How Long Does It Take for Wireless Headphones To Charge?

Norvan Martin
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In this article, you will learn how long it will take to charge wireless headphones, and also find out how to check whether your wireless headphones are charged or not.

Most wireless headphones’ charging time usually depends on the battery type, charging technology, and even the battery’s lifespan (charge cycles). However, with advanced technology in wireless headphones, the charging time can be reduced by up to 40 percent. So if you want fast-charging wireless headphones, you need to invest in a modern design. 

Conventional wireless headphones offer about 3 hours of continuous use for 1 hour’s charging time. So you have to charge your headphones for at least 2 hours for a decent listening experience. However, most modern earbuds and headsets that come with Type C charging ports can take less than an hour to fully charge due to fast charging technology. 

Let’s find out more about charging your headphones. 

Do Wireless Headphones Need to Be Charged?

Absolutely! Wireless headphones come with a built-in battery that needs to be recharged so you can continue enjoying the wireless experience. Most are equipped with Lithium battery cells whose power drains whenever you use your headphones. 

Do Wireless Headphones Need to Be Charged

The battery drains faster if your headphones are always powered on. The battery power still drains even when your headphones aren’t in use but at a slower rate. So you still need to recharge your headphones even if you haven’t used them for a week. 

However, most over-ear headphones come with an additional cable that lets you connect your headphones directly to the audio source when the battery runs out. 

So whether is a cheap Bluetooth headphone or an expensive one, it needs to be charged. 


When Should You Charge Your Wireless Headphones?

You can tell whether the battery on your wireless headphones is charged using the LED indicators that are usually fitted on the headset. The LEDs on most wireless headphones blink red continuously to alert you when the battery is low.

When connected to a USB power source for charging, the light blinks red for a few seconds before it changes to a solid red color. When the wireless headphone’s battery is fully charged, the LED will change color from red to blue or green to let you know that the battery is full. 

For wireless in-ear headphones or earbuds, the process is slightly different. Most don’t come with onboard LEDs on the earbuds, so you will have to be keen on the color changes on the charging case to tell when the earbuds are fully charged. 

However, you should note that your headphones will take longer to charge when connected to a computer or laptop. It’s better to charge them directly from an electrical outlet. 

How Long Should You Charge Your Wireless Headphones for The First Time?

There is no standard charging time that applies to all wireless headphones when charged for the first time.

This is because there are varying designs and models that come with different battery capacities. This is why you should follow the charging recommendations provided by your headphones manufacturer. 

How Long Should I Charge My Wireless Headphone for The First Time

However, you will discover that your new headphones will come with a battery fully charged or at least 60 percent charged. You can plug them in to charge for about 30 minutes to an hour to get the battery full. This can also help you understand how the charging system works. 

But a good rule of thumb is to buy headphones with higher battery life so the battery can last longer. 

How Are Wireless Headphones Charged?

The charging method depends on the type of headphones you have. Let’s break it down to over-ear headphones and earbuds:

Charging wireless over-ear headphones

Most over-ear headphones come with a portable charging USB cable. The headphones are then fitted with either a micro USB port or the latest type C port. You can either connect the charging cable to the USB port of your PC or directly to a power outlet via a USB adaptor. 

If you don’t get a charging cable with your headphones (or if you happen to lose them) you can charge your headphones with your smartphone’s charging cable. 

Charging earbuds with a charging case 

Most earbuds come with a separate portable charging case that also doubles as a carrying case. You only need to charge the case, which also comes with a micro USB port or the latest Type C port. 

After the charging case is fully charged, you can then insert the earbuds in the charging case so they can continue charging when you are on the go.

If you are just at home or sitting in the office, you can leave your earbuds in the charging case when it’s connected to the power source. 

Can You Overcharge Wireless Headphones?

No. You cannot overcharge your wireless headphones. Modern wireless headphones stop charging after exceeding the protection board’s maximum voltage.

When the Bluetooth headphones’ battery is fully charged (100% battery level), it can’t continue charging beyond that point. 

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones while Charging?

Yes! You can use your Bluetooth headphones while charging, especially if you have them connected to your PC. The charger circuitry does not affect the wireless connection to the audio source. You may only notice a bit of static or sound distortion. 

However, most Bluetooth headphones come with a short charging cable so you may not be able to use your headphones when connected directly to a power outlet such as a wall socket. 

How Long Does it Take to Charge Samsung Earbuds?

On average, when Samsung earbuds are charged along with their charging case, they can take about 2 hours to get fully charged. The earbuds will then provide up to 7 hours of continuous playtime. 

The light on the charging case will change from red(30% battery level) to yellow(60% battery level), and finally green (100% charged). 

How Do I Know My Wireless Earbuds Are Charged?

The earbuds’ case usually has a light that will be green when the earbuds are charged up.

When Should I Charge My Wireless Earbuds?

You ought to plug in your earbuds when the battery’s low or charge ‘em overnight so they’re always good to go.

Can Wireless Earbuds Be Overcharged?

No need to stress about overcharging your earbuds. Their charging case stops sending power once they’re full, so no harm is done.


Most wireless headphones are powered with rechargeable lithium batteries. Most headphones also come precharged straight from the manufacturer, and you can use the wireless headphones immediately after purchase. If you need to charge the headphones, it can take about 1-2 hours to get a full charge.

The latest models come with fast charging systems that can take less than an hour to get fully charged. Besides that, when unboxing your Bluetooth headset package from the manufacturer, be sure to confirm that the charging accessories are included. 

In addition, if having to charge a headphone is too much of an annoyance for you, then you can always check out a vintage headphone. Here is a list of the best vintage headphones to learn more.

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