Geek Beats Jolt 5 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Editor rating

5/5 on June 15, 2016

User's rating

104 reviews


Pair with devices up to 33 feet away

Powerful Samsung Battery for up to 24 hours playtime

Dust, Shock and Water resistant

Size makes it easy to pack


Not waterproof



A quality Bluetooth speaker in tight package that is easily to throw in a backpack or luggage.  Rugged enough to withstand drops, dust and a splash here and there.  Good price.  Great value.

If you’re lost in name brand dropping and won’t consider any Bluetooth speaker that isn’t a Beats, JBL, Shoqbox, etc, then the Geek Beats Jolt 5 is probably not for you.  However, if you’re looking for a quality Bluetooth speaker under $100 (remember, that’s our specialty), then the Jolt 5 should be at the top of your shopping choices.  It’s, as of now, in our Top 5 speakers within this price range.

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Geek Beats stays with the current trend of making those quirky and colorful looking Bluetooth speakers but it doesn’t put too much emphasis on this point, instead relying on putting out a quality speaker for a great value.

Features of the Geek Beats Jolt 5 Bluetooth Speaker

  • Pair with devices and take calls or play music from devices over 30 feet away.
  • 24hr playtime after charge with the powerful 5200 mAH, Samsung Battery.
  • No distortion during low or high volume.
  • Two, 5w HD Speakers for 10w power.
  • Above average durability to drops, shock, dust and water resistance.  However, NOT WATERPROOF.
  • Carry strap for easy transportation and easy to pack.

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