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AV Recievers

Denon Receiver: What Is Zone 2?

In the context of Denon receivers, Zone 2 is a second audio zone that can be used to play audio in a room or space apart from the primary zone

Norvan Martin Norvan Martin 8 Min Read

Pioneer Receiver HDMI Output Not Working Fixes

Like other modern receivers on the market, Pioneer receivers use HDMI to transfer audio and video signals. For one reason

Norvan Martin Norvan Martin 17 Min Read

10″ vs 12″ Subwoofers: Which One Is Better For You?

When discussing subwoofers, one of the most common questions is: “What size should I get – a 10 inch or

Norvan Martin Norvan Martin 23 Min Read

6 Ohm vs 8 Ohm Speakers – Which One Is Better Choice?

If you are a music lover and you are thinking about setting up your own audio system, speaker impedance is

Norvan Martin Norvan Martin 12 Min Read

JBL vs RCF – Which Brand Is Better?

JBL and RCF are two renowned and well respected brands in the audio industry that produces high quality speakers, soundbars, headphones, and subwoofers and amplifiers. RCF also produces electronics such

Norvan Martin Norvan Martin 12 Min Read

Wiring 2 Subs To A Mono Amp

Wiring a subwoofer to a mono amp is easy and can be done either in series or parallel. However, you

Norvan Martin Norvan Martin 13 Min Read

7 Best Gaming Chairs With Speakers 2024 (For Serious Gamers!)

In this review and guide, we introduce the best gaming chairs with speakers that have excellent features, are known to

Norvan Martin Norvan Martin 32 Min Read

Slot Port vs Round Port – Detailed Guide

Ports are used by speaker enclosure manufacturers as a way of controlling the sound output frequencies of the speakers and

Norvan Martin Norvan Martin 12 Min Read