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Where Does The Remote Wire Go On A Car Stereo?

Are you messing around with your car stereo harness trying to figure out where each wire should go? In this

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7 Best Panasonic CD Stereo Systems With CD Changer – 2024

Panasonic stereo systems have been some of the most popular stereo systems for decades. While they aren't as popular now,

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Best Car Stereos and Head Units in 2024

This piece focuses on the five best car head units you can consider for your vehicle. The type of head

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How To Setup HPF On Your Pioneer Stereo

High Pass Frequency is majorly used for tweeters and speakers. Creating a good balance between the frequencies sent to the

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Car Radio Keeps Turning On and Off By Itself (SOLVED)

If your car stereo keeps turning on and off repeatedly, you won't be able to enjoy your music without the

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Kenwood Faceplate Display Not Working (Quick Fix)

There are many Kenwood branded stereos with a removable front faceplate panel. Over time, as it is removed and reconnected,

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How to Reset Kenwood Car Stereo (Easy)

Kenwood is an excellent brand for car stereos. Most of their stereo systems are very powerful. This is why they

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How To Connect Your Amp Remote Wire To Your Fuse Box

In cases where the remote wire on your stereo head unit is not working or if you are using a

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How to Set HPF And LPF on a Car Stereo Receiver

If you want to route certain frequency ranges to specific speakers connected directly to the head unit, some car audio

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Kenwood vs JVC – Which Brand Is Better?

The name Kenwood JVC is very popular in the car stereo market. However, it has also led to some confusion.

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Car Speaker Not Working On One Side (Fixes)

Car speakers tend to break or wear out over time. That’s especially true considering the kind of low-quality OE (original

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Best Bluetooth Car Stereos With Backup Camera | 2024

With technological advancements in the automotive industry, most new cars have a backup camera as a standard feature. However, older

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