Earasers vs Eargasm Complete Comparison (The Truth!)

Norvan Martin
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There are several ways to wear earplugs for loud events. Earasers are earplugs that are designed to protect your ears from excessive noise, while eargasms are sounds that are designed to give you pleasure.

Custom earmolds are necessary for a proper fit and the best sound attenuation. Without the need for a medical professional or a higher price point, Earasers offer a great alternative to customized plugs at less than half the price. Earasers also offer some unique features that make them stand out from their many competitors.

Both companies make earplugs, but their products vary by design and price. For someone who isn’t willing to spend a lot, the cheaper version provides similar results for less money.


Earasers vs Eargasm Comparison Table

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)Check for specified NRRCheck for specified NRR
Comfort and FitAssess comfort and available sizesConsider comfort and available sizes
Material and Build QualityExamine material and buildCheck material composition and construction
Musical ClarityDesigned for noise reduction while preserving music clarityConsider how well musical clarity is maintained
Ease of UseAssess ease of insertion and removalConsider design features for ease of use
VersatilitySuitable for various environmentsCheck if designed for multiple settings
CostConsider cost in relation to featuresEvaluate cost and budget alignment
Customer ReviewsRead customer feedbackLook for customer reviews and experiences


1. Quantity & Price

Eargasm wins out on quantity while Earasers wins out on cost.
Earasers are slightly less expensive per pair than Eargasm earplugs (which run 1/2 off when you buy in bulk).

But don’t forget to factor in shipping and handling costs to both companies. If you take those into consideration we’d say these two brands are pretty much even in this department.

2. Design

The eargasm earplugs are cylindrical with a rubber end that creates suction in your ear canal to help block out noise.

Eargasm earplugs

This can be beneficial because it also keeps your ears from getting sore or plugged up after wearing them for long periods.

Earasers earplugs

In contrast, the eardrums have a small band on each side so they don’t go further into your ear canal than necessary. They do have rings on one end so you can grab them if you need to take them out quickly.

If you are very particular about design and neither of these brands is up to par for you, check out our guide to earplugs that look like headphones

3. Packaging

The eargasm comes with a zip-up case whereas the erasers come with a box. The boxes are equally attractive but the cases are better for showing off your new earplugs to friends and colleagues.

4. Material

Earasers use foam plugs that mold into your ear canal. These work especially well if you have small ears. Eargasm on the other hand uses silicone which is more rigid than erasers.

This makes it very easy to put them away quickly after using them, but they don’t fit as tightly or comfortably as erasers. They also make some noise when putting them on because of this.

The earplugs are made from very similar materials. They are both made out of PVC, which has a low reaction to the skin. Silicone is more flexible than the foam used in the erasers but still molds to fit comfortably in your canal.

The silicone material is also great for hygiene because it does not absorb dirt or oil like foam would.

Unfortunately, this means that you have to clean them after every use. This can be done with warm water and soap, as well as rubbing alcohol if necessary.

5. Size

Earasers come in 3 different sizes so they can suit most people’s ears: small, medium, and large. Eargasm only comes in one size, so it may not be able to fit as snugly into everyone’s ears.

6. Noise Reduction Rating

Earasers have a noise reduction rating of 26 decibels while Eargasm only has a noise reduction rating of 18 decibels. This means that Earasers can reduce more noise than Eargasm plugs. The higher the number, the more noise is reduced.

7. Frequency Range

Earasers are designed to work with a wide frequency range, meaning they can reduce all types of noises equally well.

The eargasms have been specifically designed to enhance music and speech, so they may not be as good at reducing other types of sound such as construction noise or traffic.

8. Sound Quality

There’s a lot of debate over which earplugs produce the best sound quality – Earasers or Eargasms.

Both have their pros and cons, so it can be tough to decide which is the best option for you. Let’s take a look at the key differences in sound quality between these two types of earplugs:

  • Eargasms also have a sound quality that is touted as superior to most earphones on the market. Because they are custom molded, they fit the unique shape of your ear and provide a snug seal for better noise isolation.
  • Earasers are made of silicone and are designed to fit snugly in your ears. They’re effective at blocking out noise, but they can also be quite uncomfortable if you wear them for long periods of time.
  • Eargasms, on the other hand, are made of foam and are much more comfortable to wear. However, they don’t offer as much noise-blocking power as Earasers.
  • Earasers claim their compact size gives you better sound quality without sacrificing comfort or convenience. This would indicate that the sound waves are not being disrupted by outside noise, as is often the case with over-the-ear headphones.

9. Effectiveness

This can depend on which criteria you’re using to judge. If you want the earplugs to be able to stay in your ears no matter what position you’re sleeping in or if you want them to block out 90% of the sound, consider the eargasms superior.

This is because they have two inner rings so they don’t fall out easily and their design helps to create a seal with your ear canal.

If price is more important than size, go with the eardrums because they are smaller and won’t plug up your ears like suction-style plugs will; however, they may not protect as well.

10. Comfort

Whether you need earplugs for a few hours for a concert or for working in a noisy area, comfort is very important. Earasers are made of soft silicone that does not cause irritation or pain even after long periods of use. The angled design also ensures that the headphones do not put pressure on your ears.

Eargasms are made of soft silicone and memory foam for a more customized fit. They also come with several different sizes of tips to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Some people however claim that Earasers leave their ears ringing after extended use. We didn’t see where this was a major complaint with Eargasms, though some people have the issue.

However, different ears are shaped differently so that may be the issue. Generally, Eargasms seem to offer a better fit. They are therefore easier to put in and take out.

Eargasm vs Vibes

Eargasms are generally taken to be better earplugs than Vibes earplugs. Vibes earplugs offer very good sound for the price. In general, however, these new two one-size-fits-all earplugs and so they aren’t as good as custom-fit earplugs. 

Eargasm vs Etymotic

Eargasm earplugs offer ergonomics in terms of fit and comfort. Etymotic on the other hand offer efficiency, sound quality and overall value for money. 


Earasers are earplugs for general use because they have a noise reduction rating of 26 decibels, fit a variety of ear sizes and work with a wide frequency range. The Eargasm plugs are specifically designed to enhance music and speech, but they may not be as good at reducing other types of sound. They also only come in one size.

The eargasms are slightly better for sleeping, while the eardrums are more convenient to use in loud places. The earplugs you buy depend on your specific needs and what type of product represents the best value. Generally, though, go with what fits and feels the best for you. In addition, it’s pricey but you can always get custom-made plugs that sound and feel amazing.

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