Best Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers | 2024

Norvan Martin

After a day’s work, nothing feels better than relaxing at a solo dance party. As you enjoy the beats, the tiredness fades away as you dance to your favorite music.

It’s more fun if the visual display is synchronized with the audio performance.

Dancing water speakers are the best to enjoy a great audio-visual as you drop worries that plague you.

Read on as we explore this fairly new and exciting Bluetooth-dancing water speakers trend.

Top 3 Picks

Best Overall
ART+SOUND Vortex Tornado TWS Bluetooth Speaker, 7...
Best Synchronize Lights
Aolyty Colorful LED Water Speaker with Dancing...
Most Innovative
beFree Sound 2.1 Channel Wireless Multimedia LED...
ART+SOUND Vortex Tornado TWS Bluetooth Speaker, 7...
Aolyty Colorful LED Water Speaker with Dancing...
beFree Sound 2.1 Channel Wireless Multimedia LED...
Best Overall
ART+SOUND Vortex Tornado TWS Bluetooth Speaker, 7...
ART+SOUND Vortex Tornado TWS Bluetooth Speaker, 7...
Best Synchronize Lights
Aolyty Colorful LED Water Speaker with Dancing...
Aolyty Colorful LED Water Speaker with Dancing...
Most Innovative
beFree Sound 2.1 Channel Wireless Multimedia LED...
beFree Sound 2.1 Channel Wireless Multimedia LED...

What Is a Bluetooth Dancing Water Speaker?


Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers

Bluetooth water dancing speakers or Bluetooth water light speakers are innovative units designed to play music to a colorful water show.

The speakers create the illusion of dancing water while the music plays, adding to the visual appeal.

They also feature colorful LED lights that create a little party in your room. So you enjoy the spectacle of dancing water and an LED speaker all in one!

The speaker dances with the beats, creating a unique visual treat.

The water in these speakers creates bubbles that move with the music. The colorful lights add to the glamour. You can connect it to various music gadgets like MP3 & MP4 players, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Considering the above factors, we’ve gathered a list of the top 10 Bluetooth dancing water speakers from hundreds of the best units in the market.

We took a lot of time to review every speaker by taking a keen look at its features, outlining its pros, and noting its cons while preparing the list below:

Design: Art & Sound Vortex Tornado is a 5 x 5 x 15 inches sleek speaker designed for home and outdoors. The speaker’s portable design ensures that it stands stable at its pace at all times. Moreover, it allows you to carry the audio device anywhere you go. 

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This 1.1-pound speaker also has seven LED light patterns and an audio auxiliary. For this device to operate, you need one lithium-ion battery. 

Performance: This LED light speaker provides quality stereo sound and clear bass. 

Verdict:They are ideal for improving the aesthetic value of your home or outdoors. You can add water that can woo you with stunning water visuals for hours of non-stop playtime.

Design: The BeFree BFS-33X is a sleek and innovative unit with a dedicated subwoofer and a twin satellite speaker.

BeFree BFS-33X 2.1 Dancing Water Speakers

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It has a striking bright light in a dancing water display and a 2.1 channel setup that connects to your audio devices through Bluetooth and AUX input. The speaker features durable plastic material and simple controls for personalization.

Performance: Compared to other smaller dancing water speakers on the list, the BFS-33X sounds much better.

It delivers punchy bass, clean highs, and detailed mids while creating a mesmerizing light show with about 20 colorful water jets. The water fountains only work when the volume exceeds 20%.

Verdict: These speakers have a sleek and modern design, making them perfect for creating an appealing show in your home.

The subwoofer and satellite speakers of the BFS-33X come with acrylic water chambers and can deliver a delightful performance. Only one device can connect via Bluetooth at a time, and you’ll

also need to crank up the volume for the water jets to work.

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Design: An attractive floor-standing water speaker, the Electronics NHS-2009 has a tower design and a Bluetooth speaker system.

It features an elegant water fountain at the top, with light effects responding to the audio tone and volume. The speaker must be plugged into an AC/DC power source to play.

Performance: with an inbuilt FM radio and two high-performance audio drivers, the NHS-2009 gives you a pleasant full-range audio performance.

The speaker also has a remote control panel using the latest technology to give you a seamless operation experience. Moreover, the speaker offers an unparalleled visual experience.

Verdict: Naxa Electronics provides unrivaled consumer electronics at a reasonable price. The NHS-2009 shows the company’s dedication and commitment to delivering high-performance speakers. Its design and performance embrace innovative technology. However, it may not be ideal for outdoor settings.

Water Speakers With Subwoofer

There are several water speakers with subwoofers in the market today. Yet, finding the best of them can be challenging. Here are some of the speakers you can try: 

  1. Led Light Dancing Water Speakers Fountain Music

These speakers work best with desktops and laptops and can be USB powered. Powered by DC 5 V or computer USB, the two water dance speakers can be adapted to all devices, including mobile phone speakers and TV speakers.

They have an in-built power amplifier and intelligent decoding chips that make the sound incredible and beautiful.

  1. Aolyty colorful LED water speaker

This speaker comes in an exclusive loudspeaker box with unique LED display light of a water fountain design.

Aolyty Colorful LED Water Speaker with Dancing...
  • Exclusive loudspeaker box unique LED display light of water fountain design, show you a fantastic colorful...
  • The water fountain jets are controlled by your speaker's volume and create an amazing visual effect with water...
  • Our amplifier speakers have high fidelity and good bass, can bring clear and real sound no matter what you...

The fountain jets create a unique visual effect and are controlled by the speaker’s volume. 

  1. NAXA electronics NHS-1009 dancing water light tower speaker system

This floor-standing or tabletop speaker is recommended for smartphones or tablets and is Bluetooth-enabled.

It also comes with a radio, which is a unique feature. 

  1. beFree Sound Multimedia Sound

This is a reactive color-changing LED and dancing Bluetooth-enabled water speaker. 

beFree Sound Multimedia Sound Reactive Color...
  • Each Speaker Measures in at : 10" in Height by 3.25" in Width by 3.25" in Depth
  • Includes: pair of water speakers, USB power cable. 3.5mm audio cable and speaker connector
  • Modes: AUX, Bluetooth

  1. Sharper Image Bluetooth Wireless Dancing Water Speaker

The wireless speaker has a multicolored LED light and a battery that lasts up to 4 hours.

Sharper Image Bluetooth Wireless Dancing Water...
  • The Dancing Water Speaker by Sharper Image is not just a speaker-- it’s the highlight of the party.
  • This water speaker has multicolored LED lights, which illuminate water spouts that pulsate to the beat of your...
  • The result is an astounding light show which provides endless entertainment every time the speaker is used.

Besides the Bluetooth feature, the speaker has a small footprint for placement and portability. It is rechargeable, ensuring you can continue your party. 

Soundsoul Water Dancing Speakers

Soundsoul produces dancing water speakers with a futuristic design. The Craig Electronics CMA3574 Water Dancing speaker is one key speaker, and it comes with four-colored LED lights and excellent sound quality. 

Other speaker models in this category from Soundsoul include:

  • The Soundsoul Dancing water speakers are small and lightweight, making them ideal for traveling. 
  • Soundsoul huge water speakers – the latest in this category is the Water Fountain LED speakers. 
  • SoundOriginal 6 Watt Dancing water – these speakers are like the previous version. They are slightly heavier, and each speaker comes with different LEDs. 
  • Fantastic speakers – these speakers are compatible with a wide range of devices. Although they have similar features to the giant water speakers, they are smaller. 
  • Dancing water stereo speakers 
  • Water dancing speaker
  • Stoga ST81 wireless 
  • Dancing water speakers 
  • Soundsoul music fountain amplifier 

Digital Energy Dancing Water Speakers

These speakers are compatible with any audio device with 3.5mm stereo audio, such as computers and smartphones, and sound is so good.

They come in pairs and can be used as car speakers too. The dancing water jets are glamorous and will be an incredible companion, especially before bedtime. 

Dancing Water Speakers Instructions

You can find the right dancing water speaker instructions when you read the supplied owner’s manual. If you follow them, you’ll appreciate why they are the best option to decorate your home. 

No matter how you follow the instructions, you are less likely to achieve Hi-Fi sound quality. Regular speakers often outdo these specialized options when it comes to sound quality.

How to Fill Dancing Water Speakers

To fill your dancing waters speakers successfully, you should: 

  1. Unplug the USB cable to power the dancing water speakers.
  1. Use your screwdriver to remove the screws you can see on the speakers’ back. 
  1. Slide the bottom piece of the speaker from the water canister and then set the canister’s bottom facing up.
  1. Go to the hole where the water was inserted into the canister’s bottom. Remove the black plug covering it. Refill your speakers with only one inch of water.
  1. Superglue the hole shut and then allow it some time to dry up.
  1. Slide the speaker back to its original position. Insert the screws and repeat steps 2 through six on the next dancing water speaker.

Have you followed this guide faithfully up this step? If so, your water dancing speakers have been refilled and are ready for use. You can repeat the same steps in the future when you want to fill it in again and improve your entertainment experience.

Why Buy Dancing Water Speakers?

While dancing water speakers aren’t the loudest, they give an exquisite listening experience and offer what most speakers can’t provide – unique fun.

Because of that, these innovative speakers are ideal for young music enthusiasts and anyone who needs a little peace of mind. Here is why a dancing water speaker is worth buying:


Bluetooth water light speakers are great for entertainment. With bouncing water bubbles creating a visually stunning performance while delivering good audio performance, the speakers make a fun experience.

It changes how you listen to your music, adding a new entertaining dimension to your experience.


Unlike some speakers, dancing water speakers offer an incredible thrill at any time of the day or night.

The speakers are more fun at night, as you can enjoy a clear view of the lights dancing as the music plays.


Most dancing water speakers on the market are compatible with almost every known modern audio device.

You can use the speakers with Android and IOs devices, MP3 players, and Bluetooth devices. That means you can buy without worrying about compatibility issues.

They’re great gift ideas.

These dancing water speakers are perfect for special occasions.

The speakers not only look elegant and modern, but they also come at an affordable price, and they are excellent gift ideas for Christmas or even Black Friday buys.


Bluetooth water light speakers are all about style! Built to create a stunning performance, the dancing water speaker can match most interior decorations.

The speakers also add a sense of style to your home, giving you a fantastic solo dance to relax after the day’s work.

What To Consider When Buying Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers

Like other Bluetooth speakers, various brands sell dancing water speakers on the market.

However, only some units can boast good performance, durability, and other things you want to see in your speaker. Here are several factors you may want to consider when shopping for a high-quality dancing water speaker;


As earlier revealed, most dancing water speakers are available at a price that won’t leave a dent in your account.

Buying a unit that sits right in your budget while meeting all your requirements is advisable. You can compare the prices of different products and their specific feature before picking one.


While the primary goal of a dancing water speaker is to offer an incredible audio-visual experience, it’s nice to have a portable unit. That allows you to enjoy the music even when not at home.


Though dancing water speakers are not the best for booming sound, most are fine for most people; you can find many great units.

It’s also nice to have a unit with an inbuilt battery to ensure it lasts for a reasonable duration without being plugged into a socket.

Overall Design

Bluetooth water light speakers are all about design, style, and decor. The aesthetic appeal of the speaker depends on individual taste and a sense of style.

However, a speaker’s general design and quality may contribute to performance, audio quality, and durability.


With dancing water speakers, there are several ways you can connect them to your audio feed. Most speakers offer USB slots, but looking for a unit that supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity is also wise. However, it’s better to have more than one input option.


The Bluetooth Water Speaker may be linked to another Bluetooth Water Speaker or another speaker. Under Bluetooth or AUX Mode, insert the small USB end of the Line-out cable into the speaker’s mini USB to AUX slot and the other end into the AUX slot of another speaker or audio device.

4. How do you charge water speakers?

To charge, connect the included USB cable to the USB port on your Water Speaker. Connect the USB cable’s other end to a USB port on your computer or a 5V 1A USB wall charger.


These speakers are excellent showcases for your home’s decor and will add a truly unique touch to your space while providing excellent music.

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