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Best DJ Amplifiers for Bass | 2023

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If you are a DJ, you know that a sound system that does not use punchy and strong bass will kill your game fast! What causes weak bass in your setup?

Sometimes you may have a receiver or another device that does not offer proper amplification. In such cases, an amplifier that properly amplifies your bass frequencies is required.

So, in this article, we will cover the best DJ amplifiers for bass and live sound. Let’s take your sound system to the next level!

Most Powerful
Behringer Europower EP4000 Power Amplifier
Best Portability
Pyle Professional Audio Bluetooth Power Amplifier...
Best Budget Amp
Pyle-Pro 60-Watt Vamp-Series Amplifier w/ 3-Band...
Behringer Europower EP4000 Power Amplifier
Pyle Professional Audio Bluetooth Power Amplifier...
Pyle-Pro 60-Watt Vamp-Series Amplifier w/ 3-Band...
Most Powerful
Behringer Europower EP4000 Power Amplifier
Behringer Europower EP4000 Power Amplifier
Best Portability
Pyle Professional Audio Bluetooth Power Amplifier...
Pyle Professional Audio Bluetooth Power Amplifier...
Best Budget Amp
Pyle-Pro 60-Watt Vamp-Series Amplifier w/ 3-Band...
Pyle-Pro 60-Watt Vamp-Series Amplifier w/ 3-Band...

1. Most Powerful: Behringer Europower EP4000 Professional Amplifier

Rated as the most powerful DJ amplifier, and some may even argue the best Dj amplifier for bass on our list, the Behringer Europower EP4000 delivers massive stereo power at an affordable price.

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It comes in a roadworthy 2U package, making it ideal for medium-sized churches, clubs, and mobile PA systems. The build quality is solid, and it’s quite easy to use.

Design and Features

Cosmetically, the EP4000 looks like any other professional amplifier out there, though it’s a bit heavy to carry around all the time.

Nonetheless, it has everything you need, from simplified front panel controls to a panel of switches at the back for easy use.

Just like its older brothers, the Behringer EP2000 and EP1500, this amplifier comes with informative status LEDs and dented gain controls. It also features onboard limiters to drive maximum power from the amp without overdriving it or your speakers. This is especially true if you are bi-amping your speakers.


Employing carefully selected transistors, the EP4000 can take massive pulses of current to move the woofer cone to produce a kick drum beat.

The amp also has a great transient response, enabling it to react instantly to even the most challenging electronic bass signals.

Paired with high-quality DJ speakers, the EP4000 gives your audience a tight, crisp sound with no audible distortion.

It also comes with independent thermal and DC overload protection circuitry that helps you to avoid those show-stopping meltdowns.

Exceptionally rugged, impact-resistant construction
High-quality components
Reliable overload protection circuitry
Professional speaker connectors

A little heavy to carry around

Behringer Europower EP4000 Power Amplifier
  • with Accelerated Transient Response technology
  • 2-channel Power Amplifier
  • 2000W Peak/ch at 2 ohms

Verdict: With everything packed into its impact-resistant, all-metal chassis, the Behringer EP4000 is among the best stereo power amplifiers on the market.

It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a reliable, high-power amplifier at an affordable price. However, you’ll want a portable rolling rack to carry it around safely though it’s not extremely heavy.

2. Best Portability: Pyle PTA1000 Professional Audio Bluetooth Amplifier

Do you consider portability when you think of the best DJ amplifier for bass? Well, you should!

The Pyle PTA1000 is an entry-level amplifier suited for in-house audio applications such as clubs, churches, and house parties.

It comes in a compact and highly portable housing, making it ideal for traveling DJs and bands that perform in small venues.

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Design and Features

With Pyle being a well-respected brand in the market, the PTA1000 boasts of solid construction that one can expect from high-end power amplifiers.

It also delivers years of solid performance when installed in the recommended configuration with enough cooling space.

Aside from excellent workmanship, the PTA1000 features a switchable power supply that allows you to connect it to virtually any power outlet.

Additionally, it comes with a dual-speed DC fan for cooling without causing any disturbance in the audio performance.


While connected with your home DJ speakers, the PTA1000 can pump out 1000Watts maximum power.

As a result, this 2-channel amplifier is equally capable on the stage just as it is at home. It provides audiophile-quality sound with soaring highs and punchy bass with little to no distortion.

In addition to offering the best wattage per dollar ratio on the market, the PTA1000 comes with a wide array of LEDs to notify you if any faults occur.

The amp also protects against a slew of electrical faults, enabling it to shut down automatically in case of any power issues.

Shockproof binding posts
Safety-conscious power switch
Automatic cooling fans
Brilliant audio performance
Highly portable

The fans get loud when the amp is extraordinarily pushed
Not ideal for big spaces

Pyle Professional Audio Bluetooth Power Amplifier...
  • BLUETOOTH COMPATIBLE: Built-in Bluetooth wireless music streaming ability works with all of today’s latest...
  • SAFETY CONSCIOUS POWER SWITCH: When the power amp is turned on, there is a three-second delay, which...
  • POWER LED: Built-in power LED indicators illuminate when the AC main power is being supplied to the amp and...

Verdict: As a touring DJ or performer, you need a highly portable and powerful amplifier like the Pyle PTA1000 to bring your party to life.

The audio is clean and audible, though the fan might be noisy if you push the amp too hard. Nonetheless, this 2-channel stereo amp totally worth your money!

3. Best Budget Amp: Pyle-Pro PVAMP60 Vamp-Series Amplifier

When we consider the best DJ amplifier for bass in terms of a budget option, Pyle Series amplifiers is always a good choice.

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As a performing DJ, getting a powerful and reliable speaker on a budget can seem like an uphill task, especially when durability is a key factor.

However, the Pyle Pro PVAMP60 is a solid amplifier that gives you a year of services at less than $100.

Design and Features

While retailing at an affordable price, this durable amplifier looks like a classic bookshelf speaker with simple control knobs at the front.  It also features a carrying handle at the top, allowing you to safely transport it to any venue.

The exterior construction is strong enough to survive an impact, but you’ll want to keep it away from water moisture. Additionally, it comes with a 0.25” jack for hooking up external speakers.


With a robust 8-inch inbuilt speaker, this amplifier can deliver 60 Watts of stereo sound without any serious defects.

Its 8-inch speaker gives it great power and versatility, allowing you to get everything you need in a professional sound system.

To give you the best audio performance, the PVAMP60 amplifier comes with a 3-band equalizer that allows you to adjust the bass, treble, and mid-range.

The sound is terrific for the price, and there is no hum or buzz sound from the amp.

Excellent price
Solid, classic design
Tremendous 60watts sound
Highly durable

Not ideal with a high-impedance audio source

Pyle-Pro 60-Watt Vamp-Series Amplifier w/ 3-Band...
  • CLEAN AND OVERDRIVE CHANNELS: Level up your guitar skills and unlock that bluesy tone! With the PVAMP60’s...
  • VOLUME, GAIN, & 3-BAND EQUALIZER KNOBS: Whether you want a clean & gentle tone or that crunchy overdriven tone...
  • 1/4" HEADPHONE JACK & OUTPUT JACK: Start getting hours of complaint-free guitar playing by using this...

Verdict: If you’re looking for an inexpensive amplifier to pair with your guitar, the Pyle-Pro PVAMP60 is all you need. It is affordable, making it a perfect starter for anyone who wants a solid performance at gigs with friends or a small group of people.

4. Best With A Speaker: Mr. DJ PP-3500BT Bass Amplifier

Today, DJ amplifiers are no longer as simple as they were over a decade ago. They come with remote control, Bluetooth connection, inbuilt speakers, and other modern features.

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That’s exactly what the Mr. DJ PP-3500BT amplifier delivers at an affordable price. The amplifier is also portable and easy to set up for house parties and other small outdoor events.

Design and Features

Designed to resemble a powerful PA speaker, the PP-3500BT comes in a highly portable casing with a carrying handle at the top.

The front panel is splash-resistant, but you don’t want any amount of moisture to collect at the back where controls are exposed.

When connecting your devices, the PP-3500BT supports wireless connections via Bluetooth and wired via an RCA input.

Additionally, it features a built-in LCD and a simple remote control that allows you to operate it seamlessly.


With an inbuilt 15-inch subwoofer, the PP-3500BT can deliver 2500 watts peak power. It has no distortion at any sound level, but you should avoid operating it at full capacity over prolonged periods.

That helps you to avoid damaging the woofer as different audio sources have different bit rates.

Compared to other speakers at the same price range, such as the Bose Soundlink, the PP-3500BT can pump out a surprisingly good volume and bass. However, don’t expect glass-breaking highs or wall-shaking bass.

Solid sound performance
Excellent construction
Highly portable
Wireless Bluetooth connection

The remote controller is a little weak

Mr. Dj PP-3500BT 15-Inch 2500 Watts Bass Amplifier...
  • Built in Bluetooth LCD Screen /Remote Control/ MP3/USB/SD Card Slot Controls and Microphone
  • SD/USB/FM Radio
  • 2500 Watts Max Power; Built in LCD Display

Verdict: If you’re looking for a DJ amplifier to bring your house party to life, Mr. DJ’s PP-3500BT is a solid option.

This amplifier is designed like most PA speakers, featuring a powerful subwoofer and Bluetooth connectivity for easy use. Additionally, you have a simple remote control for hands-free operation.

5. Best DJ Amplifier for Bass Crown XLi1500 Two-Channel Power Amplifier

First on our list and the current best DJ amplifier for bass is the Crown XLi150. Crown Audio is among the industry’s leading names in amplified sound.

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The XLi amplifiers represent an era of quality power and affordable amplification suited for DJs, musicians, and entertainers. This series includes the XLi1500 and three of its identical brothers, the XLi2500, XLi3500 and XLi800.

Design and Features

As a professional DJ, you can’t afford to lose an amp right before your show. With the Crown XLi1500 in your setup, you only need to worry about creating a good mix and not keeping the amplifier from exploding.

The XLi1500 is built with a smart and rugged design to protect it from daily hazards and keep it safe against shorts and empty loads.

The amp also features a highly effective shield that protects it from any radio frequency that can ruin your show.

Additionally, it features a selectable input voltage that lets you set up your system to match your gear.


Drawing from over half a century of Crown’s experience and excellence, the Xli1500 can deliver 1500W (8 ohms) in bridged mono mode. It can also deliver 500W per channel (8ohms) and 750W per channel (4ohms).

When paired with a high-powered home stereo system, it drives enough power to drive your watt-hungry PA speakers without any audible harmonic distortion. However, low-resistance speakers may cause the amplifier to overheat and can even lead to damage.

Clean, solid sound
Smart, rugged design
Affordable and powerful amplifier
Mighty effective radio-frequency shield

Not useful with low-resistance speakers

Crown XLi1500 Two-channel, 450-Watt at 4Ω Power...
  • Stereo/parallel/bridge-mono mode
  • User selectable input sensitivity - 0. 775V and 1. 4V
  • Electronically balanced RCA & XLR inputs; binding post and Speak on outputs

Verdict: Affordable, reliable, and powerful – these words define the Crown Xli1500 power amplifier. This remarkable rugged amplifier is perfect for traditional entertainment venues and mobile rigs that demand powerful sound. It’s no wonder we’ve ranked it as the best overall.

Best DJ Amplifier And Speaker Packages

If you are purchasing a DJ amplifier, you may also be considering purchasing a speaker, so why not simply purchase a DJ amplifier and speaker package? You could also purchase an active speaker or powered speaker (speaker with a built-in amplifier) or an active subwoofer (subwoofer with a built-in amplifier) that can push the power you seek. Below are the best DJ amplifier and speaker packages and active speakers available:

DJ Amplifier And Speaker Packages:

Rockville Package PA System Mixer/Amp+10"...
  • Rockville RPG2X10 800 Watt Complete PA System Package With Mixer/Amp, 2 10" Speakers, Stands + Wired...
  • Rockville RPG2X10 V2 Package PA System Mixer/Amp+10 inches. Speakers+Stands+Mics+Bluetooth. PA system with...
  • Complete portable Pro DJ system. Compact and light weight system delivers distortion free sound even at...
Knox Dual Speaker and Mixer Set–Portable 8”...
  • Complete DJ Mixer Kit: This portable PA speaker & amp package includes all the equipment you need for a...
  • High Powered Sound Performance: Enjoy crisp, clear, and powerful sound when you pump up the jams indoors or...
  • 8 Channel Audio Amplifier Mixer: Connect this sound system to almost any music or sound source! There are 4 x...

Powered Speakers and Subwoofers:

PRORECK Party 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way...
  • Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt P.M.P.O 2-Way Powered Dj/PA Speaker System includes an active speaker, a passive...
  • Mutil-function design: The powered system set features BLUETOOTH/FM radio/USB DRIVE/SD CARD functions....
  • 200-Watt RMS, 2000 Watts P.M.P.O; 15" Woofer with 1.35" Titanium Diaphragm Compression Driver; Built-in...
PRORECK Club 3000 12-Inch 4000w DJ Powered PA...
  • ★ PRORECK CLUB 3000 PA SYSTEM: All-in-one 4000 watt bluetooth PA system consists of (1) active subwoofer,...
  • ★ WIRELESS CONNECTION & OPERATION: Instantly pair with iPhone,iPod, iPad, android devices, etc with line of...
Pair Alphasonik All-in-one 15" Powered 2500W PRO...
  • Complete DJ party speaker system set ready to setup right out of the box. (1) passive speaker and (1) active...
  • Play your music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device such as an iPhone, iPad, Android Etc. Enjoy your...
  • Impress your audience with the built-in (on/off switchable) active LED strobe lights that flicker with the...

Best 20,000 Watts DJ Amplifier

If you want a powerful DJ amplifier, you can get a DJ amp of up to 20000 Watts. As you can imagine, these amplifiers are extremely powerful and can power speakers for large audiences. Below are the best DJ amplifiers of 20,000 watts:

  1. 4 Channel 20000 Watts Class-D Professional Power Amplifier
  2. Blastking D20K 20000 Watt 4 Channel Class-D Professional Power Amplifier


1. Does a DJ need a subwoofer?

A subwoofer’s primary function is to support the speakers. If you don’t want to magnify the lower frequencies that a sub-woofer would create, a DJ might not need one. 

2. How many watts should DJ speakers be?

Depending on the speaker’s design and level of construction, a speaker should withstand 300–400 watts RMS on average before failing.

3. Do amplifiers improve sound quality?

An amplifier is made to boost the levels of audio signals. It may not be necessary but getting it is an added bonus. 

4. I need something portable. Which one I can go for?

Pyle PTA1000 Professional Audio Bluetooth Amplifier and Mr. DJ PP-3500BT Bass Amplifier are the best options for that matter. 



As a DJ, you need a good amplifier with strong bass. No more fighting with your bass knob or finding a bass know that will work with your amp. No more trying to overdrive your sub and maxing the power. The best DJ amplifiers for bass feature high-powered wattage, wireless connectivity, system connectivity, and the ability to work with all of today’s latest devices.

We considered these factors and several others, in determining the final list of the best power amplifiers for live sound and bass for DJs.

Did you find your best DJ amplifier for bass? We hope your choice will make a clear difference as you electrify your next party!