How To Fix Voicemeeter Crackling In Discord (Solved)

Norvan Martin
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VoiceMeeter allows you to mix and manage any audio sources from or to any audio devices or applications. One of those applications is Discord which allows you to use VoIP for voice and video calls. One issue that normally pops up is persistent audio crackling from VoiceMeeter when using Discord.

The main issue that often causes crackling in Voicemetr when using Discord is incorrect Discord settings where you are using incorrect input and output devices. Other fixes may include restarting Voicemeter and Discord, reinstalling Discord, disabling Discord audio enhancements, and other technical settings like increasing the audio interface buffer size in VoiceMeeter.

The quickest and easiest way to fix your Voicemeeter crackling issue is to completely restart it:

  1. Remove all USB audio devices and REBOOT.
  2. Uninstall VB-CABLE one by one and REBOOT.
  3. Uninstall Voicemeeter and REBOOT.
  4. Check if your remaining audio devices are operating correctly.
  5. Check there is no presence of our virtual audio driver in Windows Device Manager (in both sections: audio input-output and multimedia controller).
  6. Re-install VB-CABLE and Voicemeeter one by one, REBOOT after each operation, and check your device list in the Windows Sound Dialog box.
  7. After everything has been reinstalled, reconnect your USB audio device.
  8. Check for your default playback and recording device again.
  9. Run Voicemeeter and check the systray option.
  10. The audio should be working properly at this point.

Read on to learn more. For detailed instructions on how to fix VoiceMeeter crackling Discord, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Restart VoiceMeeter and the Discord

Restarting the audio engine can fix sound or audio problems with a single command. It is advisable to use this command if the audio stops or is distorted.

This might be caused by another active program using the audio system and blocking the VoiceMeeter from using it. You can also reboot the computer to ensure you close all the active programs.

Step 2: Troubleshoot

This will help to stop any related problems associated with connected devices. 

Step 3: Re-install Discord

Re-installing Discord gives you the advantage of getting the most up-to-date drivers and eliminates problems in the earlier version.

Step 4: Turn off Discord any Sound Enhancements

Disable the following

  • Noise suppression
  • Echo noise
  • Noise reduction

Step 5: Do not put many input devices; spread them out among all the existing audio interfaces

This will ensure you are not overloading an individual audio interface and causing the VoiceMeeter to crackle. 

Step 6: Set The Audio Frequency

Set all the components to the same frequency. The most commonly used frequency is 44100 and 48000 Hz

Step 7: Change The Buffers

If this is the cause of the crackling, you will hear it outside Discord. Changing the buffers allows one to identify the right software to work with.

You may then be able to increase the latency with the VBCABLE_control panel app installed with VoiceMeeter (there is one control panel for each audio cable – used as virtual audio I/O by VoiceMeeter).

Step 8: Increase the internal Buffer

After installation, ensure you check the driver name field and set the maximum latency to a higher value, higher than the default value, 7168.

  • Open Virtual 10 Control Panel for the virtual cable you are routing to the Discord by giving it administrator rights
  • Confirm the Driver Name to ensure you have opened the right installation
  • Set the Max Latency to a higher value, at least 3 times that of devices that will be routed to the cable

Step 9: Change the Quality of the Audio Stream

You can do this by:

  • Entering the sound settings through the control panel
  • Open [properties of virtual cable routed to the Discord
  • Decreasing the default normal under the advanced settings (you can use 1 channel, 16 bit, 44100 Hz for Discord but use a higher value for everything else)
  • Applying the changes to your computer (ignore the Windows warning)
  • Ensuring the main sound of windows is open to note the changes
  • Now restart the Discord
  • Repeating this every time you reboot your computer

Who Uses VoiceMeeter And Discord?

VoiceMeeter is the first application to work as a virtual mixer managing every audio source and audio point. This unique application is designed to fit anyone willing to manage audio intelligently and remains essential if you need to output audio to more devices or applications.


On the other hand, Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app used by people to talk and hang out with their friends. It is popular among gamers who prefer to communicate via online means. Gamers interact via online platforms and even compete against opponents on other consoles.


You will enjoy the combination of the two if you are a video gamer, disc jockey (DJ), musician, broadcaster, or sound lover. 

Why Does My VoiceMeeter Crackle?

One of the main reasons for the crackling of VoiceMeeters is poor installation. When the audio drivers are not correctly installed, then there is a stable stream of sound. Poor installation may not necessarily be due to negligence or ignorance. Instead, it is due to a lack of knowledge.

The recommended procedure to re-install VoiceMeeter drivers the right way is as follows:

  • Unplug all USB devices before rebooting
  • De-install VB CABLE one by one before rebooting
  • De-install VoiceMeeter and reboot
  • Ensure the remaining audio devices are functioning correctly
  • Ensure there is no presence of our virtual audio driver located in the Windows Device Manager (in both sections: multimedia controller and audio output and input)
  • Re-install VB CABLE and VoiceMeeter one by one
  • Re-connect USB devices once everything is installed. Check for your recording device and your default playback.
  • Run VoiceMeeter and check for any contradicting option.

It is important to ensure that you embark on rebooting your computer after you are done with the audio driver installation (or installation after you have de-installed it). After successful re-installation, ensure you re-plug your USB audio device. The audio should be running correctly.


Discord Audio Crackling When Playing Games

Sound problems can occur when you are playing games due to several reasons. However, you can fix the issues by adjusting your audio format, ensuring your audio drivers are up to date, or removing hardware devices interfering with your sound.

Also, consider checking if the cable connection is loose and ensure all your audio cables are safely connected before hitting the settings button.

Discord Mic Crackling Focusrite

You can customarily fix this by changing the server region to where the sound is clear. You can resolve this issue from a Discord side.

It is common with people who own Focusrite (usually the 2i2), giving them a crackling sound.

Vb Audio Cable Crackling

Audio signals, when passed through virtual cables, may end up distorted. This can be due to buffering problems in audio applications. To solve this problem, consider the following:

  • Use a lower CPU load than the one you are currently using
  • Try to stop unnecessary applications from running
  • Increase the buffering time in the audio application

VoiceMeeter Sounds Bad In Discord

If you happen to hear a popcorn sound (crackling sound) in your Discord, confirm the problem you are facing is in Discord. Ensure that your input and output are correctly set, and then perform a mic test once again.

Discord Stream Audio Crackling

This static Discord noise occurs if the default output device is not configured correctly. Keep updating the device driver, set the default recording device, or re-install the app to fix it.

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