Does YouTube Video Support Surround Sound

Does YouTube Video Support Surround Sound?

Whether YouTube video support surround sound is a common question among YouTube enthusiasts. If you want to listen to audio or stream live video...
FLAC Compression Levels Explained

FLAC Compression Levels Explained and Compared

Let's say you have a new music system and you want to rip all your music to FLAC to take advantage of your high-quality...

AAC vs OGG – Which Format is Better?

If you use Apple Music and Spotify, you've likely come across the AAC and OGG file formats. These file formats are used for online...

FLAC vs AAC – Which Is Better?

If you work with music files frequently, including streaming files, CD files and so on, you will likely come across FLAC and AAC. So,...
320kbps vs FLAC

320kbps vs FLAC – Which Is Better?

A common question that pops up when discussing 320kbps vs FLAC is can you hear a noticeable improvement in audio quality when listening to...

FLAC vs AIFF – What Is The Difference?

FLAC and AIFF are two very common audio file compression formats that you will likely come across if you're a music lover. However, what...


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