Best Wireless Speaker Kits to Buy

10 Best Wireless Speaker Kits to Buy in 2020

While wireless speakers are convenient when streaming music, they'll never be as powerful as the best-wired speakers on the market. For this reason, most of...
Best Gift Ideas for Every Audiophile Dad

10 Best Gift Ideas for Every Audiophile Dad

Whether it's his birthday or Father's Day, it's time to show dad just how much you care. What better way to do so than...
Charge Bluetooth Speaker Without Charger

How To Charge A Bluetooth Speaker Without A Charger

Most of us always have our phones on us, however, you won't always have a charger at hand. So what do you do when...
klipsch vs kef

Klipsch vs KEF Speakers – Which Is Better For Home Theaters?

Klipsch and KEF are well-known brands of speakers loved for decades world over. The question around Klipsch vs kef bookshelf speakers has been a...
car speaker brands

10 Best Speaker Brands For Cars

Do you want to upgrade your car’s sound system? Not only is raising the quality of your audio components very easy, but it also...
best bulldog speakers

5 Best Bulldog Speakers In 2020

It's always interesting to see the types of speakers people buy as gifts. One such speaker is the bulldog speaker. These make excellent gifts...
Offroad Speakers for UTVs

Best Offroad Bluetooth Speakers for UTVs and ATVs

Whether you are on your side-by-side, UTV or ATV, having sturdy build off-road Bluetooth speakers will bring an exhilarating vibe. Off-road entertainment should be a...
Bluetooth Speakers with Touch Screen

5 Best Bluetooth Speakers With Touch Screen

In the modern world, speaker knobs are a thing of the past. We demand that our devices are touch-capable and Bluetooth speakers are no...
Bluetooth Golf Cart Speakers

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Golf Cart Speakers

Music has an essential part to play in your everyday life as a golfer. Many people who know this often play golf as they...
Miswiring DC Offset Error In Kenwood and Other Stereos

SOLVED: Fixes For Miswiring DC Offset Error In Kenwood and Other Stereos

If only your car stereo had human feelings to respond to yours, it would have been easier to fix immediately whenever issues arose. For...

Best AC Powered Bluetooth Speakers

How are most Bluetooth speakers powered? Most use batteries. However how much power can batteries really provide? And, keeping in mind that the power...
best dj amplifiers for bass

Best DJ Amplifiers for Bass

If you are a DJ, then you know that a sound system that is not using punchy and strong bass will kill your game...



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