Definitive Technology vs. Martin Logan (The Truth)

Norvan Martin
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There are so many audio devices in the market today, just as there are manufacturers. Choosing between brands can therefore be a nightmare. This article shares more information about Definitive Technology and Martin Logan to help you choose between the two brands.

Definitive Technology vs. Martin Logan Comparison Table

CriteriaDefinitive TechnologyMartin Logan
Brand ReputationDefinitive Technology is respected for its high-performance speakers and home audio solutions.Martin Logan is known for its high-performance electrostatic speakers and audio innovations.
Sound QualityDefinitive Technology is recognized for detailed and immersive sound quality.Martin Logan speakers offer transparent and dynamic sound reproduction.
Build Quality/DesignDefinitive Technology places emphasis on both robust build quality and stylish design.Martin Logan products feature a combination of sleek design and quality build.
Product RangeDefinitive Technology specializes in speakers and home audio solutions.Martin Logan offers a range of electrostatic and conventional speakers.
PricingDefinitive Technology provides products with competitive pricing, targeting various budgets.Martin Logan speakers are often positioned in the mid to high price range.
FeaturesDefinitive Technology speakers are equipped with advanced technologies for an enhanced audio experience.Martin Logan speakers often feature cutting-edge technologies for precise audio reproduction.

Definitive Technology vs. Martin Logan History

Definitive Technology History

An American private corporation based in Vista, California, Definitive Technology was founded in 1990. The company designs and sells soundbars, floor speakers, home theater audio systems, wireless home audio, and headphones.

Definitive Technology History

The company first produced monolithic bipolar speaker towers before Directed Electronics acquired it in 2004.

In 2008, Directed Electronics went through several internal restructuring and changed its name to DEI Holdings which combined Definitive Technology, Polk, and the Boom movement brands. In 2013, they became Sound United.

In May 2015, Sound United’s parent company announced a deal with Aqipa to distribute Definitive Technology in collaboration with other brands from Sound United in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

Martin Logan  History

Martin Logan is an American company that utilizes electronic loudspeakers and planar magnetic thin-film Technology to manufacture subwoofers, floor-standing, in-wall hybrid, and wall-mounted speakers.

Martin Logan History

Matin Logan was founded in the late 1970s by Gayle Martin Sanders and Ron Logan Sutherland in Lawrence, Kansas.

While Sanders was trained in architecture and advertising and Sutherland trained in electrical engineering, they shared a passion for music and electronic loudspeakers.

Difference Between Definitive Technology And Martin Logan

Definitive Technology Features – Features, Design, and Performance

Definitive Technology is known to have been researching speaker design for over three decades since 1991. The company has several loudspeaker patents under its name already, such as the D17.

Definitive Technology Features Features Design and Performance

The Demand D17 speakers, for instance, feature “audiophile-quality” parts that feature air-core inductors and polypropylene metal-film capacitors. Also, the company quotes a frequency response of 38 Hz to 24 kHz and a given sensitivity of 87 dB.

The Definitive’s bipolar speakers feature drivers in the rear and front of the speaker. which helps radiate sound in phase to both directions to create a vast, deep sound stage.

The bipolar speakers do not, however, have the ability to achieve pinpoint imaging of direct-radiating speakers. As a result, the speakers need to be placed at least 6 inches off the wall for better sound performance.

On the other hand, Definitive Technology built their speakers with internal Class D amplifiers to help deliver a smoother, consistent basis across the room. Also, the multiple subwoofers in their speakers help eliminate nulls in sound delivery.

Martin Logan Features – Features, Design, and Performance

The company has countless definitive features under its name. Let’s look at some of the key elements that are characteristic of the Martin Logan Motion 15 model.

Classic Décor

The model is built in three color schemes that work perfectly with several home decors. Besides, they can bring classic and authentic appeals of bookshelf speakers to take your ambiance to the next level.

Martin Logan Features Features Design and Performance

Powerful standalone

Although Martin Logan speakers are built to work and complement other motion 20 and 25 systems, they still deliver remarkable sound performance when operated independently. However, you may need to use them with external amplifiers for a better sound experience.

Customized home theater

The products are highly flexible and will work perfectly with any home theater and other sound systems such as music payers and turntables. If you prefer to customize your home sound, Martin Logan can be a great choice.

Audiophile Performance

Martin Logan produces audiophile sound systems with significantly reduced sound distortion even at higher volumes.

The sound delivered by most of the products is high quality, and connections can be easily secured with the audiophile grade-5 wiring.

Pros And Cons Of Definitive Technology  Speakers

For the purposes of giving you some of the pros and cons of Definitive Technology speakers, we’ll refer to the D11 speakers as they work best with home theater systems.


  • Natural and rich sound
  • Versatility for any application
  • Excellent performance for all room sizes
  • Futuristic design
  • Precise sound with optional stands


  • They are generally more expensive
  • They are not as loud as ported woofers

Pros And Cons Of Martin Logan Speakers

For the purposes of giving you some of the pros and cons of Martin Logan speakers, we’ll refer to the MartinLogan Motion 15 speakers.


  • A fantastic choice for home décor
  • Remarkable performance sound quality
  • Great for a customized home sound


  • A single speaker without any other form of connection
  • The metal grille doesn’t add much to the décor
  • It needs an external amplifier

Definitive Technology vs. Martin Logan Room Space

Choosing the right speakers should not be a hurried process. This is because you want speakers that will fit into your taste for quality sound, budget, and available room size.

Most of the speakers from Definitive Technology, such as the ProCinema Series, are classified by the company as “Big Sound, Room-Friendly Size.” It means that the speakers come in compact designs that will fit any room.

On the other hand, Martin Logan speakers such as the floor standers are more challenging to place in a room as they require a minimum of 20 feet long and 15 feet large room for the best performance. Also, the room should have adequate reverberation and minimal absorption.

You should, therefore, carry out proper matching of the available space before buying Martin Logan.

Definitive Technology Vs. Martin Logan When Using An AV Receiver

Generally, people have different listening conditions and sound preferences. Definitive Technology, however, delivers a wide-open deep holographic soundstage.

They are very characteristic that if you have listened to them, your ears will become a better judge. They also work perfectly well with receivers that support fewer channels and have good EQ.

Martin Logan speakers work with receivers or amps to deliver a better sound experience. They, however, need to be placed closer to the listener, and you must correctly match the receivers with the speakers to fit different listening conditions.

However, making a choice is a more independent decision and should be based on your own listening experience. We, therefore, recommend you do a test with the two before deciding which way to go.

Example: Definitive Technology  R-51M vs. Martin Logan DEBUT 2.0 B6.2

Feature Definitive Technology BP9040 Martin Logan Motion 40
Finish MDF Piano Finish
Impedance  8.0 ohms  4.0 ohms
RMS rated power 50.0 W 300.0 W
Speaker type No data No data
Woofer size (cm) No data 17
Speaker placement Floorstanders Floorstanders  
Sensitivity 92.0 dB 92.0 dB
Weight 16 kg                          22 kg


Best Definitive Technology  Speakers On Amazon

1.    Definitive Technology BP-9080x

It is a 52-inch-tall tower speaker with two 12-inch bass radiators, a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, and a 12-inch subwoofer. 

Definitive Technology BP9080x High Performance...
  • SOUND THAT TRANSCENDS THE STATUS QUO – Features BDSS technology drivers on front and rear array – 8...
  • EXPLORE A NEW DIMENSION OF SOUND – Definitive's patented Forward-Focused Bipolar Technology elevates audio...


  • Versatile placement options
  • Powerful L/R bipolar design


  • Very expensive

2.    Definitive Technology BP-9060

This tower speaker is smaller than the BP9080x. Also, it has a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, two 10-inch bass radiators, two 4.5-inch Class D amps, a 10-inch subwoofer, and an optional rear array optional Dolby surround sound height elevation.

Definitive Technology BP-9060 Tower Speaker...
  • SOUND THAT TRANSCENDS THE STATUS QUO – Features BDSS technology drivers on front & rear array – 8 SPEAKERS...
  • INCLUDES INTEGRATED POWERED 10" SUBWOOFER AND 10" DUAL BASS RADIATORS that reproduce such phenomenal lows,...
  • EXPLORE A NEW DIMENSION OF SOUND – Definitive's patented Forward-Focused Bipolar Technology elevates audio...


  • Powered subs integrated
  • Dual bass radiators
  • Better tonal balance


  • Expensive

3.    Definitive Technology A90 Atmos-enabled Speaker

The A90 is an upgrade of the old A60 and has a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter and a 4.5-inch midrange driver. It is Dolby Atmos-certified and DTS:X compatible.

Definitive Technology A90 High-Performance Height...
  • High-performance height speaker module: 86 Hz - 22 kHz
  • Dolby Atmos Certified and DTS:X compatible
  • Sloped speaker baffle and exclusive foam construction provide amazing richness and depth


  • Dolby Atmos-certified
  • Easily connects with BP9000 speakers
  • High performance

4.    Definitive Technology CS-9060 Center Channel

The speaker has a 1-inch dome aluminum tweeter with an 8-inch powered subwoofer and two 4.5-inch bass-mid woofers. It is, however, non-bi-polar.

Definitive Technology CS9060 High-Performance...
  • THE BEST CENTER CHANNEL YOU'VE EVER KNOWN – It is so good that you'll forget it is just a center channel....
  • SOUND THAT TRANSCENDS THE STATUS QUO - Features BDSS technology drivers – 1" Aluminum Dome tweeter & (2)...


  • Premium sound quality
  • High performance
  • Integrates a passive bass radiator


  • Too large for a center channel speaker

Best Martin Logan Speakers On Amazon

1.    MartinLogan Motion 4i

This bookshelf speaker is made in a curved design with convenient push-style speaker terminals. The tweeter is folded and drastically minimizes distortion.

Martin Logan Motion 4i Bookshelf Speaker, Single...
  • Folded Motion Tweeter "squeezes" air and requires almost 90% less excursion than the typical 1" dome
  • Tweeter: 1 x 1.4" Folded Motion Transducer with 5.25" x 1.75" diaphragm, 4" woofer with stamped steel basket
  • Non-resonant asymmetrical chamber format, Rigid structured dust cap to reduce cone break-up modes


  • Crisp sound
  • No high-frequency exaggeration


  • Not suitable for large spaces

2.    Martin Logan Motion SLM-XL

The speakers come with folded motion tweeters, advanced Vojtko filtering, dual paper cone woofers, and four passive radiators.

MartinLogan Motion SLM-XL On-Wall/Off-Wall Low...
  • On-wall, off-wall LCR speaker with Folded Motion tweeter technology - Wall-mountable with included brackets
  • High Frequency Transducer: 1" × 1.4" Folded Motion Transducer with 5.25" × 1.75" diaphragm
  • Two 4" high-excursion fiber cone woofers, Four 4" fiber cone passive bass radiators


  • Clear highs
  • Mids are great

3.    Martin Logan Motion 8

It also comes with a folded motion tweeter for fast response and distortion control. The design is elegant and has convenient push-style terminals.

MartinLogan Motion 8 Center Channel Speaker (Piano...
  • Folded Motion Tweeter "squeezes" air and requires almost 90% less excursion than the typical 1" dome tweeter,...
  • The innovative Folded Motion Tweeter is engineered with a large surface area (8-times that of a typical 1"...
  • Elegant yet understated styling with a flawless high-gloss, piano black finish, subtle curves, and a signature...


  • Luxurious styling
  • Outstanding performance
  • Easy hookups
  • The sound is crisp and detailed


  • Not suitable for full home theater experience due to sound distortion

Are Martin Logan Speakers Good For Movies?

Martin Logan speakers sound excellent and are and are a good fit for a custom home theater system. The speakers deliver a crisp sound with precise detail supported by the folded motion tweeters that are a signature of the Martin Logan speakers.

That is precisely what you need for your movies to catch the actual sound effects of the movie’s actions.

Are Martin Logan Speakers Neutral

Martin Logan’s speakers are very musical. Besides, they are not neutral. The overall balance of Martin Logan Vista is definitely on the bright side of neutral, for instance. The transient response is, however, outstanding.

Are Martin Logan Speakers Considered High-End?

Martin Logan delivers high-end speakers with a striking balance between mid-range and low-frequency sounds compared with Definitive Technology speakers.


Whether you choose Definitive Technology or Martin Logan will depend on your listening needs and budget. Besides, Martin Morgan speakers will need an external amplifier to perform better, while most Definitive Technology speakers are costly.

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