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Pioneer Receiver Volume Control Problems and Fixes

Pioneer receivers are well-known audio devices from Pioneer, made with high standards in audio technology. However, just like any other

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The Best Vintage Speakers for Vintage Receivers 2024

Getting the right speaker to match your receiver and deliver a high-quality sound experience has become much easier today than

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How To Bypass Protection Mode On My Sony Receiver

Sony receiver protector errors are designed to protect your amplifier components in the event of electrical issues such as short

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How to Connect Two Receivers Together

If your speakers are power-hungry and your receiver is struggling to provide enough power or if you have more speakers

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AV Receivers Vs Separates – Which One Is Better?

It's a common question in AV forums all over the internet - which is better, AV receivers or separates? Ask

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How To Connect Your Wireless Speakers To Your Receiver

Over the years, speakers have improved to a great degree, with more advanced technology and smart engineering. One such advancement

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How To Connect Your Powered Speakers To A Receiver

A receiver is a must-have component in your audio system if you expect to enjoy a solid audio performance in

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Best AV Receivers For 4 Ohm Speakers | 2024

Low-impedance 4-ohm speakers need a powerful amplifier, making them extremely difficult to match with AV receivers. That is so because

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Can I Use 4 Ohm Speakers With My AV Receiver or Power Amp?

You can use 4 ohm speakers with your AV receiver or modern power amp at low volumes without any issue.

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Connecting Your TV To External Speakers Without A Receiver

Let's face it, built-in TV speakers just aren't good enough to create an immersive cinematic experience. To enjoy your system's

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How to Fix a Blown Channel on a Receiver

When setting up a home theater, you need a receiver with two or more channels to create your desired cinematic

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Denon vs Marantz – Which Brand Is Better? (The Truth)

Denon and Marantz are known for delivering high-fidelity professional and consumer-grade audio equipment, especially AV receivers. It can be hard

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