How to Fix a Vizio TV with No Sound

Norvan Martin
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Vizio TV emerged in 2002 and quickly became a significant player in the global TV market. They’re affordable and offer high-quality devices. However, like everything else, these TVs aren’t perfect and can fail to produce sound at any time. In this article, we will show you how to fix a Vizio TV with no sound.

By the way, if your brand is not Vizio, we have a general guide on how to fix a TV with no sound but picture.

Why Has My Vizio TV Sound Stopped Working?

There are several reasons your Vizio TV sound has stopped working. If you want to troubleshoot the exact issue and fix it without spending much time, you should know them. Here are the likely reasons your Vizio TV has no sound:

  • Volume turned to zero or close to zero
  • TV muted
  • Outdated software
  • Wrong audio settings activated
  • Damaged signal source
  • Corrupted TV settings
  • Hardware troubles

How Do I Get the Sound Back On My Vizio TV?

To get the sound back on your Vizio TV, you should do the following:

1. Check the Volume Level

If your TV’s volume level is set to zero, you may not hear any sound. So, if you check and realize this is the issue, use the ‘Up & Down’ (sometimes + and -) buttons on your remote to increase the volume.

2. Double Check Mute

You or someone else can mute the sound. So, even if you checked earlier, you can check mute again. Press the sound icon to ensure it’s not muted.

3. Ensure the Speakers are ‘On.’

If your speakers have been turned ‘Off,’ you should follow the steps below to fix the sound issue.

  1. On your VIZIO TV remote, press the ‘Menu’ button.
  2. Highlight the ‘Audio’ or ‘Audio Settings’ using the arrow keys.
  3. On the remote, press the ‘OK’ key
  4. If the audio setting says ‘Off,’ press ‘OK’ to choose ‘ON.’

If you are using a Vizio Soundbar with your Vizio TV, then you should also ensure that the soundbar is set up correctly. You can even connect your Vizio soundbar to your TV without a remote.

4. Reset Your TV

You can power down and reset the TV to fix temporary software issues. Here is the simplest way to do this:

  1. Unplug the TV from your wall outlet.
  2. Leave the device unplugged for 30 seconds.
  3. Long press the power button.
  4. Plug the television back into the wall outlet.
  5. Retest.

5. Check the Cables

If any of your cables has malfunctioned, you won’t get any sound. You should try swapping out different cables. Depending on the outcome, you may need to replace some of your cables to fix the issue permanently.

6. Check the Source

Consider replacing the source of your audio signals. If that works, the source is likely faulty and requires a replacement or repair.

7. Check Audio Settings

To check audio settings, you should do this:

  1. Go to the TV menu and then proceed to ‘Audio Settings.’
  2. Select ‘Reset’ in the audio section.
  3. Confirm your choice.
  4. Retest.

8. Check TV Software for Update

An outdated driver or software can hinder your Vizio TV from producing sound. So, you should check if you have pending updates. If it’s available, update.

Please note that if you connect your TV to the internet, it will be automatically updated. You can also update it manually via a USB drive.

9. Perform a Factory Reset

As a matter of last resort, you can attempt a factory reset. It will erase all your settings, installed apps, software bugs, and more. To perform this, you should:

  1. Navigate to ‘Menu’ on your TV.
  2. Using your provided remote, click on ‘Reset & Admin.’
  3. After that, click on ‘Reset to Factory Defaults.’
  4. Follow the provided on-screen prompts to complete the process.

10. Seek Professional Support

If you can’t hear any sound after all the above steps, there might be hardware issues with your Vizio TV. To address this, you should:

  • Visit and request warranty service if this applies.
  • Contact VIZIO Support if the first option doesn’t work and you need more help.

Please remember that you should not attempt to repair your TV if you are not a certified expert. You are likely to cause more damage or invalidate your warranty, which can be more costly.

Why Does My Vizio TV Keep Losing Sound?

If your Vizio TV’s volume keeps going up and down, the above tips might not fix the issue. The main cause is a conflict between the device or program you’re struggling to watch and the SRS TruVolume. So, you’ll likely keep losing the sound until you turn off this advanced audio setting.

To turn off your Vizio TV’s SRS TruVolume, you should:

  1. Go into the ‘Main Menu.’
  2. Navigate to ‘Audio Settings.’
  3. Go to ‘Advanced Audio.’
  4. Switch of ‘SRS TruVolume.’

If you’re looking for another efficient alternative, you can turn off any audio leveling options on your other devices.

You have another option if you’re using a Satellite or Cable box. You can change the audio setting from ‘HDMI Auto’ to ‘HDMI Fixed.’

Why is My Volume Low Yet I Have Turned It Up All The Way?

This is mostly a common issue among individuals who are using a satellite or cable box. It’s caused by setting issues in these source devices. To fix it, you should check the internal audio settings in the satellite or cable box. If the volume is too low, increase it.

If you aren’t using a satellite or cable box or the above method has failed to fix the issue, you should turn off the SRS TruVolume and SRS TruSurround settings in the ‘Audio Settings.’ The steps you should follow to do this are:

  1. Navigate into the ‘Main Menu.’
  2. Go to ‘Audio Settings.’
  3. Navigate to ‘Advanced Audio.”
  4. Find SRS TruVolume and SRS TruSurround and turn each of them off

Why is the Vizio TV Background Noise Too Loud?

This problem can also arise when your SRS TruSurround is turned on. After navigating to the “Advanced Audio’, you head to ‘SRS TruSurround’ and then turn it off. In other words, you can follow the same steps we’ve seen in the last sub-section above to fix it.

Why Is My TV Not Giving Off Sound?

Check the audio settings on your Vizio TV and other devices connected to it. Please turn off the TV, and unplug it from the mains together with the other connected devices. Inspect the cables and ports. If you suspect that the other devices are faulty, swap them or change the speaker output of your TV to internal speakers and reconnect the system to check if the problem is fixed. 

Vizio TV Has No Sound But Not Muted

Check and ensure the TV is not muted, and the speakers are turned “ON.” Press the menu button on the Vizio remote and use the arrow keys to highlight the “Audio Settings.” Press “OK.” 

Summing Up

We’ve seen 10 of the most common ways to fix your Vizio TV with no sound. Any of them can work for you, depending on the exact nature of your problem, but it’s recommended you take this step-by-step approach if you don’t want to waste your time. 

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