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How to Connect Passive Speakers to an Amplifier

Passive speakers are good choices for outdoor events such as concert grounds as they can save audio technicians time when

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Do You Need An Amplifier For In-Ceiling Speakers?

If you're trying to create the ultimate home theater system with complete and immersive surround sound, you're most likely considering

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What Is A Monoblock Amplifier? (Monoblock Vs. Stereo Amps)

Monoblock amplifiers and stereo amplifiers are popular choices among car audio enthusiasts who wish to get the most from their

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How To Wire Two 8 Ohm Speakers To Equal 8 Ohms

It is generally not possible to wire two 8 ohm speakers to equal 8 ohms. In other words, it is

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How To Hook Up Two Amps With One RCA Jack Each

Hooking up two amplifiers with a single RCA is a simple way to connect additional speakers and improve the overall

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How To Connect Passive Subwoofers To 2 Channel Stereo Amplifiers

If you are looking to connect passive subwoofers to your existing home theater setup, then we have all the detailed

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How to Make Subwoofers Louder Without an Amplifier

If you like loud music and powerful bass like many of us, you may be considering buying a high-quality amplifier.

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Pre Out vs Line Out And When To Use Each One

If you’ve done any sort of home theatre setup, then you’ve likely seen pre out or line out on your

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Can You Connect Powered Speakers to An Amplifier?

Can you connect powered speakers to an amplifier or can you use active speakers with an amplifier? Technically yes, you

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Best DJ Amplifiers for Bass | 2024

If you are a DJ, you know that a sound system that does not use punchy and strong bass will

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Car Speaker Not Working On One Side (Fixes)

Car speakers tend to break or wear out over time. That’s especially true considering the kind of low-quality OE (original

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SOLVED: Amp Goes into Protect Mode When Volume is Turned Up

It's so strange that your amp goes into protect mode when the volume is turned up. Nothing can be as

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