GravaStar Mars Bluetooth Speaker Review

Norvan Martin
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The GravaStar Mars Bluetooth Speaker is the flagship offering from GravaStar, an audio company that specializes in cool Sci-Fi speakers. In their own words, their vision is “to create a futuristic, cyberpunk world fusing sci-fi with hi-fi”.

However, don’t be swayed by the daring nature of the design, the GravaStar Mars Bluetooth Speaker is a premium offering that delivers clear, powerful sound. In fact, this Bluetooth speaker produces sound quality that rivals speakers from more well-known, premium brands.

Design and Build Quality

The GravaStar Mars Bluetooth Speaker boasts a cool, futuristic, alien-like SciFi design. The body is designed as a giant orb that stands on top of its insect-like legs; like an alien straight out of a SciFi movie! Now inside this orb-like ball, you will find its powerful large drivers that force the pounding vibrations through the rear bass port.

The metal legs can be extended as well, giving an even more futuristic, alien-like look. In terms of utility, the foldable legs are great for transportation and storage.


You can even use the GravaStar Mars for a softer, more relaxed experience. With its 6 RGB lights, you can light up your space beautifully and create the perfect ambiance

Yet, some pros who like heavy, metallic speakers with flashing lights, might find the GravaStar quite appealing.

GravaStar Mars Bluetooth Speaker Design

Beyond design, the GravaStar Mars boasts an enviable build quality – sturdy, compact and extremely durable. All of this is easily noticeable once you lay your eyes on the speaker.

With an all-metal design (solid thick zinc alloy) with a smooth low-gloss finish, it offers a sharp, yet intricate look and feel.

GravaStar Mars Bluetooth Speaker Side Design

Most speakers are built with cheap plastic, but the Mars really places itself in the premium quality category as far as design is concerned. In fact, holding the speaker, we could easily tell that it boasts the highest quality materials all compacted to fit a small structure. In fact, the speaker weighs about 4.63 lbs.


Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Connectivity Protocol Bluetooth
Speaker Size 2.5 Inches
Audio Output Mode Stereo
Gravastar Mars Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker,...
  • 【CRAFTED DESIGN, CRAFTED SOUND】The GravaStar Mars Pro is created for music lover. The Bluetooth speaker...
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  • 【20H Powerful Battery】Gravastar Bluetooth speaker portable wireless built with a high power capacity super...


  • Audiophile-Level algorithmic acoustics, 2.5″ full-range speaker, and 1″ high-frequency tweeter provide crystal clear & distortion-free sound
  • The triangular support structure absorbs shock & ensures the stability of the speaker
  • Highly sensitive touch volume control makes volume adjustments simple & fun
  • TWS Bluetooth 5.0 tech allows two GravaStar speakers to work together at the same time
  • 15-hour battery life, take your party anywhere and play music everywhere
  • Materials: Zinc Alloy
  • 6 RGB Lights
  • Product dimensions: 7.5″H x 7.1″L x 7.9″W
  • Weight: 4.63 lbs
  • Full-range subwoofer drivers
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Triangular support structure
  • Touch volume control

Sound Quality

Here at Boomspeaker, we are all about clear, natural sound without all the unnecessary colorations. The GravaStar Mars Bluetooth Speaker accomplishes this in fine style. It clearly shows that GravaStar made attempts to get the frequency response right.

To test, I listened to several soundtracks ranging from hip-hop to EDM to purely orchestral with a different emphasis:

Bass: Simply put, the bass is extremely powerful, tight, deep and natural. In general, small Bluetooth speakers like this usually lack depth at lower frequencies. Yet, for the GravaStar Mars, the bass is not boosted nor overpowering and the depth is incredible.

Mids: Small Bluetooth speakers normally struggle at the mids as well, but the GravaStar Mars performed fairly well here, except that they have much greater emphasis at the higher-mid frequencies. It isn’t something the untrained ear will notice though. Moreover, I think they made up for it by cutting out some of the muddy regions in the lower mids while allowing the higher and lower frequencies to come through clearly and smoothly without the splatter of nasty low-mid frequencies that are so common in small speakers.

Highs: One word, ‘punchy’. The high-end had a rather surprising amount of dynamics and clarity.

Orchestral Complexity: The GravaStar Mars was clear and explicit in delivering every aspect of the orchestral elements of different instruments. Each time, the pianos, drums, voices and bass instruments all seemed to be in perfect balance. It’s a pretty good natural-sounding speaker response. It’s not easy to find small speakers that deliver a full-range acoustic experience naturally.

What I liked most about the GravaStar Mars is, as mentioned before they don’t have any unnecessary complexities to the musical undertones and no weird overshoots and unbalanced bass.

There was a slight pump in the treble when necessary, but not the kind of unnecessary pumping that many speakers resort to just to make the sound more ‘detailed’.  With the GravaStar Mars, the sound is never bloated or unnatural, as if you were in a live, natural orchestral setting.

GravaStar Mars Bluetooth Speaker

Bottom Line: In general, the GravaStar Mars sound clean, balanced and smooth. The causal music lover will find them fun to listen to. For the purist, you’ll find odd instances of slight imbalance, but it’s not annoyingly off-putting or easily noticeable.

Bottom line, the GravaStar Mars offers a clear soundstage and visceral sound. It is absolutely incredible, especially at the price.


The typical price for the GravaStar Mars Bluetooth Speaker hovers around $230, however, it can fluctuate based on where you buy it from as well as if there are special promotions going on.

Use and Controls

The most impressive user control on the GravaStar Mars is the touch volume slider on top. The slider is sensor activated and you can easily side your finger along it to adjust the volume. Unlike many implementations of this kind of control, it is very responsive. 

Battery Life

The GravaStar Mars promises 15 hours of playtime which is incredible for a speaker that is able to push such a large amount of power. In reality, you can get up to 15 hours, but not at full power. In fact, at low volume, it can go quite longer. With the GravaStar Mars, you can take your party anywhere and play music everywhere. 

Charging is fast and easy as well since the GravaStar Mars feature the fast-port USB-C for fast charging.

Bottom Line

The Gravastar Mars is a premium quality Bluetooth speaker that offers a cool, SciFi design with an impeccable build quality and astonishingly good sound quality. We were rather thrilled with the look and performance of the  Gravastar Mars and recommend it for indoor or outdoor use, especially for those who like that wow factor from their devices. 

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