Best Gift Ideas for Every Audiophile Dad
(Last Updated On: July 26, 2020)

Whether it’s his birthday or Father’s Day, it’s time to show dad just how much you care. What better way to do so than with the gift that keeps on giving? We’re talking about the gift of music, of course.10 Best Gift Ideas for Every Audiophile DadRocking out to those tunes around the home or taking a good set of speakers with you on an overnight trip to the cabin is the best way to celebrate dad this year, especially if he is an audiophile! Let’s amplify his special day with your favorite playlist and volume to match!

How Did We Choose Gifts For Your Audiophile Dad?

Since you’re looking for the perfect gift for your audiophile dad, we’ve got you covered when it comes to great sound quality.

From the retro dad to the DIY-enthusiast dad and even the outdoorsy dad, check out these top gift ideas to help him get the party started this year.

Choose your dad’s type and find the speakers, headsets, or amplifiers that will get him the sound to match!


1. The Minimalist Dad

Gift: The Bose SoundLink Revolve+

Your typical minimalist dad likes to keep it basic, low-maintenance, and easy-going. He hates clutter, but values music and great sound. Any extra accessory is carefully and thoughtfully researched.

His playlist is streamlined, precise and he knows what he likes. Check out the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ for a great all-purpose, but minimalist design.

Here’s why we chose the Soundlink Revolve+ for your minimalist dad:

  • The speaker’s design is simple and clean
  • This speaker delivers amazing surround sound.
  • It’s easily transported outdoors into the yard, a patio deck or on a road trip
  • The aluminum body is extremely durable for all-purpose use and it has an easy handle for quick portability

For the minimalist dad, small doesn’t mean cheap and he values trusted brands over the new kids on the block.bose soundlink gift for dadHe appreciates brand-names and Bose has an established presence in the music industry and its classic appeal and durability is perfect for the minimalist.

In fact, if you like Bose speakers, check out our list of the top 3 Bose speakers available on the market.


2. The Outdoorsy Dad

Gift: The Photive Hydra

The outdoorsy dad prefers a fully-charged battery that lasts for hours, which is why a portable Bluetooth speaker is crucial.

He’s looking for a speaker known for its military-grade performance and water-repelling shell. If your dad is often headed out fishing, to the cabin, or out camping, he’ll love the Photive Hydra!

Here’s why we chose the Photive Hydra for the outdoorsy dad:

  • The Hydra is compatible with a variety of Bluetooth devices
  • This speaker is small but the sound quality is clear and crisp and it includes two passive subwoofers
  • The metal grill offers amazing protective qualities from drops and bumps
  • It is inexpensive. If you have a bigger budget, then we recommend the Fugoo Tough.

The outdoorsy dad wants great sound no matter where he treads. At its price point, the Photive Hydra is the perfect all-round gift for active dads who love their tunes on the go.Photive Hydra gift for dad If you have some more funds to spend, you can check out the Fugoo Tough, a very durable speaker of enviable sound quality.


3. The Film-Buff Dad

Gift: The 9.1 Samsung HW-J8500

This dad type loves movies and classic Hollywood. At the end of the day, he wants to relax by the TV and watch great films old and new.

A small speaker isn’t enough for the film-buff dad. He is inspired only by the best sound system technology. He wants to be completely surrounded by good sound quality so that he can hear every word in the script.

What better gift than the gift of amazing surround-sound quality? Introduce him to the 9.1 Samsung HW-J8500 wireless soundbar.

Here’s why we chose the 9.1 Samsung HW-J8500:

  • The sleek, curved design is perfect for any TV room
  • Enjoy balanced sound and crisp dialogue from every part of the room
  • Add wireless Radiant 360 speakers to enhance his surround-sound quality even more
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 audio
  • Music streaming

In addition to the features mentioned above, the HW-J8500 is also wall-mountable and is also multiroom! 9.1 Samsung HW-J8500 goft for dad

Additionally, this soundbar could make an excellent gift for the minimalist dad as well because it has a rather clean cut design and doesn’t have all of those messy wires and a million control buttons!

With this amazing system, dad won’t need a ticket to the movies – he’ll enjoy theatre-quality sound right in his own home.


4. The Quirky Dad

Gift: The JAMOJI Trouble wireless speaker

The quirky dad has an amazing sense of humor and likes to show his nerdiness outwardly. Oh how we love his dad jokes!

He doesn’t care about traditional masculinity and isn’t afraid to make a statement. These emoji speakers are a bit of a novelty item – but they suit the quirky dad because he’s not afraid to hide his sense of style while listening to great music!

Here are the reasons we chose the JAMOJI speaker:

  • The JAMOJI has a strong Bluetooth connection and delivers great tunes
  • Enjoy at least 6 hours of battery life on the move
  • It lights up while music plays for even more quirky fun

If you like this emoji speaker and are interested in speakers like it, we have a list of other emoji speakers that you’ll surely like.JAMOJI Trouble wireless speaker

Bottom line, the compact size and simple set up mean the JAMOJI Trouble is a great all-purpose speaker – even if it stands out a little!


5. The Runner Dad

Gift: The Kunodi Wireless Outdoor Speaker

The runner dad loves nothing more than to get outdoors and prepare for the next big race. From marathon fundraisers to lofty fitness goals, you’ll find him running, strength training and gearing up to push himself!

Celebrate his love of running and give him an extra boost with the Kunodi A15 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

  • This speaker is certified waterproof
  • It clips onto dad’s gear with a carabiner for tunes on the go
  • Dad will love being able to pick up your phone calls hands-free

This small speaker has a surprisingly great sound.The Kunodi Wireless Outdoor SpeakerEnjoy excellent bass and clarity and help dad reach a new personal best with his favorite workout playlist. Another option for your runner dad is to get a clip on speaker for running or a headphone for running.


6. The Record-Collector Dad

Gift: The Audio Engine A5+

So, your dad’s favorite hobby is collecting vinyl. Well of course! He is an audiophile after all! He craves the crisp sound of a classic album and doesn’t want to compromise on sound. He’s all about hearing his music in its original format, unaltered by digital devices and software.

With a turntable, many modern speakers are unsuitable, but the Audio Engine A5+ is the perfect set of speakers for the record-collector dad.

  • The elegant design includes Kevlar woofers
  • These speakers quickly fill the whole room with great sound
  • He’ll enjoy top-notch sound in every frequency

If you like the Audio Engine A5+, we also have a complete list of other excellent budget speakers for turntables.

Note the large size of these speakers when you’re selecting the perfect gift. Dad needs plenty of room to display these classic speakers and they are a statement piece worth seeking out.Audio Engine A5+ gift for audiophile dad

Pair this gift with some thoughtful accessories to help him take care of his record collection.


7. The Retro Dad

Gift: The Quantum FX J22UBK cassette boombox

If your dad is into the oldies, nothing beats a speaker system that pays homage to the good ‘ol days and allows him to play cassettes in their original format.

Help dad celebrate the era in classic style with the Quantum FX J22UBK cassette boombox.

Here’s why we chose the Quantum FX J22UBK for the retro dad:

  • It plays cassettes or you can tune into the radio poolside with the AM/FM receiver
  • Enjoy an inbuilt microphone for taping on the go
  • The flash drive port and SD card reader allows extra compatibility with MP3 files

If you are interested in boomboxes or your dad, both retro and modern, check out our list of the best boomboxes availableQuantum FX J22UBK cassette boombox

Finally, not only is this system portable, but it’s also noticeable. The retro dad loves showing his sense of style wherever he goes.


8. The Musician Dad

Gift: The Sharp GX-BT9X

There are sound systems out there created just for the musician dad. The Sharp GX-BT9X is perfect for the guitar player in your life.

Why? Because it has a USB input guitar jack mic built-in.

Enjoy these other great features that will bring dad’s music to the next level:

  • Bass boost with X-Bass to flesh out those chords
  • Great compatibility and Bluetooth streaming ability
  • Individual-level controls built-in

Explore sound accessories to help your musical dad upgrade his home studio. He’ll be rocking to the beat in no time!

Again, if you are interested in boomboxes like the Sharp GX-BT9X, check out our list of the best boomboxes available.


9. The DIY Dad

Gift: The DeWalt Worksite DCR015

The DIY Dad loves his workshop. You’ll find him surrounded by tools for hours, in the garage or tinkering in the basement.

He needs great sound for hours, but durability is a must. The DeWalt Worksite DCR015 worksite radio is one of the coolest systems you can find.

Here’s why we chose it for the DIY dad:

  • This system was specifically created for use on construction worksites
  • The 2 amp charger charges a 20V battery pack for easy work
  • Enjoy a built-in woofer and amplifier on the job

He’ll know the DeWalt brand immediately when he sees it, and what better way to add to his tool collection!


10. The Gamer Dad

Gift: The SteelSeries Siberia 840

If your dad is a child at heart, he’s likely an expert at games of all kinds. He relaxes for hours playing online games and gets a thrill out of getting to the next stage.

The gamer dad craves a high-quality sound source that lasts for hours. Our pick is the SteelSeries Siberia 840headset for the dad who can’t get enough playtime.

With this headphone, he’ll enjoy:

  • No lag Bluetooth-enabled performance
  • At least 40 hours of playtime
  • Two hot-swappable batteries

When it comes to gaming headsets, comfort matters! The ear-seal on the SteelSeries Siberia 840 keeps the sound in without creating discomfort after hours of use.SteelSeries Siberia 840We also love the multi-purpose function of this headset. Your dad will even be able to use it on Zoom calls or in louder areas to block out distractions.

If you like the SteelSeries Siberia 840 for your dad, we also suggest that you check out out list of Bluetooth gaming headsets with mic. In fact, you could also get him a cool vibrating gaming chair along with it.


Get Great Sound Today

Now that you’ve considered your dad’s personality type, it’s time to get shopping! Find more gift ideas for your audiophile dad here. Think speaker pods, headphones, earplugs, speakers and amplifiers.audiophile dad gifts

For even more accessories to suit your music-loving dad, explore some of these options and help him upgrade his sound system!