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(SOLVED) Whining Noise From Speakers When Accelerating

As a car enthusiast or traveler, nothing ruins an enjoyable road trip like hearing distracting, whining noises from speakers when

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(SOLVED) Phone Speaker Crackling After Water Damage

One of the most common phone-prone damage is water damage, especially for phones without water resistance.  The cracking sound coming

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7 Best Cooling Fans for Your Car Amp – 2024

Amplifiers can produce so much heat, that they can easily overheat and stop working. To prevent this, amp manufacturers design

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Amp Overheating: Causes and Solutions

Picture this, you're cruising down the freeway in your car, vibing to your favorite music, when your amplifier abruptly shuts

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(SOLVED) Car Speakers Making Static Noise When Radio Is Off

Whenever a car audio system produces unwanted sounds such as popping, static, and buzzing noises it ruins the listening experience.

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The Best Equalizer Settings For A Car With A Subwoofer

Your car audio system should enhance your driving experience, and equalizer settings a crucial component of that. Subwoofers play such

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(SOLVED) Car Radio Only Works In Accessory Mode

Car radios are an integral component of the driving experience, providing entertainment and information to drivers and passengers. However, sometimes

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Speaker Engine Noise Causes and Fixes

Aftermarket amplifiers, speakers, and other car audio equipment are always at risk of developing issues that affect audio clarity. Engine

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How To Fix Alternator Whine In Speakers

Noise in your car's audio system can have many different causes, but the alternator is a common culprit. Car alternator

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The Best 4 12 Inch Subwoofer Box Dimensions Enclosure Design

A 4 12 inch subwoofer box is a speaker enclosure designed to hold four 12-inch subwoofers. In other words, it

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How Long Can I Listen To The Radio With My Car Off?

Listening to the radio while parked somewhere is a common activity for most people. However, it raises the question -

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Best 7 Round Bluetooth Speakers – 2024

Looking for some incredible Bluetooth speakers? You are at the right spot! There are a plethora of Bluetooth speakers to

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