Do Amps Lose Power Over Time? (Solved)

Norvan Martin

On average, most people who have had to buy an amplifier have at one point or the other thought about how long they can use the amplifier. However, just like every other electrical device around, they don’t work forever. The question is just a matter of “when?” Therefore, this article will explain factors that can contribute to your amp losing its power over time and other questions relating to it.

There is no general tendency for amplifiers to lose gain and will normally last over 20 years without losing power. However, how you use an amplifier will determine how long it will last. With prolonged usage and overheating, an amp can lose power. In addition, the POTs can go bad and you may have tuning issues over time.

Do Amplifiers Lose Power Over Time?

Yes! But this is not an easy yes or no answer, hence, to answer it properly would require some explanations. The first thing to note about using amplifiers is that their function is a product of their components.

Do Amplifiers Lose Power Over Time

Which Amplifier Components Wear Out Fast?

Recklessness is the major reason that could lead to the amplifier losing its quality. However, some components wear out faster. This includes the capacitors, transistors, wire terminals, and other parts that draw in power.

What Causes Capacitors to Wear Out?

The capacitors in an amplifier are the ones responsible for the power supply. In most amplifiers, the power caps are composed of large electrolytic types, which are usually liquid electrolytes.

When these electrolytes are used under poor conditions, especially under high temperatures, causing them to overheat, they can dry up.

Using the capacitors under high temperatures is not the only condition that can cause the electrolytes to dry up. When the amp is subjected to undue stress, such as using devices that put too much strain on it, the electrolytes can also dry up.

What Causes Transistors to Wear Out?

Another major component that can also easily wear out in an amplifier is the transistor. Transistors come with something known as “power rating” i.e. the maximum amount of power they can handle.

Using a transistor beyond the stipulated maximum rating (or even near it) can cause a transistor to wear out faster than expected. 

The sum of all the explanations is that whether an amplifier can lose its power over time depends on how well you handle it.

When an amp is handled roughly, it can reduce in function -mostly because of component damage. However, any worn-out part can be replaced to restore the amp to its initial quality.

Do Audio Amplifiers Wear Out? 

Audio amplifiers use electricity that runs through them to power a speaker. However, it is logical to ask if the repeated circulation of this electricity could ultimately cause it to wear out.

The answer is yes! But if your question is more about the quality of sound over time, then the answer will be no. The quality of the sound remains relatively consistent for a long time. Take, for example, the Peavy CS 800 amp, an old amplifier that is still used widely today and that can still deliver powerful, clean signals. 

How Long Does It Take An Audio Amplifier To Wear Out?

Just like any other electrical appliance, with time, different components in the amp may weaken. However, it might be hard to tell when the amplifier wears out. But mostly when an audio amplifier wears out, you will hear it in the speaker.

Although, this is not something you should expect in a year or two as long as you are using a new amplifier. 

How To Know When An Audio Amplifier Wears Out?

When you get a poor response from your speaker after a few years, before you blame the amplifier, you might need to check your wiring first. Below are the most common methods to check if your audio amplifier is worn out.

  • A noticeable distortion
  • The amplifier brings up issues whenever the volume is turned up
  • Crackling or buzzing sounds from the subwoofer
  • An obvious change in the sound quality 

Top 3 Most Durable Amplifiers 

Best Overall:Cambridge Audio CXA81 Stereo Two-Channel Amplifier

The Cambridge Audio CXA81 is the best in its class, with an unmatched sonic ability, and strong build quality.

It delivers a refined and amazing sound that brings the music closer. It has full Bluetooth and aptX for seamless connectivity and streaming across different range of devices. 


  • Built-in Bluetooth for a seamless streaming experience 
  • wired and wireless connectivity option
  • high durability
  • Delivers high audio regardless of the size of the room
  • New digital board for high-quality digital-to-analog conversion


  • Short Bluetooth range
Cambridge Audio CXA81 Stereo Two-Channel Amplifier...
  • ✓ FOR TRUE HI-FI STEREO EXPERIENCE – CXA81 is designed to be unmatched in sonic ability, on-board...
  • ✓ DESIGNED TO BE AN EXPERIENCE – CXA81 has been engineered, refined and finessed with only one objective...
  • ✓ PROFESSIONAL-GRADE POWER - Oversized toroidal transformer gives an even, low-noise current without...

Best Price: Technical Pro Professional 1000 Watts Receiver

The Technical Pro amplifier is one of the all-rounder amplifiers with the best durability at the best price.

The amplifier is fully optimized for effective use at home and in the studio since it comes with around 1000w power output that delivers high-quality sound.

It has features such as FM mode and an MP3 player for effective use at home, as well as mic effects and EQ control for studio use.


  • Delivers premium surround sound
  • Come with Bluetooth connectivity and line output
  • Highly affordable
  • High durability


  • Many users have reported that Bluetooth connectivity delays music by 3 seconds
  • Not efficient for prolonged use
Technical Pro Professional 1000 Watts Receiver...
  • 1000W POWER OUTPUT: With a maximum output of 1000 watts, the RX45BTT has the power to fill your room with...
  • FM MODE: This Receiver has FM Manual Tuner. It also has auto station seek helps you to enjoy listening to your...
  • MP3 PLAYER PLUG-IN: With this amplifier, you can enjoy listening to your favorite music. It has an iPod...

Best Mini Amp: Moukey Mini amplifier home audio Bluetooth 5.0 for speakers

The Moukey Mini amplifier might be your best option if you ever have to get a mini amplifier that is also durable.

This is one of the cheapest options that still provides decent sound quality. It is highly portable, which makes it easy to move around with ease, and since it includes Bluetooth connectivity, it can be used anywhere.


  • 2-way speakers
  • Comes with remote control 
  • Supports both Bluetooth and RCA input option
  • Mini size for portability


  • Cannot connect over one device at a time
  • Bluetooth mode gives a loud whine 


How Many Amps Does an Amp Draw?

This depends on the watts of the amplifier. For example, a 1000-watt amplifier that uses a 12V supply requires 83 amps. The other thing to consider is if 50% efficiency is assumed, therefore it will draw 166 amps.

How Many Amps Does a Car Amp Draw? 

In most car amplifiers, the amp draws around 10-30 amperes. However, to confirm how many amperes you draw, check the fuse near the inputs.


At the end of it all, it all depends on how you have used your amplifier. A poorly used amplifier, such as those exposed to overheating or overburdened, will get worn out faster. But you can be sure of at least 10 years of quality performance if you use it properly. We hope this information will help you choose the best practice for using your amplifier.

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