How to Clean Your Phone Ear Speaker
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With regular usage, your smartphone speakers slowly accumulate lint, dirt, and dust. If you take long without cleaning your phone, layers of dirt could pile up and interfere with your speaker’s functionality.

So, here is a step-by-step process to clean your phone ear speaker.

 Items to use in the cleaning process:

  • Tape
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Soft Bristle Toothbrush
  • Used Toothbrush

Step 1: Make Sure Your Hands are Clean

Wash your hands before starting the cleaning process of your phone speaker. Some people ignore this and that can make it worse instead of fixing the problem.

Dirty hands can easily transfer dirt particles onto your phone. Therefore, clean your hands and ensure you dry them using a cloth or towel.

Step 2: Switch of Your Phone

Before you start the cleaning process, make sure you switch off your phone. It’s vital never to clean your phone when it’s still on to avoid any avoidable damage.

Step 3: Use a Toothbrush to Clean

After your hands are clean and the phone is put off, now you can start the cleaning exercise. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles. It doesn’t matter the toothbrush is new or used. But make sure the brush is clean before using it.

Mostly, children’s type of brush tends to be soft. You can use them gently to clean the phone without damaging the speaker.

Step 4: Brush The Speaker Port

Locate your phone speaker port and start with that part. Gently scrub the area with the toothbrush without applying much force.

This prevents the toothbrush bristles from coming out and interfere or damage the speaker. Continue to brush the port area until all dirt and particles are completely cleared.

Step 5: Shake The Phone Gently

After you countercheck no dirt particles are left, shake the phone gently to lose any remaining dirt. This is a vital stage to ensure no dirt is left that would interfere with the cleaning process.

Step 6: Wipe Your Phone

At this stage, you can wipe your phone after all the dirt particles are cleared. Use a damp cloth to get rid of any loose dust that may be on the surface.

You can use a mix a drop of dishwashing liquid with water and dip your cloth to use it on the phone. It makes sure no single dirt particle is left before doing all your cleaning exercises. Some experts recommend Vim Dish wash gel readily available in the market and effective in clearing any dirt on your phone surface.

Ensure when wiping your phone, the cloth is not dripping wet with water. Squeeze until the cloth is only wet without any harmful water that may damage the phone.

Step 7: Dry With a Clean Cloth

After you are through with the wet cloth, use a dry cloth on the phone surface. The dry cloth helps to clear any moisture captured by the wet cloth.

Step 8: Clean The Headphone Jack

You must check your headphone jack and clear any dirt. Use a thin cotton bud and push it inside the jack hole rubbing every side up and down.

And finally, spin the cotton while pulling it outside to prevent any dirt from sticking there to get back to the hole.

You can repeat the process until you are sure no dirt particles remain in the jackhole. This process requires a gentle movement to avoid jamming cotton swab inside the jack hole.

Method 2: Clean Phone Ear Speaker Using a Tape

Step 1: Pick a Tape

The first step you do is to pick a tape and roll it around to form a cylinder shape. Ensure as you roll the tape, the sticky side is facing out.

Step 2: Place the Tape Over the Phone Speaker

After making the roll, press it onto your phone speaker. The idea here is to let the sticky part attract any piled dirt around the surface and inside your phone speakers.

Step 3: Repeat The Process

When the tape is piled with dirt, change and rolls another one. Repeat the same process step by step until you are sure no dirt remains. When the tape does not attract any dirt, it’s an indication nothing is left.

How To Maintain The Audio Technology

Never leave your phone in a humid environment such as a bathroom. The moisture is an enemy to your phone’s speaker, and gradually it degrades its quality with time.

Make it a habit of cleaning the surface of your phone speaker using a lint-free cloth regularly. Also, purchase a quality phone case that is designed to protect the speaker against dirt and dust.

Anyone can clean a phone speaker at home by following the tips shared, even if you do not have prior experience.

Check your phone regularly, either weekly or monthly. The regular checkup prevents dirt from forming a layer of dirt because it’s the small bits of dirt that keep piling up and eventually damage your phone speaker completely.

How To Clean Speaker Grills On Your Android Smartphone

Your android phone tends to produce repeatedly electromagnetic radiation, and chances of dust accumulation are higher than any item you carry with you. The speaker grills also get affected and clogged with dust particles which interfere with the sound quality of your android smartphone.

Try to clean your grills often after you notice dust particles blocking your phone’s tiny grill holes. You can clean using compressed air can making sure the air nozzle is pointed at the horizontal direction of the grills. Alternatively, you can use tape or a brush to get rid of dust particles. Remember to do it gently not to tear the grills.

Another way to clean the speaker grills is through the speaker clean app. The app is designed to produce high-pitched sounds through the speaker to dislocate any clogged dust particles from the grill. This should be done in intervals and keep checking whether the grills are clear of any dust.

Cleaning iPhone Ear Speaker With Alcohol

We do not recommend that you use alcohol or any other form of liquid on your iPhone speakers. Even though rubbing alcohol evaporates quicker than water, any kind of liquid can damage your iPhone. However, if you really want to use alcohol to clean the speakers, use a Q-tip and alcohol. Ensure that you don’t apply too much pressure.

How To Clean iPhone Earpiece Grill

The best way to clean the how to clean iPhone earpiece grill is to use a brush. A simple little brush would do, you could even use a toothbrush. Another method is to just use a piece of tape and gently push it into the earpiece with a toothpick and then lift it off. We do not recommend using compressed air because phone speakers are very delicate and you can’t clean them like you would clean regular speaker grills

How To Clean Your Phone Speaker At The Bottom

To clean your phone’s speaker at the bottom of the phone, all you need to do is to use a brush (even a toothbrush) to brush across the speaker from bottom to top. Be careful not to drag the brush along the axis of the speaker.

How To Clean Your Phone Speaker At The Bottom



Cleaning your phone ear speaker should never be a hassle for you anymore. It is a do-it-yourself approach any smartphone owner can do at home. But you can avoid the process by keeping your phone in a clean environment; it cannot easily gather dust. Also, keep checking your speaker is in good condition and clean it whenever you spot dust particles accumulate before it’s too late.