder the connection. Make sure your iPhone and the Bluetooth wireless speaker are within good proximity for them to connect with no problem. Some users have complained of some Bluetooth devices not being compatible with iOS.

If you try all the given methods above and still struggle to have a breakthrough with the volume issue, you can ask a technician to check your device. Some troubleshooting may be required to deal with the problem.

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