Best DIY Speaker Kits – 2024

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Instead of purchasing a costly audio speaker, someone who wants their speakers can build one themselves. Alternatively, if you want to make simple DIY speakers, you can simply get retro products and upgrade or rebuild them to suit your needs and taste. 

Here are some DIY speaker kits to help you make your own speaker:

Top 3 Picks

Best for Educational Purposes
Gikfun Upgraded USB Mini Amplifier Electronic...
Best for Experiments
CYOEST DIY Bluetooth Speaker Box Kit Electronic...
Best Features
Arylic Subwoofer Amplifier Board,WiFi & Bluetooth...
Gikfun Upgraded USB Mini Amplifier Electronic...
CYOEST DIY Bluetooth Speaker Box Kit Electronic...
Arylic Subwoofer Amplifier Board,WiFi & Bluetooth...
Best for Educational Purposes
Gikfun Upgraded USB Mini Amplifier Electronic...
Gikfun Upgraded USB Mini Amplifier Electronic...
Best for Experiments
CYOEST DIY Bluetooth Speaker Box Kit Electronic...
CYOEST DIY Bluetooth Speaker Box Kit Electronic...
Best Features
Arylic Subwoofer Amplifier Board,WiFi & Bluetooth...
Arylic Subwoofer Amplifier Board,WiFi & Bluetooth...

1. Best for Educational Purposes: Gikfun Upgraded Stereo Speaker Box

This product is fun to build and looks great once finished; it’s not only a DIY kit for polishing welding skills but it can also be used as a stereo speaker box.

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The product is meant to be used in the classroom (Educational purposes). Suit for people over the age of 16 who have had at least a year of experience with electronic DIY.

Alternatively, it can be used under the supervision of an electronic specialist. Main features include:

  • Material: PCB + Electronic components
  • Speaker Power: 3W per channel
  • Installation: DIY welding assemble
  • Shell Size: 60 x 60 x 60 mm
  • Equipped with some nuts, screws, and other electronic components for you to do it by yourself.

The only problem with this product is that high wattage could cause the circuit board to melt.

Gikfun Upgraded USB Mini Amplifier Electronic...
  • This electronic transparent stereo speaker kit must be the most interesting DIY kit you have ever encountered,...
  • It is easy to assemble and equipped with nuts, screws and other components, you can do it by yourself, a cool...
  • The led lights will illuminate according to the music spectrum.



  • Hands-on learning experience.
  • Ability to personalize the sound profile.
  • Access to a supportive DIY community.
  • Cost-effective



  • Technical expertise is required.
  • Some components may not match commercial standards.

This product has a fantastic soldering practice set that is also suitable for family education. You’ll not only improve your soldering skills, but you’ll also learn more about electronic components and learn more fascinating facts about electronics.

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Although it’s a fun family project, you can be perplexed if you don’t have basic soldering and electronic knowledge.

Make sure you know the difference between ‘peg and hole’ soldering and surface soldering. A QR code can also be used to obtain the instructions. Other features include:

  • Work Voltage: DC 3.7V-5V
  • Bluetooth Distance:15meters (Max)
  • Amplifier Power: 3W*2
  • Music Source: Bluetooth/U-disk/TF Card
  • Control Type: Bluetooth/Remote Controller/On-Board Button
  • Size(Installed):135*74*64mm

Extensive connectivity is not recommended for this product.

MiOYOOW DIY Bluetooth-Compatible Speaker Kit with...
  • 🎵【Bluetooth-compatible Amplifier DIY Kit】: The Soldering Project DIY Kits are used to installed to an...
  • 🎵【Great Electronic Soldering Project】: Great project kit for soldering practice and also suitable for...
  • 🎵【Easy Installation】: The bluetooth-compatable module board is soldered and can be used directly after...



  • Affordable DIY kit for a Bluetooth speaker.
  • Provides an educational experience
  • customization options, and a sense of achievement.
  • Potential for community support.



  • Requires technical skills and soldering.
  • Quality may not match commercial standards.
  • Build time and effort required.

This product allows you to stream audio from your smartphone or tablet – there is no limit to the number of subwoofers you can add to the system, and when you need heavy bass, you can group many amp subs to your stereo device.

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Remarkably, you can control multiple boards from your phone, including volume, balance, and EQ.

This program also allows you to listen to lossless music files. It has Bluetooth connectivity that can reach locations near where the signal is received.

  • Wireless network
  • Power Input: DC 12V–24V DC-in,12V–24V 2 Pin Connector
  • Audio Input: Analog 3.5mm jack
  • Audio output: Analog, Speaker out
  • Frequency response: 10Hz to 300 Hz
  • Speaker Power: 100W@2Ω load at 24V,60W@4Ω load at 24V
Arylic Subwoofer Amplifier Board,WiFi & Bluetooth...
  • 【WIRELESS STEREO&Multiroom Control】:Add wireless/network streaming capability to your current speakers,...
  • 【POWERFUL SUBWOOFER】: 100W subwoofer amplifier board. Supports virtual bass (activated via remote) and...
  • 【STABLE STREAMING AND HIGH SOUND QUALITY】: Supports playback of lossless music files-MP3, APE, FLAC, WAV...



  • Versatile connectivity
  • Easy for DIY customization
  • Integration with smart home systems.
  • It provides a compact solution for audio enthusiasts.



  • Requires technical expertise for assembly.
  • Build quality may vary.
  • It may lack advanced features found in premium commercial amplifiers.

4. Best for Experiments:DIY Bluetooth Speaker Box Kit

This product features the most recent version, allowing you to enjoy high-quality stereo surround sound. If you enjoy DIY projects, this music speaker kit is a must-have!

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This DIY Bluetooth Speaker lets you learn how speakers operate while creating your own. It’s simple to put together and allows youngsters to learn about sound, music, and speakers via hands-on activities. It’ll never go out of style since it’s fun and engaging.

There’s no need for a soldering iron. When in use, it requires 4 batteries (not included) and can be connected to a mobile phone or computer.

All wooden blocks have been safety tested and are constructed of natural wood with no chemical finishes. It creates a safe entertainment environment because it is non-toxic and non-irritating.

This kit comes with:

  • Laser-cut wooden components
  • 2pcs Subwoofer
  • 2 inches 4ohm 3w Full Range Speaker
  • Dual Channel Bluetooth Amplifier Board
CYOEST DIY Bluetooth Speaker Box Kit Electronic...
  • ♫【Discover how speakers work】This DIY Bluetooth Speaker allows you to discover how speakers work while...
  • ♫【Easy to Assemble】No soldering iron, Our Kits include laser-cut wooden components,2pcs Subwoofer 2 inch...
  • ♫【DIY Bluetooth Speaker Kit to Build】This product has the latest version, and you can achieve...



  • High-quality stereo sound
  • Allows users to build a solid, personalized Bluetooth speaker.
  •  Suitable for kids, teens, and adults.
  • Creates a portable and functional speaker.



  •  It may require basic technical skills for assembly.

5. Best Component Speaker Kit: 2Way Custom Component Speaker System

These speakers are made to give the highest sound quality for the budget-conscious audiophile. With this component speaker set, you’ll be blasting your tunes and shaking the neighborhood.

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It comes with a wiring kit, grills, and installation hardware, as well as one pair of 6.5′ mid-bass speakers, one pair of 0.5′ tweeters, one pair of passive crossover devices, a wire kit, and grills. 

It’s a great approach to improve and broaden the capabilities of your production system. The mid-bass speakers have a 400-watt power output and may be installed in most OEM places.

Three mounting options are available for the 100-watt, 0.5′ silk dome tweeters, which provide a frequency response of 1.3 to 22 kHz. For a fuller, more accurate sound, use passive crossover networks to divide the signal from your heightened between the mid-bass and tweeter speakers.

Pyle 2 Way Custom Component Speaker System -...
  • 6.5” MID-BASS SPEAKERS: The 6.5-inch woofer features an eye-catching yellow color poly injection cone....
  • HIGH-QUALITY SOUND: Listening to good music while on the road has never been this good. The component audio...
  • HEAVY DUTY COMPONENT: The 40 oz. magnet structure, special electroplated plastic basket, and 0.5” silk dome...



  • High-quality sound
  • Powerful mid-base speakers (400W)
  • Great frequency response



  • It may require technical skills

6. Best for Audiophiles: Gikfun EK1755 DIY Kit

The Gikfun EK1755 DIY Kit is a great pick for music lovers who want to build their own home entertainment systems and hi-fi speakers. It comes with an easy-to-use 3.5mm audio input that works well with computers, smartphones, or MP3 players.

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It’s worth mentioning that the kit works better when powered by a mobile phone charger rather than a computer USB port. This method boosts performance, giving users a powerful and user-friendly option for upgrading their audio gear.

Gikfun 2" 4Ohm 3W Full Range Audio Speaker Stereo...
  • It will work well for home audio-visual equipment and other HiFi speakers.
  • 2pcs 2" 4Ohm 3W Full Range Audio Speaker Stereo Woofer Loudspeaker
  • Rated Power: 3W, Rated Impedance: 4 ohm, Diameter: 2 inches, Length: 1.4 meters



  • Impressive audio quality
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use



  • Not ideal for large spaces

7. Best 3-way Speaker DIY Kit: CT Sounds Meso 3-Way Speaker Set

The CT Sounds Meso 6.5″ 500 Watt 3-Way Premium Component Car Speaker Set ramps up your car’s sound system. Packing a punch with 500 watts, these speakers blast clear and strong audio. Their 3-way configuration covers all parts of the sound spectrum.

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These speakers boast top-notch build quality, made from tough materials to last a long time. You’ll find installation a breeze, thanks to the comprehensive set that comes with everything you need. Perfect for serious music lovers or just folks who enjoy good sound, these CT Sounds Meso speakers take your listening experience to the next level with their potent sound, crisp output, and high-grade design.

No products found.



  • Powerful audio performance (500W)
  • 3-way design for a comprehensive audio range
  • High-quality construction



  • Premium cost

DIY Speaker Kits For Audiophiles

Why not build your own speaker if you enjoy audio and are seeking a fun project? You don’t have to make one from the ground up.

There are a variety of DIY kits available that you can put together with relative ease and still call your own.

Apart from being a fun project, there are other advantages to making a speaker from a kit, the most important of which is that you can build a beautiful, high-quality speaker for a fraction of the price it would normally cost. And all this is done with a personal touch.

Best DIY Audiophile Speaker Kits

As an audiophile, some of the best kits you will get are:

Best DIY Bluetooth Speaker Kit

Do you need to build a Bluetooth speaker yourself? Check out these DIY products.

  • SALE!!
    DIY Mini Tesla Coil Kit 15W Soldering Project Kit...
    • This Tesla on the basis of the general increase in the music player, you can play phone / computer music,...
    • 15-24V DC input voltage, when 24V, 5 - 10 mm arc length meters is ideal, small size, power and energy range,...
    • Wireless transmission principle: a coil connected at both ends with both ends LED, near-emitting device, LED...
  • MiOYOOW Bluetooth-Compatible Speaker Kit DIY...
    • 🎶【SMD Electronic Soldering Project】: The LED spectrum lights call for Surface-mount Installation, which...
    • 🎶【Cool Handmade Gift】: Unlike other DIY kits, as the music plays, MiOYOOW Spectrum Ḅḷueṭooṭḥ...
    • 🎶【About Installation】: The bḷueṭooṭḥ module board comes pre-soldered, you only need to solder...

3-Way Speaker Kit

Some examples of 3-way speaker KIt are listed below.

  • CT Sounds Meso 6.5” 500 Watt 3-Way Premium...
    • Speaker size: 6.5” 3-way component speaker set, Impedance per speaker: 4 Ohm, Power per set: 250W RMS | 500W...
    • If you want to play your music loud enough for the entire neighborhood here, the CT Sounds Meso 3-Way...
    • Take your sound to the next level, the meso 6.5 inch component speakers can be turned up uncontrollably loud...
  • Massive Audio FC6.3 – 6 Inch / 6.5 Inch 3-Way,...
    • HIGH QUALITY CAR AUDIO SPEAKERS | Looking for high end car audio speakers that will not break the bank? Our...
    • SOLD AS A KIT | GREAT SOUND QUALITY | These Car Audio Speakers outperform most aftermarket component speakers...
    • GUARANTEED TO LAST | Are you frustrated with factory car door speakers that crack, snap and pop or even blow...
  • No products found.

Building a DIY Speaker Cabinet 

To build a durable speaker cabinet with a DIY kit, follow the procedure listed below.  

  • Cabinet material thickness plays a huge role in reducing the sound a cabinet makes. Medium-density fiberboard is the standard material, as it is readily accessible and is pretty easy to work with.
  •  Use a lot of internal cabinet bracing to reduce vibrations and space the bracing to reduce the effects of standing waves.
  • For 3-way systems, placing the midrange in a separate internal enclosure produces cleaner midrange performance. It is to slant the back of the midrange chamber to prevent sounds from the back of the chamber.
  • Build enclosures a minimum of 10% larger than the design required, as it is easy to fill dead space.
  • Determine proper port tuning by starting with a longer-than-calculated port tube length by measuring either the impedance or acoustic output of the port.
  • Use a flared port on both ends with an adequate diameter for the proposed vented enclosure and expected sound pressure levels.
  • Expect to invest at least 3-5 full days of work for a high-quality tower loudspeaker cabinet.


1. When building my DIY speakers, can wood be a good material?

Wood is inherently acoustic, making it one of the greatest construction materials for sound aficionados. Wood is energetic, resonant, and enthusiastically transmits vibrations. A speaker cabinet built of wood will produce excellent sound.

2. Is it cheaper to build your own speaker?

Building your own speaker may cost as little as $100, but purchasing a similar-quality speaker costs between $300 and $400. You can save up to $200 to $300 by doing it yourself.

3. What materials are best for speakers?

Paper, metal, plastic, and aramid fiber are all popular materials for speaker cones. Each of these materials has its own unique acoustic qualities, advantages, and limitations.

4. If I build a small speaker, will it sound as good as a big one?

Because of their small size, small speakers cannot generate clear sound in many conditions. It restricts the amount of electricity they can generate. These speakers struggle with loud noises, like explosions in a movie, as well as sounds that are excessively low in pitch. So, in this case, building a large one will be better than building a small one. It also depends on your needs and where you want to play your music or other audio files.


This article helps you to get the best DIY speaker kit by summing up the best you can get when you are on a budget. While you could easily build your own speaker, be careful to take necessary precautions while fixing or using other related electrical kits in the process of your adventure. Also, note that you need to carefully choose the one that best suits your taste and budget. In addition, if you want a wireless setup, you can go with a wireless speaker kit

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