Do Bluetooth Speakers Use Data?

bluetooth headset

Do Bluetooth Speakers Use Data? (Does Bluetooth Use Data?) There are several occasions wherein just before you turn on your Bluetooth, you pause, and a gush of anxiety rushes over you as you wonder will this use my data? You wonder to yourself, does Bluetooth use data? It’s a question that is asked regularly for […]

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Top 4 Earplug Headphones To Protect Your Ears

earplug headphones

If you are someone who is required to wear hearing protection but want to listen to music at the same time, grab some coffee and read along… If you work in a loud environment such as a factory or power plant, you surely know the importance of hearing protection. In fact, hearing protection is not […]

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Most Durable Bluetooth Speaker

Most Durable: Don’t be deceived by its sleek and fashionable design, the UE Boom 2 only looks like it should stay indoors. In fact, its portable and eye-pleasing design is both durable and gives a great performance. Due to its design, the UE BOOM 2 gives off the loudest 360-degree sound on the market in […]

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Best Gaming And Surround Sound Bluetooth Speakers

3 Best Bluetooth Options for Gaming and Surround Sound While most serious games will opt for a great pair of Bluetooth headphones for gaming, there’s really nothing quite like filling a room with the sound of your current gaming love affair with an awesome Bluetooth speaker.  Whether that’s the “pew, pew, pew” or rapid machine […]

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Amazon Echo v. Tap v. Dot – Choosing the Right Alexa-Enabled Bluetooth Speaker

The Amazon tap vs echo vs dot

It has been long enough since the first introduction of Amazon’s home Bluetooth speaker-housed, cloud-based virtual assistant Alexa that looking in to it is no longer “jumping on the bandwagon.”  An act that might, if the Samsung Galaxy S7 has taught us anything, literally burst into flames in our face. That’s the problem with the […]

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Top 10 Flat Bluetooth Speakers

10 Bluetooth Speakers So Flat and Small They Can Fit in Your Pocket If you are someone who is always listening to music on the go, whether you are a hiker, cyclist, biker, marathon runner or similar, you need a Bluetooth speaker that is portable, durable and reliable. You need a small, flat Bluetooth speaker […]

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HUGE Amazon Black Friday Deals: Bluetooth Speakers,

So, I just got done looking at the Electronics and Home & Audion Deals on Amazon for this Black Friday and Holidays.  Let me tell you:  “WOW”.  I’ve seen speakers and audio equipment with sales up to 69% and 72% off!  Quality speakers, folks. I’m sure that it goes without saying that there is MUCH, […]

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5 Coolest-Looking, High Performing Bluetooth Speakers

When it comes to picking out a Bluetooth speaker to keep in your home, functionality and performance are important, but who cares if it looks so freakin’ cool, right? No, not really. Performance should always be the most important thing, but sometimes you want something that is aesthetically pleasing too. You want a Bluetooth speaker […]

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