How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to Your TV Using AUX

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So you just bought a brand new Samsung soundbar and you’re wondering how to connect your new Samsung soundbar to your TV using AUX.

There is no doubt that the latest flat-screen TVs provide crystal clear and ultra-high-definition quality. However, most are slim and have tiny speakers, which is why their output audio strength is normally poor.

How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to Your TV Using Aux

This is where soundbars come in handy as a smart solution to add rich sound to your home theater system.

Though many of these TVs have HDMI and optical connector ports, many people still prefer to use good old AUX and if your TV has this connection type, read on to learn how to get it setup quickly and easily.

Connecting Samsung Soundbar To Your TV Using AUX Cable

An auxiliary or AUX connection usually includes using a 3.5mm auxiliary wire for sending raw audio signals to a typical sound system.

Your TV set might have an AUX port or a headphone jack in which you can connect the 3.5mm AUX cable to attach the Samsung soundbar to your Television.

It’s practically the same connector that comes with headphones and earphones to connect to your smartphone except for having the same connector on both ends.

connecting soundbar to tv with aux

Most of the soundbars usually have this AUX cable as an accessory that comes inside the package box. If not, then you can easily buy one from the market for a very affordable price.

AUX cable for Samsung Soundbar works just fine when you follow the right process. If you are not aware of how to connect a Samsung Soundbar to your TV using an Aux cable, then follow these easy steps to make a workable connection:

  1. Power on your Samsung soundbar and TV.
  2. Attach one side of the audio cable to the AUX-in jack present at the bottom of the soundbar.
  3. Attach the other side of the audio cable to the AUX-out jack present on your TV.
  4. To change the mode, press the Mode Button present on the remote or among the onboard buttons on the soundbar itself.
  5. Set your Samsung soundbar to AUX mode.
  6. In case of a successful connection, the audio from the television set will be directed through your Samsung soundbar as per customized settings.

Although an Auxiliary cable is an easy option, it still uses an analog connection, so the sound quality might not be as good as using an HDMI or optical cable.

Other Ways To Connect Your Samsung Soundbar To Your TV

The Samsung soundbar amplifies the audio of your TV by providing awesome sound quality. It’s extremely easy to set up and versatile in use.

There are numerous ways in which you can connect the Samsung soundbar to your television set to help you personalize your movie-watching experience.

All connectivity methods come with their own set of advantages, but some of them provide better sound quality than the rest.

Connecting Samsung Soundbar To Your TV Using AUX Cable

Some of the most common means of attaching a soundbar to a TV include using the good-old red and white-colored cables, AUX cables, HDMI cables, you can also use an optical cable to connect your soundbar and the latest wireless connectivity with the help of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Yes, many soundbars can be connected via Bluetooth.

If you have an LG TV, check out our article on how to connect a soundbar to your Samsung TV with optical cable.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Soundbar

So if you haven’t bought a soundbar yet and you’re in the market for a soundbar for your LED TV shortly, there are some important things you must consider before getting one.

The first and foremost factor is the connection method; some of them offer both wired and wireless modes of connection.

The final decision to purchase one would usually depend on the type of connection options your Television provides to you.

For instance, if your TV has AUX or RCA, then you will need to consider a soundbar that offers similar kinds of connecting options.

Additionally, you should go for the one that also provides a connection via Bluetooth, allowing you to stream your favorite music wireless using smart devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


Some people also prefer to purchase a soundbar that works with a remote control, which gives them the freedom to control a device.

One can operate the device with the comfort of sitting on a couch or a chair via remote control, without having to walk to the soundbar.

Although it’s extremely comfy to function the soundbar from a distance, it’s still beneficial to have some onboard buttons.

You may never know when your remote runs out of batteries. Onboard buttons also serve as a lifeline when your remote control is misplaced somewhere in the house and you don’t have time to look for it because your favorite TV show is on.

soundbar and tv

You can also consider some other crucial things while buying a new soundbar such as the size, design, and subwoofer quality.

Make sure you get one that would look nice sitting next to your TV; if your television is large, then you would need a more powerful and bigger soundbar.

The most obvious place to put your soundbar is right next to a TV, below or next to it on the wall, which is why the design of the soundbar will be important as it should look attractive and complement the taste of your room design as well.

If you want a cinematic experience, get a soundbar that comes with an inbuilt subwoofer for deep bass.

The Best Samsung Soundbars On The Market

If you want to enjoy all the best options as described above and buy the best high-end soundbar, then look no further than the Samsung HW-Q90R.

When it comes to quality, Samsung keeps giving its users the taste of the most luxurious products including soundbars.

The 7.1.4-channel HW-Q90R comes with four up-firing drivers, supports Dolby Atmos, and a great stereo audio quality with an expansive soundstage, that is versatile for all sorts of content you can listen to.

How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to Your TV Using Aux

It incorporates a wireless subwoofer that comes with punchy and deep bass, adaptive sound on and off features, and amazing voice clarity.

When it comes to connectivity, the Samsung HW-Q90R has various connectivity options including both wired and wireless connection.

How Do I Get My TV To Play Through AUX?

The AUX input is a common input channel for TVs. Navigate the inputs of your TV with a remote control. Video sources using cables connected to the AUX receptors, typically wired to the side or back of TV, can be viewed by using the remote to change the TV to the AUX input.


In short, connecting the Samsung soundbar to your TV set is pretty much easy. If you encounter some connectivity issues, it’s mainly because of a malfunctioning cable or an improper cable connection.

If there is no audio even when the speaker is turned on, make sure to first check the connection. First of all, use your remote control to disable the built-in TV speakers. Then, set the speaker option on your TV to external and check for sound.

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