dancing water speakers
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After a day’s work, nothing feels better than relaxing to a solo dance party. As you enjoy the beats, the tiredness to fade away as you dance to your favorite music.

It’s even more entertaining if the visual display is synchronized with the audio performance.

Dancing water speakers are the best solution to enjoy a great audio-visual as you get rid of the worries that plague you.

Read on as we explore this fairly new and still exciting trend of Bluetooth dancing water speakers.


So, What’s a Bluetooth Dancing Water Speaker?

Bluetooth water dancing speakers or Bluetooth water light speakers are innovative units designed to play music to a colorful water show.

Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers

The speakers successfully create the illusion of dancing water while the music is playing, adding to the visual appeal.

They also feature colorful LED lights that create a little party in your room. So you enjoy the spectacle of dancing water and an LED speaker all in one!

A wireless dancing water speaker dances with the beats from the music, creating an amazing visual treat.

The water in these types of speakers creates bubbles that move with the music, while colorful lights add to the glamour.  You can connect the Bluetooth dancing water speaker with various music gadgets like MP3 & Mp4 players, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.


Considering the above factors, we’ve gathered a list of the top 10 Bluetooth dancing water speakers from hundreds of the best units in the market.

We took a lot of time to individually review every speaker by taking a keen look at its features, outlining its pros and noting its cons while preparing the list below:

1. Best Overall: BeFree BFS-33X  1 Dancing Water Speakers

First on our list of the best Bluetooth water light speakers is the BeFree BFS-33X.

Design: The BeFree BFS-33X is a sleek and innovative unit that comes with a dedicated subwoofer and a twin satellite speaker.

It has a striking bright light in a dancing water display and a 2.1 channel setup that connects to your audio devices through Bluetooth and AUX input. The speaker features durable plastic material and simple controls for personalization.

Performance: Compared to other smaller dancing water speakers on the list, the BFS-33X sounds much better.

It delivers a punchy bass, clean highs, and detailed mids while creating a mesmerizing light show with about 20 colorful water jets. However, the water fountains only work when the volume is above 20%.


These speakers have a sleek and modern design, making them perfect for creating an appealing show in your home.

The subwoofer and satellite speakers of the BFS-33X comes with acrylic water chambers and can deliver a delightful performance. However, only one device can connect via Bluetooth at a time. Moreover, you’ll need to crank up the volume for the water jets to work.

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2. Most Versatile: SoundSOUL Dancing Water Speakers

Design: SoundSOUL is known to offer premium quality speakers for music enthusiasts.

From the overall design to the features, this dancing water speaker is a clear indication of the company’s commitment to creating quality speakers.

The speaker is lightweight, extremely versatile, and visually appealing with four multicolor LED lights and a transparent acrylic tube filled with non-toxic vegetable oil.

Performance:  Aside from creating an awesome visual effect, the SoundSOUL dancing water speakers offer a pleasant 6W stereo sound.

The in-built amplifier in the speakers produces rich bass and crisp highs, giving you a fantastic audio performance. Moreover, the visual experience is enhanced by the multi-color LED lights.

Verdict: The SoundSOUL Dancing Water Speakers are among the best units on the list for anyone who likes a portable and highly versatile speaker. The water fountain creates a colorful light show in high volumes, though it’s not spectacular in low-level volume. Moreover, the speakers come with a rechargeable 1800mAh battery.

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3. Most Durable: E–joy Dancing Water Speakers

Design: The new dancing water speaker from E-joy is among the best units built with premium plastic materials for durability.

The speaker features multi-color water jets that create a beautiful water dance when you turn on the music, converting your space into a mini dance party.

Moreover, it supports both wired and Bluetooth connections.

Performance: Sound-wise, the E-Joy Dancing water speakers will never disappoint. This pair of speakers creates a rich audio performance, with enough bass and volume level to give you a pleasant audio experience. The speakers can produce a 5W sound, while the LED lights create a colorful show.

Verdict: The E-Joy Dancing water speaker is a sleek and colorful unit that perfectly fits with any interior décor. The plastic material makes the speaker not only durable but also highly compact and lightweight. Moreover, the audio performance is nice for its price. Sometimes, you may hear the water tapping inside while listening to some music. However, that’s hardly noticeable in loud volumes.

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4. Most Portable: Hype Wireless Bluetooth Water Dancing Speakers

Design: This is a set of two stylish desktop wireless dancing water speakers connecting to all Bluetooth enabled devices.

The speaker features a portable and compact design that makes it ideal for your office, bedroom, and other indoor spaces.

Additionally, it has a clear plastic cone at the top, five water jets, and 5 LED lights to give you a unique show.

Performance: Thanks to the inbuilt 3watt speakers, the Hype Wireless Water Dancing speaker can produce a superior quality sound.

That allows you to enjoy sharp, clear, and bass-boosting sound. Moreover, the LEDs automatically turn on after powering up the device, with the water pulsates higher as the bass and volume increases.

Verdict: If you want a compact and portable dancing water speaker for your desktop, then the Hype Bluetooth speakers is an ideal piece for you. The speaker fulfills all your audio needs to give you a relaxing experience while listening to music.  However, the plastic material used on the speaker may seem a little cheap for its price.

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5. Most Durable: Sylvania Water Dancing Mini Tower

Design: While embracing innovation in the features and design, the Sylvania water dancing speaker comes in a compact mini-tower design.

The speaker comes with lights and water to create a colorful display when listening to your jams. Moreover, it’s highly durable, but the clear plastic case on the top may break if it falls from a long height.

Performance: This wireless Dancing water speaker from Sylvania boasts of a rich stereo sound produced by high-performance audio drivers.

It doesn’t feature an inbuilt battery, but the audio-visual experience it creates when plugged-in is mesmerizing. However, you can’t turn off the lights when playing the music.

Verdict: This water dancing mini tower from Sylvania delivers an in-depth sound quality in a modern and compact unit. The speaker design is unique and fashionable, adding color to any interior décor. However, the speaker must be plugged in for you to enjoy the colorful audio-visual display. Regarding the connectivity, it streams the music seamlessly through the latest Bluetooth technology.

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6. Best Light Show: MoreBuyBuy Infinity Pulse Light Water Dancing Speaker

Design: Coming in an attractive square shape and design, the infinity Pulse Water Dancing Speaker from Morebuybuy is a great wireless party speaker.

It comes with vibrant LED lights and a water fountain display at the center. Furthermore, it has a micro SD card and AUX inputs to make it compatible with non-Bluetooth devices.

Performance: For easy control, this water dancing speaker has simple manual buttons on the top side to help you control the volume, LED lights, and the fountain.

The Moerebuybuy speaker also comes with dual 3Watt acoustic drivers that give you clear and loud sound. Moreover, it has two power modes; USB power connection and AC/DC power supply.

Verdict: With standalone buttons to control the lights and water fountain, this Morebuybuy speaker is a great party starter. The audio drivers deliver a clear 6watt sound, making the speaker an ideal piece for small and medium spaces. It’s easy to install and the performance is wonderful, but it doesn’t feature a rechargeable battery for use in outdoor spaces.

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7. Most Stylish: Bkiset Water Dancing Bluetooth Speaker

Design: Designed as a fashionable subwoofer with an amazing seven-color LED light show, this speaker from Bkiset is among the most stylish water dancing speakers.

It comes with a built-in 1200mAh battery that lasts for about 6-10 hours, making it ideal for all kinds of spaces. Moreover, it weighs less than half a kilo, making it highly portable.

Performance: This speaker comes with dual 2.5W high-fidelity audio drivers, giving you a delightful 5watt sound.

It has a unique display of water dancing fountain, creating an enjoyable visual experience while delivering solid bass, crisp highs, and balanced mid-level tones. The speaker is also easy to use, using simple control buttons.

Verdict: The Bkiset Water Dancing speaker is a great choice when looking for a stylish and portable speaker with a rechargeable battery. It comes with over seven colors to create a mesmerizing light show when playing the music, but you will have to fill it with purified water before you can start using it. Moreover, the speaker has a powerful sound, and the 10-hour inbuilt battery is highly reliable.

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8. Most Reasonable Price: NAXA Electronics NHS-2009 Dancing Water Tower

Design: An attractive floor-standing water speaker, the Electronics NHS-2009 comes with a tower design and a Bluetooth speaker system.

It features an elegant water fountain at the top, with light effects responding to the audio tone and volume. However, the speaker must be plugged into an AC/DC power source to play.

Performance: with an inbuilt FM radio and two high-performance audio drivers, the NHS-2009 gives you a pleasant full-range audio performance.

The speaker also has a remote control panel using the latest technology to give you a seamless operation experience. Moreover, the speaker offers an unparalleled visual experience.

Verdict: Naxa electronics is known for providing unrivaled consumer electronics at a reasonable price. The NHS-2009 is a great example of the company’s dedication and commitment towards delivering high-performance speakers. Its design and performance embrace innovative technology, allowing you to enjoy an audio experience that suits your style. However, it may not be ideal for outdoor settings.

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9. Best Bass: Shaper ImageSBT5002 Dancing Water Speakers

Design: Designed to create a dazzling lights display, the SBT5002 from Sharp Image is a wireless speaker ideal for your computer or laptop.

The unit comes with two satellite speakers with water fountains to create a colorful show, while the subwoofer ensures that you get a rich and detailed sound. However, it may seem a little bulky to carry around.

Performance: While connecting to your audio source through Bluetooth 4.0 technology, this speaker offers simple operation and great performance.

Thanks to the subwoofer, the speaker has a powerful and adjustable bass to allow you to get the ultimate listening experience. Moreover, the two side speakers ensure that you get clear vocals.

Verdict: If you want a 2.1 channel stereo system with two satellite speakers and a subwoofer, the Sharper Image SBT5002 is among the best units. This speaker set can generate a room-filling sound with powerful bass and great musical clarity. Additionally, it gives you a spectacular show with LED colored water fountains.

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10. Best Sound Quality: I-Kool 4 Dancing Water Bluetooth Water Light Speakers

Design: If you would like to experience the thrill of a real water cyclone, then the I-Kool 4 globe-shaped dancing water speaker is for you.

The peculiarity of the speaker is in the multi-color light show it creates in your room, allowing you to get a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

It also features four visually appealing colors, strong Bluetooth connectivity, and a 3.5mm aux input.

Performance: While changing colors as it plays the music, the I-Kool will never disappoint when it comes to sound performance.

Sound-wise, it boasts of a high-fidelity 8-watt audio output with zero distortions or crack-noise. Moreover, the cyclone displays a great show depending on the audio beats, pitch, and volume.

Verdict: At only 69g, the I-Kool dancing water speaker is a lightweight and compact unit with a 1800mAh rechargeable battery to make it highly portable. The speaker delivers great audio performance in indoor and outdoor spaces, but the visual experience is highly enjoyable in areas with limited light. Moreover, this cyclone speaker delivers an amazing audio experience with wired and Bluetooth connections.

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Why Buy Dancing Water Speakers?

While dancing water speakers aren’t the loudest, they not only give an exquisite listening experience but also offers what most speakers can’t offer – unique fun.

Because of that, these innovative speakers are ideal for young music enthusiasts and anyone else who needs a little peace of mind. Here is why a dancing water speaker is worth buying:

  • Entertainment – Bluetooth water light speakers are great for entertainment. With bouncing water bubbles creating a visually stunning performance while delivering good audio performance, the speakers create a fun experience. It changes the way you listen to your music, adding a new entertaining dimension to your experience.
  • Flexibility – Unlike some speakers, dancing water speakers offer a great thrill at any time of the day or night. The speakers are more fun at night, as you can enjoy a clear view of the lights dancing hypnotically as the music plays.
  • Compatibility – Most dancing water speakers on the market are compatible with almost every known modern audio device. You can use the speakers with android and IOs devices, Mp3 players and Bluetooth devices. That means you can comfortably buy without worrying about compatibility issues.
  • They’re great gift ideas – while an ordinary speaker may not seem like an ideal gift for your kid, spouse or friend, dancing water speakers are perfect for special occasions. The speakers not only look elegant and modern, but they also come at an affordable price. They are excellent gift ideas at Christmas time or even Black Friday buys.
  • Style – Bluetooth water light speakers are all about style! Built to create a visually stunning performance, dancing water speaker can match with most interior decorations. The speakers also add a sense of style to your home, giving you a wonderful solo dance for you to relax after the day’s work.


What To Consider When Buying Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers

Just like other types of Bluetooth speakers, there are various brands selling dancing water speakers on the market.

However, not many units can boast of a pleasing performance, durability, and other things you would like to see in your speaker. Here are several factors you may want to consider when shopping for a high-quality dancing water speaker;

  • Price – As earlier revealed, most dancing water speakers are available a price that won’t leave a dent on your account. However, it’s advisable to buy a unit that sits right in your budget, while meeting all your requirements. You can try to compare the prices of different products and their specific feature before picking one.
  • Portability – While the primary goal of a dancing water speaker is to offer an awesome audio-visual experience, it’s nice to have an easily portable unit. That allows you to enjoy the music even when not at home.
  • Functionality – Though dancing water speakers are not the best types of speakers when it comes to booming sound, most are just fine for most people, in fact, you can find a good number of units that sound really great. It’s also nice to have a unit with an inbuilt battery to ensure it lasts for a reasonable duration without being plugged into a socket.
  • Overall Design – Bluetooth water light speakers are all about design, syle and decor. The aesthetic appeal of the speaker depends on individuals taste and sense of style. However, the general design and quality of a speaker may contribute towards the performance, audio quality and durability.
  • Connectivity – With dancing water speakers, there are several ways you can connect them to your audio feed. Most speakers offer USB slots, but it’s also wise to look for a unit that supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity. However, it’s better to have more than one input options.



That’s it, the best dancing water speakers or Bluetooth water light speakers. These speakers are excellent showcases for your home’s decor and will add a truly unique touch to your space while providing excellent music.