How To Bypass Protection Mode On My Sony Receiver

Norvan Martin
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Sony receiver protector errors are designed to protect your amplifier components in the event of electrical issues such as short circuits. This is a temporary error, and you do not need to worry excessively when it occurs.
If you have a Sony receiver that frequently goes into protector mode, all you need is a quick fix to continue enjoying your music or games.

As we’ve already mentioned, protector errors occur as warning signs that your receiver system is facing a problem that could become a severe issue if not addressed.

You can remove the protector mode in your Sony Receiver if you identify and fix the problem causing it.

Quick FIX

Resetting the Sony Receiver to factory mode can fix this error instantly. 

  1. Hold the Power Off Button for 5-10 seconds.
  2. Wait for the display to show “clearing”.
  3. Release the power button.
  4. Check the Receiver again.

If the above steps do not work, check the detailed solutions mentioned below.
These are merely temporary warnings that can be easily resolved. Follow our step-by-step guide to fix these errors as they occur.

1. Electrical Surge

electrical surge sony receiver protect
If you suspect that your receiver is displaying an error message due to a power surge, follow this procedure to rectify the issue:

  • Unplug the receiver from the mains power supply or wall socket. Begin by switching off the appliance. Then, unplug the power cable from the wall socket to completely disconnect it from the main supply. 
  • Open up the system. You can perform a DIY by unscrewing the receiver box using Philips screwdrivers. 
  • Clean out the dust. This can be done by using an air compressor or by blowing it out with an air blower. 
  • Disconnect and properly reconnect connectors. Gently and carefully locate and disconnect every connector within the system, ensuring each one is properly reconnected. 
  • Reassemble the system, ensuring all connections are properly secured. 
  • Plug the receiver back into the AC and switch it on. 

This procedure helps reset the protector circuit and also allows you to fix loose connections within the receiver unit. 

2. Short Circuit

Short circuits occur when electrical cables or components that shouldn’t come into contact do so.

  • For instance, speaker wires of different voltages coming into contact can result in a short circuit, which is more likely to send your receiver into protect mode.
  • Other causes might include loose wires within the receiver unit or water spillage into the system.

Short circuit sony receiver
Problems resulting from short-circuiting can be resolved by following these steps:

  1. First, turn off the unit.
  2. Inspect the system and the speaker wires to determine if any wires are in contact.
  3. Open the receiver box to examine the motherboard for the presence of water droplets.
  4. Wipe away any water droplets with a dry cloth and fix any loose wires within the system.
  5. If you find any contact with the speaker wires, remove them immediately.

Once all the contacts are resolved, test the speakers for full functionality. Faulty or burnt-out speakers are also common culprits for this kind of problem.

  1. Test the speakers one by one by connecting them, each at a time, and testing for audio response.
  2. If one speaker is not working, check the speaker cable for any disconnections or contact of wires.
  3. Fix the wires one at a time on the Sony stereo until the system displays “protect”.

Fix all the issues causing the problem and connect your receiver back to the AC supply. You should have resolved the protector error.

3. Overloading And Overheating

It’s vital to ensure your receiver is properly ventilated. Overheating can sometimes be detected by touch, but not always.

If you suspect overloading:

  • Disconnect the speakers.
  • Check the receiver’s rating to ensure the connected speakers are within this rating.
  • Remove excess speakers and power up the receiver to check if the issue is resolved.

Remember, an overloaded system is more likely to overheat. Another cause of overheating could be issues with the fan. If the system enters protect mode:

  1. Immediately turn off the power and let it cool for about 30 minutes.
  2. Check the functionality of the fan. If it’s not working, clean the surrounding area of dust and check its connections.

Always position your receiver in a stable area with ample airflow for consistent cooling. Keeping the receiver away from direct sunlight can mitigate overheating and prolong the system’s lifespan.

4. High Volume

Playing music with your receiver at very high volumes may cause it to enter protection mode. This issue is more commonly found in amplifiers, as many will transition into protect mode when the volume is escalated. This happens because:

  • High volumes lead to greater power draws, increasing the chances of electrical heating.
  • Sony receiver high volume protection: As the system’s temperature rises, its protector circuit activates, rendering your system inoperable.

sony receiver high volume protect

To address this:

  1. Inspect the position of your volume knob.
  2. Unplug the receiver and disconnect all speakers.
  3. Adjust the volume to a safer level and power on the receiver.
  4. Reconnect the speakers and verify that the issue is resolved.

5. Speaker Impedance

Speaker impedance refers to the degree of your speaker’s resistance to electrical current. Speakers with higher impedance allow less electrical current and, thus, pull less power. sony receiver impedance rating protector error

If the impedance of your speakers is too low for your receiver, they may pull too much power, causing the receiver to go into protect mode.

You either need to get speakers with higher impedance to match the receiver or get an amplifier. You can check the receiver’s impedance rating on the back of the device. 


What Causes the Sony Receiver Protector Error?

Your Sony receiver has a protection circuit that is triggered whenever there is a problem with the system.
Sony Receiver Protector Error
Some of the most common problems that may cause the trigger of a protection mode include:

  • Electrical surge: Power surges mainly occur after a power outage. When power returns at a higher voltage than the power rating of the receiver system, it is more likely to enter the protector mode. 
  • Short circuit: Short circuits occur when two different electrical cables or components form an abnormal connection, even though these components or cables are meant to have different voltages. 
  • Overloading: Overloading occurs when the load on your electrical system is too high.
  • Overheating: This may be caused by the external temperature of the room or electrical heating that occurs as a result of short circuits. Either way, the system gets too hot, and the protection circuit is triggered. 
  • High volume: If you play your speakers at extremely high volumes, your stereo is more likely to start clipping and enter protect mode. This is more probable if your speaker impedance is below the receiver’s rating. 

How Do I Reset My Sony Receiver?

Press and hold down the MUTING and MUSIC buttons. While holding down the MUTING and MUSIC buttons, press and release the POWER button to turn the A/V receiver on. Wait approximately 5 seconds, then release the MUTING and MUSIC buttons. 

You can also try to factory reset your Sony Receiver. 

How do I Factory Reset My Sony Receiver?

To factory reset your receiver, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Initialize or Reset My Sony Receiver to Factory Default Settings
  • Press the POWER button to power off the receiver.
  • Press and hold down the POWER button.
  • Wait approximately 5 seconds and then release the POWER button.

Fix A Sony Receiver Protector Error

Final Thoughts

Sony receivers are fitted with protector circuits to keep them safe from any problems that may occur during operation.

Ensure you read the user manual before operating the system to ensure you are operating it within the manufacturer’s range of optimal receiver operating conditions. However, if you ever encounter this error, follow the steps outlined to improve your user experience.

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