Acoustic Speaker Cloth : The Complete Guide

speaker cloth

Acoustic Speaker Grill Cloth (Speaker Cloth) Speakers are a valuable part of your sound system and you always want them to maintain a high level of clarity, throughout their useful life. However, they tend to easily get damaged by dust and other contaminants around your house. With acoustic speaker cloth, you can protect the most […]

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How To Stop Static In Speakers

static in speakers

A speaker is a device that converts electricity into sound. So, if you plug your speaker into a wall outlet or you power it using batteries, the speaker will convert electricity from those sources to sound. However, speakers also pick up unwanted electrical signals from the environment which are also converted into sound. This is […]

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The Complete Guide To Soundproof Curtains

soundproof curtains

When most people think of soundproofing a room, they think of installing soundproof windows and multiple layers of sound absorption sheets and sound blankets. Yet, one of the simplest and least expensive ways to soundproof a room is using soundproof curtains (sound reducing curtains). Soundproof curtains offer a number of advantages, they are easy to […]

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What Does RMS Stand for in Speakers?

If you are keen on reading the specifications for audio speakers, then you’ll likely come across the term RMS, which stands for Root Mean Square. This normally raises the question, what does rms stand for? RMS, Root Mean Square is a term used to rate a speaker’s capability in handling audio signal power. Root Mean […]

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What Does PPU Mean on Craigslist? – All Meanings

What Does PPU Mean on Craigslist?

In a world of advanced technology, it is common to use acronyms during communication. Whether it’s a simple “LOL” (Laugh Out Loud) or “ASAP” (As Soon As Possible)), acronyms have been and will continue to be part of our communication. You have surely seen acronyms in classified ads and may be confused by the meanings. […]

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