How To Charge A Bluetooth Speaker Without A Charger

Norvan Martin
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Most of us always have our phones on us, however, you won’t always have a charger at hand. So what do you do when your phone is dead and you don’t have a charger? In this article, we will show you how to charge a Bluetooth speaker without a charger.

1. Use Your Smartphone

Did you know you can learn how to charge a Bluetooth speaker with a phone in minutes? Maybe you have heard that many wireless speakers double as power banks as well.

But you can use your smartphone to charge them too over a USB cable without looking for a charger. Most modern phones that have been tested work as power suppliers.

However, the life span of their batteries while playing music varies considerably. The size of the built-in battery determines whether you can use it to charge your speakers as you listen to your favorite music for a few hours or over one day.

phone charge bluetooth speaker

Phones are lightweight, and you do not have to consider much about their portability. If you choose a speaker that is no more than 500 grams and a lightweight phone, you will enjoy the ride as you listen to the songs non-stop, whether you carry them in your backpack, on your bicycle, or anywhere else.

2. Charge with a Mobile Charger

In some cases, you may find that you have to use a different charger to restart your Bluetooth speaker, especially when the battery is too low.

bluetooth speaker with phone charger

If you know how to charge a Bluetooth speaker with your phone charger, you can use it where there is no power.

However, when you have access to a power source, your mobile charge can still come in handy, mainly if you are like most of us who do not know how to charge a speaker with a broken charge port or how to fix a broken charger port on a Bluetooth speaker.

3. Use a Powerbank

There are plenty of power banks for charging your Bluetooth speaker on the market today. If you cannot operate your speaker via a USB AC adaptor by connecting it to the appropriate AC outlet or a rechargeable, built-in battery, this is an excellent option for you to consider.

charge speaker with powerbank

This may be particularly true if you do not know how to fix a Bluetooth speaker that won’t charge. The good news is that it is a portable option.

This means when you run out of charge in a remote location or anywhere else, you will not need to worry about finding an AC power outlet.

4. Charge With Your Laptop

Many people want to know how to charge their speakers without a charger when they have no compatible phone or mobile charger.

Your laptop can help you charge your speaker irrespective of the make. This is how computer Bluetooth speakers charge anyway. Unlike your phone which may have a limited in-built battery, most modern laptops can serve you for a much longer duration.

Charge Your Speaker With Your Laptop

One of the reasons you will most likely be pleased to consider using your laptop for this purpose is that it is easier to carry a micro USB cable with you than a Bluetooth speaker charger.

If you have been using these speakers for a while, you will likely find some extra micro USB cables lying somewhere in your store or house. So, you will not have to buy one. And if anything, these cables are cheap.

Once you have found the right cable, connect its bigger end to the DC IN 5v jack. Check if you see a red LED light up. This is an indication that your Bluetooth speaker is charging. As you can see, the process is easy and straightforward.

In case you fail to see it is charging, troubleshoot by replacing the micro USB cable. Try charging using this method whenever you are free, and you will see how worthwhile your effort will be.

5. Use Wireless Charging

If there is a problem and you realize that you can do nothing if you do not know how to fix the Bluetooth speaker charger port, you should completely forget about looking for the right charger.

It will not help you, but you will waste a lot of your valuable time. Wireless charging is also an excellent option for you if you do not want to be involved in the lengthy process of continually plugging in and out of your speaker’s charger. You have the right to choose what serves you best.

Wireless charging Bluetooth speaker

Choose the best wireless innovative technology that you are sure can charge your Bluetooth speaker.

If you have discovered how to charge a JBL speaker without a charger, you most likely test the fact that there are plenty of these types of technology out there.

Before you buy one, however, be sure you verify that the model of your Bluetooth is compatible with your wireless charger. Many credible online stores stock them. Thus, you can order the best one for your speaker from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere else.

6. Create Your Own Wireless Charger

If you are tech-savvy, this one may be suitable for you. In case you are, here is one creative way you can charge your Bluetooth speaker without a charger whenever the need arises.

Try this out in case you cannot conveniently get a wireless charger. You must underline the fact that it might get a little tricky and technical, so rely on it only if you are fully confident of your professional competence.

To increase your chances of success, ensure you have all the requirements. The essential ones are an inductive charging set, a soldering tool, a Bluetooth speaker with additional space inside where you will insert your coil, and a 9v charger.

Once you have these tools and building materials, be sure you know all the steps that you need to follow from the beginning to the end. Start by carefully dissembling your speaker and then cautiously taking out the printed circuit board.

As you remove this board, you should take special care of the input line because you may destroy it if the jack solder is weak, which is sometimes the case.

Consequently, solder the two +5V wires on the board’s reception and connect 9V on the side of the emitter.Create Your Own Wireless Charger

Once you do that, your wireless charger should be able to charge your device. But you still need to tape the coil on the case’s bottom and attempt to fit it in the printed circuit board. Do so until it fits.

If you choose, tape the receptor under your nightstand. Avoid thick materials such as ferrous.

The idea is that you need the right spot where the power cannot significantly drop. From then on, you will be ready to charge your Bluetooth speaker wirelessly.

As you can see, not many people can make a wireless charger if they lack the normal one for their speakers. As such, if you think it is not the best for you, try the others.

7. Replace Your Battery

If you have tried all the above options and nothing seems to work, there is likely a problem with your battery. Change it with a new one or another that has not run out entirely. Most modern phones will require a technician to replace the battery.

Remember, no matter how much you try, you can’t charge a dead battery.

8. Use A Solar Charger

If you’re outdoors with access to plenty of sunlight, solar chargers are an eco-friendly way to charge your laptop. These devices usually come with a USB port, so just use a USB cable to hook up your laptop.

To get the best charge, place the charger right in the sunlight. But remember, how long it takes to charge can change depending on how strong the sunlight is.

Tips to Extend the Battery Life of Your Bluetooth Speaker

Are you always out of battery on your Bluetooth speaker? Whether you know how to fix a Bluetooth speaker that won’t charge or not, the quality of your battery will determine how frequently you will be charging and enjoying your favorite music.

1. Turn Off Unused Speakers: When your speaker is not in use, turn off Bluetooth and other things that allow it to communicate wirelessly with other nearby devices.

If you are going to be on a plane, turn the speaker to airplane mode if you intend to listen to audio or play a game on it.

By having them consistently on, you will be putting a considerable drain on your battery almost all the time.

2. Turn On Airplane Mode When Necessary: Through airplane mode, you will still disable all forms of wireless communication. While you will not receive or send text messages, data, or emails, you save a ton of battery.

3. Don’t Fully Charge/Discharge: Never fully charge or discharge your Bluetooth speaker battery for extended periods. You can charge 50% and then recharge as necessary. If it hits 100%, ensure you do not leave it plugged in.

4. Limit The Heat: Too much heat is also dangerous. If it has a respectable 8-hour, lifespan, and you leave it in your car for hours over the summer, that can reduce to 2 or under over time. If you do not change this trend, you can expect that no charging method will serve your needs.

Once you do all of these things, you will be set to start enjoying music on the go.


Can You Charge a Speaker with an AUX Cord?

No, you cannot charge a speaker with an AUX cord. That’s because you will need to supply power to the speaker since it has an internal amplifier. However, you can send audio to it with the aux cable.

How Do You Fix a Bluetooth Speaker that is Not Charging?

Most people assume that the battery of their Bluetooth speaker has died. A more common problem is that your speakers are not charging or there may be a faulty USB cable being used.

So, it isn’t sending power to the device properly. If you have tried different USB cables and still cannot get them working, this means one thing – they need fixing! You can fix these issues on your own with just some basic tools.

It’s important to note though if you’ve already bought another pair of speakers because yours aren’t working anymore then do keep in mind that they might also require new batteries too!

This process should take about an hour but will save you time and money compared to having someone else do the work for you.

How Do I Reset My Bluetooth Speaker?

Here are the simple steps you should follow:

  1. To reset your Bluetooth speaker, the first thing you need to do is remove all the paired devices.
  2. After that, press the Bluetooth and the power buttons simultaneously for more than 3 seconds.
  3. This will reset the speaker to factory settings.

Final Thoughts

So that’s the answer to your question how can I charge my Bluetooth speaker without a charger? If you have misplaced your Bluetooth speaker charger or do not know how to fix the Bluetooth speaker charger port, you can still charge it with great ease. Resort to your phone, your mobile charger, your laptop, or wireless charging.

However, for this to work well, you should ensure you have a reliable battery. As such, if you protect the lifespan of your battery and choose one of the best alternative charging methods that you prefer, you will be able to listen to the music that you crave whenever you want.

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