Amazon Echo v. Tap v. Dot – Choosing the Right Alexa-Enabled Bluetooth Speaker

The Amazon tap vs echo vs dot

It has been long enough since the first introduction of Amazon’s home Bluetooth speaker-housed, cloud-based virtual assistant Alexa that looking in to it is no longer “jumping on the bandwagon.”  An act that might, if the Samsung Galaxy S7 has taught us anything, literally burst into flames in our face. That’s the problem with the […]

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8 Bluetooth Speakers So Small They Can Fit in Your Pocket

  There are Bluetooth speakers and there are small Bluetooth speakers. The advent of Bluetooth technology was the advent of portable sound, from speakers at least. So you don’t need to be carrying a Bluetooth speaker the size of your 1980’s boombox on your shoulder anymore. While often a large package features a little more […]

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Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running

Anyone into fitness knows how a good playlist can completely change your workout. However, no one knows the importance of an energizing playlist more than those who run. Rhythmic beats, deep bass, and even uplifting lyrics can be the perfect motivation to push further. However, runners also know the importance of good Bluetooth headphones, or […]

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Top 5 Bluetooth Shower Speakers


  Some Bluetooth speaker owners like to have a speaker that sits on a shelf in the most used room of their house. Other owners like to have a speaker that they can take outside and it can withstand all the rolls and tumbles in their active life. However, I don’t care who you are, […]

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5 Best WiFi Speakers for the House (Not Bluetooth)

One of, if not the only, great thing about a series of WiFi speakers as opposed to multiple Bluetooth speakers is that they hook up straight to the home internet system as opposed to having to rely on a computer, phone, or tablet. This is especially helpful when, say, you normally use one device (phone) […]

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HUGE Amazon Black Friday Deals: Bluetooth Speakers,

So, I just got done looking at the Electronics and Home & Audion Deals on Amazon for this Black Friday and Holidays.  Let me tell you:  “WOW”.  I’ve seen speakers and audio equipment with sales up to 69% and 72% off!  Quality speakers, folks. I’m sure that it goes without saying that there is MUCH, […]

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5 Coolest-Looking, High Performing Bluetooth Speakers

When it comes to picking out a Bluetooth speaker to keep in your home, functionality and performance are important, but who cares if it looks so freakin’ cool, right? No, not really. Performance should always be the most important thing, but sometimes you want something that is aesthetically pleasing too. You want a Bluetooth speaker […]

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Are Bose Bluetooth Speakers Worth The Huge Price Tag?

Even before the advent of Bluetooth, Bose speakers were counted among the Ferrari of speakers, not just for their performance, but for the huge price tag that came with it. However, in the Bluetooth speaker world, there are now a lot of brands that rival the performance of Bose with only a fraction of the […]

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Most Powerful Bluetooth Speakers – 5 Portable Speakers With the Best Bass

For some people, a speaker is a speaker. If it plays sound, it works just fine, but those really serious about their sound will search for the most powerful bluetooth speakers rather than just grabbing whatever looks best. Not all Bluetooth speakers reach the same volume or sound quality, but where they tend to vary most […]

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Loud and Rugged: The 5 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Outdoor Use

Best portable Bluetooth speakers

Whether it be walking by the beach or hiking up in the mountains, you love spending time outdoors, but you definitely don’t want to leave your music behind. For the avid outdoors person, you need a Bluetooth speaker that loud and powerful as well as portable, but rugged enough to endure a few slight bumps […]

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Which Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is Right for You?


Remember when “ruggedized” and “waterproof” looked like a device that belonged in a military vehicle?  Actually, I remember when I was in the military and we used to get ruggedized equipment.  It was always OD green, square, heavy and had rubber cabs on all holes and openings.  They were fugly. But…what about something like Bluetooth […]

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Evolution of Speakers – From Analog to Bluetooth Speakers

Speakers have evolved a lot ever since Ernst Siemens patented the first loudspeaker in 1877. The speaker that everyone knows today was first manufactured in the 1920s. It utilizes a magnetic field to move a magnet or coil that is connected to a part called a diaphragm. And throughout the years, the evolution of speakers […]

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