Speaker Resonant Frequency

Speaker Resonant Frequency

Every speaker only produces sound within a given range of sound frequency as per the designer’s specifications. If check the specs of most speakers,...
marantz vs onkyo

Marantz Vs Onkyo: Which Brand Is Better?

Marantz and Onkyo are two iconic audio brands that have a lot in common. This means it's often difficult to divide between them when...
sonos vs definitive technology

Sonos Vs Definitive Technology: Which Brand Is Better?

Wireless streaming services like Pandora Internet radio and Spotify are very popular nowadays. However, it can be difficult to choose the right wireless multiroom...
Klipsch vs Boston Acoustics

Klipsch vs Boston Acoustics

Some of the best speakers on the market are from the age-long manufacturers - Klipsch and Boston Acoustics. You may be wondering whether to...
bose vs definitive technology

Bose vs Definitive Technology: Which Brand Is Better?

The audio industry has continued to evolve with increased research in sound engineering. Bose and Definitive Technology have both contributed to this development to...
sonos vs denon heos which is better

Sonos Vs Heos – Is Sonos Better Than Heos?

Sonos and Heos by Denon are popular choices for multiroom systems, by offering the ability to easily customize audio over WiFi, but which option...
How To Use Bose Speakers With Other Receivers

How To Use Bose Speakers With Other Receivers

Bose speakers are popular among music lovers because they are great-sounding speakers. However, can any brand receiver, sub/bass module work well with Bose speakers...
Can I Connect A Passive Subwoofer To A Receiver

Can I Connect A Passive Subwoofer To A Receiver?

Wiring a powered subwoofer to a receiver is quite easy. However, what if you have a passive subwoofer? Can you connect a passive subwoofer...
Satellite Speakers Vs. Bookshelf Speakers

Satellite Speakers Vs. Bookshelf Speakers-Which One Should You Buy?

One of the most common questions our readers ask us is, "which should I buy, satellite or bookshelf speakers?"  Before we answer this question,...
powered speakers vs powered mixers

Powered Mixer vs Powered Speakers

In the world of public address systems, you’ll usually hear the terms "powered mixer" and "powered speakers". Both are active PA audio devices. Read...
2 Way Vs 3 Way Speakers

2 Way Vs 3 Way Speakers For Home Theater Systems

If you shopping for PA loudspeakers or even studio monitors, there is a chances that you have come across the term 2-way or 3-way...
how to connect a laptop to an amplifier and speakers

How To Connect A Laptop To A Amplifier And Speakers

If you own a laptop, there is a high chance that the laptop speakers cannot fulfill your need for amazing sound. Adding a stereo receiver...


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