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What is a Full range Speaker?

When buying a speaker, you will mostly have to choose between regular and full range speakers. Regular speakers have multiple

Norvan Martin Norvan Martin 12 Min Read

Klipsch vs Polk – Which Brand Is Better? (The Truth)

If you have the chance to choose between a Polk and Klipsch speaker, you may find yourself battling with a

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How To Connect External Speakers To A TV Without Audio Output

So you just bought a brand new 55" 4K Samsung Smart TV. It has amazing features and looks quite elegant

Norvan Martin Norvan Martin 12 Min Read

6 Best Vintage Bookshelf Speakers In 2024

Bookshelf speakers are some of the best indoor speakers you can find in terms of performance, aesthetics, durability, and overall

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Top 5 Best Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers 2024

If you want to bring your music to the beach, lake, or pool, you should bring a waterproof speaker. But,

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Top 15 Biggest and Best DJs in the World | 2024

When you think of the greatest and best DJs at work right now, who do you think of? Names such

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How to Connect TVs to Speakers or Stereo Systems

Though most TV comes with inbuilt speakers, the sound quality doesn’t necessarily match your desire to enjoy high-quality surround sound.

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7 Best High Resolution Music Download Sites 2024

We are all music lovers here, and in this day and age, we only listen hi defined music. While sites

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Why Do Speakers Have Magnets?

Speakers have magnets because magnets create an opposing magnetic field which results in vibrations which are the sounds we hear.

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Acoustic Cloth For Speakers : The Complete Guide

Speakers are a valuable part of your sound system and you always want them to maintain a high level of

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Sound Baffles DIY – How to Build Your Own Sound Baffles

If you own a gym, recording studio, or any kind of space that is always noisy, then you will agree

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How To Quickly Stop Static In Speakers

Speakers sometimes pick up unwanted electrical signals from the environment which are also converted into sound. This is referred to

Norvan Martin Norvan Martin 15 Min Read