Which Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is Right for You?


Remember when “ruggedized” and “waterproof” looked like a device that belonged in a military vehicle?  Actually, I remember when I was in the military and we used to get ruggedized equipment.  It was always OD green, square, heavy and had rubber cabs on all holes and openings.  They were fugly. But…what about something like Bluetooth […]

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Best Bluetooth Headphones for Working Out UNDER $50

  If you’re not looking to make a fashion statement and go to the gym or for a run with those large, round speakers on each ear then this is the page you’re looking.  If you refuse to go to the gym looking like you have a hi-tech Princess Leia, bun-on-each-side, haircut then this is […]

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How Loud Can Bluetooth Speakers Get

If you are looking to find a set of the  on the market, then this is the review for you. The search for the loudest speakers has been narrowed down to a few different portable types including the larger varieties, ultra-portable and your traditional portable speakers. It’s important to mention that the loudness of a […]

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