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When it comes to picking out a Bluetooth speaker to keep in your home, functionality and performance are important, but who cares if it looks so freakin’ cool, right? No, not really. Performance should always be the most important thing, but sometimes you want something that is aesthetically pleasing too. You want a Bluetooth speaker that can both bring the noise and that will be a showpiece for your home. While many Bluetooth speaker models sound great, not all designs will blow you out of the water visually. So if you are still looking for an awesome speaker that is a treat for the eyes, give these five options a look over.

Airmate Wireless Speaker and LED Color Ball

The Airmate Color Ball is one of the more out there examples of how cool a Bluetooth speaker can look. Essentially, this speaker’s color ball exterior can be anything you want it to be. The colors can dance to a beat, rotate a rainbow hue, or even just sit a solid color if you want it to. However, typically with speakers like this, they look great, but don’t perform the best. So how does it stack up?

While the bass is left wanting through its tiny, tiny subwoofers, the real downfall of the Airmate is that it only has a Bluetooth range of about 10 feet, so you can’t walk all over your house with your music device in your pocket. However, it does come with a respectable 10 hour battery life and some pretty good sound clarity. However, as it is not waterproof and doesn’t have the same protective casing as other speaker models, this is definitely an indoor-only sort of speaker.

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Gadget Cool Triangle

If you want a triangular shape, you have a few Bluetooth speaker options to choose from, but mostly they are in long brick form. The Gadget.Cool model comes in a short compact form that becomes the perfect wedge. The suction cups on the top adds for an extra piece of visual interest, but don’t be fooled, they aren’t for sticking to walls. Definitely don’t do that. They are really for holding your phone in place. However, while that might suggest a limited range, it does also feature 32 feet of Bluetooth range, which is pretty standard for most models.

For its size, the triangle produces decent bass and great sound quality, but the volume of it could be better. However, for its low price, it gives an admirable performance.

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AXESS Speaker With Dancing Lights

AXESS has been a pretty reliable Bluetooth speaker brand for awhile, especially for people that like to travel with their speakers. The cylinder shape of the AXESS makes it excellent for carrying and the shape actually lends to its fantastic should quality. However, this particular model comes with the fun added benefit of having dancing LED lights on the end so that you can turn on the party wherever you take it.

With the AXESS you can use both Bluetooth and an aux-in jack. The major benefit of choosing the AXESS over any other cool-looking speaker is its performance. Its sound quality is good like other models, but the benefit of the AXESS is absolutely stunning bass that makes it a good option for outdoor parties as well as filling your home with rich sound. However, one unfortunate downside is that it will not play music while charging, so you can’t just set it on a shelf and leave it plugged in.

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Karnotech Cube

This beautiful cub looks like it is ready to transform into something else at anytime. However, its cube shape and tiny package make it highly portable while still being visually pleasing. However, many Bluetooth aficionados may think that performance may be compromised by its small design. While it doesn’t feature the bass of other models (like AXESS), it does have some great sound clarity and the best part is that this little cube can get super loud. Unfortunately, max volume does compromise sound quality, but even at moderate volumes, this is a speaker that you can hear throughout the house.

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Music Angel Levitating Speaker

So what is the coolest looking Bluetooth speaker? Naturally, it is those amazing looking levitating ones. Levitating ball speakers like the Music Angel are one of those models that you might not really care how well it works because you will never find a cooler centerpiece for a coffee table or a fireplace mantle.

While the sound won’t blow you away, it does deliver it in excellent surround sound with great clarity, but unfortunately the volume won’t go much past satisfying a single room. However, one of the major issues with these models is that they can be surprisingly hard to get to levitate. However, if you are willing to put the effort in, you have a visually appealing speaker that will be the constant source of conversation.

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