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(SOLVED) Why Does My Headset Echo On Xbox One

Playing a game on Xbox is a great way to relieve stress, but sometimes it can be frustrating when you

Norvan Martin Norvan Martin 9 Min Read

How To Connect A PS4/XBox To A Monitor Without Speakers

Gaming is an extremely enjoyable pastime that brings people from around the globe together in one immersive experience. But to

Norvan Martin Norvan Martin 7 Min Read

Voicemeeter Can’t Hear Anything

Gamers and Youtubers speak and play music via their microphones simultaneously. Have you ever wondered how they do that? Most

Norvan Martin Norvan Martin 9 Min Read

Stereo vs Surround for Gaming, Which is Better?

If you’re a serious gamer, choosing the right sound system is without a doubt one of your top priorities. You

Norvan Martin Norvan Martin 12 Min Read

7 Best Gaming Chairs With Speakers 2024 (For Serious Gamers!)

In this review and guide, we introduce the best gaming chairs with speakers that have excellent features, are known to

Norvan Martin Norvan Martin 32 Min Read

Best Bluetooth Gaming Headsets With Microphone

If you are a gamer, you have enough wires to contend with without throwing a headset into the mix. However,

Norvan Martin Norvan Martin 8 Min Read