7 Fun Walkie Talkie Games For Kids

Norvan Martin
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While walkie talkies have important uses in areas such as safety and construction, they are also quite fun for kids!

Of course, you already know that! But, do you know the many games that you play with walkie talkies that will be extremely fun for your kids?

Probably not!

kids walkie talkie games

So, here are several walkie-talkie games for kids that will not only provide them with hours of excitement but will also help them to enhance their creativity.

Before you dive into the games, you can check out this list of the best walkie talkies for kids if you don’t have your walkie talkies already.


1. Hide and Seek (Searching)

Remember hide and seek? Of course you do, it’s that game we used to play where someone goes to hide, you count to 10 and then try to find the person. That’s was a lot of fun, wasn’t it?

kids playing walkie talkie hide and seek

Before playing a game like hide and seek, ensure you get a durable walkie talkie with good battery life.

Now imagine how a walkie-talkies can make this game much more fun! With a walkie talkie, the kids can communicate while trying to find one another.

To play the game, give each kid a walkie-talkie and let them try to find each other by using it to give direction clues. This game is suitable for children to play individually or as a team.

kids walkie talkie games hide and seek

To make the searching game more fun, you should encourage the team to keep the communication going, while moving about but avoiding being found.

So, instead of the old format of the game where one person hides in a specific place, both persons could move around while giving clues as to their position.

Of course, clear boundaries should be set and the kids should have enough space to maneuver and hide comfortably to make the game interesting. The best thing about this game is that the hider can also be a seeker.


2. Scavenging (Scavenger Hunts)

If your kids love scavenger hunts, using walkie-talkies while playing will make their faces brighten with excitement.

You can set up the walkie-talkies in different ways and allow the kids to have fun while playing this favorite childhood game.

You can play scavenging hunt in teams and give each team a walkie-talkie to report their process and inform the others of their location.

scavenger hunt walkie talkie

Another great way to set up the scavenger hunt using walkie-talkies is to station a person or a group at the final clue point.

The kid stationed at the clue point communicates hints and clues to the others – all adding to the fun.

It is also easy to find other ways to use walkie-talkies in the game, whether you are playing in teams or individually. Think creatively!


3. Challenges

This one is hide-and-seek with a kick! To make the game harder and more exciting, using walkie-talkies to navigate obstacles are a great addition.

Give each kid a walkie-talkie and let them hide around large rooms and try to find each other.

You can also set up the game outside. The important part is that you include interesting obstacles and clues to create mystery and encourage participation.

You can create challenges in all sorts of places, ranging from the backyard to the local playground. The game is most enjoyable in dark areas to create an interesting theme.

walkie talkie games scavenger hunt

Think about it, playing the game this way is really fun for kids and it allows them to develop their communication and leadership skills.

You can come up with different obstacles that will encourage teamwork among the players and allow them to use their walkie-talkies in the process. In fact, involve all your neighbors, to see where the fun takes you!


4. Capture the Flag

If you are always looking for ways to make your kids moving about while using their walkie-talkies, capture the flag is just the game for that.

It is the classic capture the flag game, except that the kids will be able to communicate as they attempt to capture the other team’s flag.

To play this game, you need to divide the kids into two teams and give each team a flag. The aim of the game is to try and snatch the flag from the other team by outsmarting their players or even tricking them.

walkie talkie games capture the flag

Capture the flag is generally suitable for large areas and should be played with small teams to make it easy to coordinate the players.

Each player gets a walkie-talkie and every team uses a designated channel to communicate with each other. The walkie-talkies make it easy to organize sneak up locations and coordinate the team strategy. Fun stuff!


5. Role-Playing Games

For kids who like pretending to be police officers, spies, secret agents or explorers, a walkie-talkie is just what you need to add even more fun to the role playing.

Walkie talkies add a new element to the game, making everything come together in a very interesting manner. Try it, you will see it!

kid playing with walkie talkie

For example, how else would your little soldiers and spies communicate top secret missions?

Here are a few cool role playing games to try out:

To Secret Agent and Super Villain: To play a game of secret agents using walkie-talkies, you can consider dividing the kids into two teams. One team will become the villains and the other can become the secret agents.

The walkie-talkies provide a convenient way of communicating with the other team members and coordinating your strategies to outsmart the other team.  Alternatively, you can use only one team to carry out a secret mission on your neighborhood.

walkie talkie games with kids

The Explorer: If being a secret agent or a supervillain doesn’t excite you, the idea of an explorer sounds great. You can rally up your kids and explore your neighborhood.

To make the game more thrilling and adventurous, you can set it up on a hiking trail, a bushy area or your local creepy mansion. Ooooooh!! The good thing about walkie-talkies is that they give kids a sense of security.

Whether communicating with your fellow explorers while hiking or calling other secret agents, walkie-talkies help you take role-playing games to the next level.

The walkie-talkie not only makes the game authentic but also improves the safety level and allows the players to easily check on each other. More importantly, you can quickly customize the game to suit the taste of the participants.


6. Hide and Seek With Two or More Seekers

Walkie-talkies add a completely new element to the hide and seek game, by making the challenge a bit trickier and more fun.

You can give a walkie-talkie to every hider playing the game, allowing them to coordinate the hiding spots and make it harder for the seeker to find them.

walkie talkie hide and seek

Another way you can make the game more interesting is to use two or more seekers and give them walkie-talkies to coordinate the search.

The seeking team can effectively communicate and make it hard for the hiders to avoid being found. The walkie-talkies also allow the players to spread out in a bigger range, making this simple game fun and far more exciting. Kids are explorers!

7. Follow Directions

In this game, the walker is blindfolded and given a walkie-talkie to listen to the directives of a caller. The caller gives the walker clues to make it easier for the walker to find him.

kids walkie talkie game

You can play the game in two teams, where one person from each team becomes the caller and another becomes the walker.

To make the game more engaging, you can have the walker go through different obstacles or gather different items, before returning to the caller. The good thing is that the game is easy to set up and it allows the players to engage their creative minds while having fun.

Which Walkie-Talkie Should I Choose?

Unless the kids playing the game are mature and capable, you should use kids’ walkie talkies, or ones that are indestructible.

Easy To Use Walkie Talkies

Little kids may find it difficult to work some walkie talkies. Some require kids to hold down a button when they are talking and let go when they are listening. Little kids might like ones they can talk over, even when holding the button.

walkie talkie games for kids

Considering all of the above, we went ahead and created this list of the best walkie talkies for kids on the market, be sure to check it out!

Another thing to consider when it comes to easy to use walkie talkies is maybe getting an earpiece with a mic for walkie talkies.

Cute Walkie Talkies

This will alleviate frustration. Make pretend walkie talkies out of foam blocks for toddlers who are participating.

walkie talkies for kids

Firstly, remember there are different walkie-talkies created for different purposes. Some are created for adults while other walkie-talkies are created for kids.

Durable Walkie Talkies

Walkie-talkies for kids are made with stronger material to ensure they can survive drops and hits. If you are going to play games with walkie-talkies, but a walkie-talkie for kids.

The next consideration is the age of the kids. Some walkie talkies will require you to press and hold a button for the entire time you are talking.

Simple Walkie Talkies

In other words, they require you to hold down a button when they are talking and let go when they are listening. Smaller kids may find this confusing and hard to work with.

Other walkie-talkies only require that you press the button, talk and press it back when you are done. They are OK for older kids.

Make Believe Walkie Talkies

For toddlers – yes they will want to particulate too, you can create make-believe walkie-talkies out of foam or similar material. You can make theirs bigger and with flashier colors, so they don’t get jealous. Of course, safety is very important when it comes to toddlers.

Safety Considerations

Important important important! Walkie-talkies can sometimes cause kids to push the boundaries because they feel safe with them.

They may venture too far out for example, only realizing that the walkie-talkie is out of range when it is too late.

The first thing to do is to ensure you get good, durable walkie talkies that won’t easily experience defects.

Before playing games with walkie-talkies, explain to kids why walkie–talkies give a false sense of security. Take time to explain and remind them of the boundaries when playing games with walkie-talkies. Of course, you must first ensure that the boundaries are well defined. Don’t just say ‘don’t go too far’, say, ‘don’t pass that castle at that end of the playground’ for example.

To enforce your safety rules, let them know that they will be disqualified if they go beyond the defined boundaries. In fact, end the game of anyone disobeys, to let them know you are serious. And finally, remind them not to talk to strangers.

Separate and apart from all of that, you should have a lot of safe fun playing with walkie-talkies.


There you have it! Many fun ways in which you can use walkie-talkies to make your kids glow with excitement! Not only that, these games will help your kids build their teamwork and leadership skills as well.

Most importantly, walkie-talkies are quite inexpensive, so you shouldn’t have to strain to purchase a few. There are really a lot of games that kids can play with them and the possibilities are only limited by the imagination of the players.

So, the next time you think about playing games with your kids, consider how a walkie talkie will make it so much more exciting!

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