The Complete Guide To The Best Earplugs For Concerts

Your Guide To Protecting Your Ears While Attending Concerts – The Best Earplugs On The Market In 2018   Contents Concerts, music festivals, live performances – if you attend these events regularly you may be familiar with the negative effects of the loud music on your hearing. We all enjoy experiencing our favourite musicians on […]

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Best Budget Speakers For Vinyl Record Players

In an era where the music industry is drowning in free downloads and low-pay subscription services, to most people, vinyl sounds like an old technology. If you have a vinyl record, you probably bought it yourself way back when or perhaps had it handed down to you. On the other hand, if you’re an audiophile, […]

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Do Bluetooth Speakers Use Data?

bluetooth headset

Do Bluetooth Speakers Use Data? (Does Bluetooth Use Data?) There are several occasions wherein just before you turn on your Bluetooth, you pause, and a gush of anxiety rushes over you as you wonder will this use my data? You wonder to yourself, does Bluetooth use data? It’s a question that is asked regularly for […]

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How to Place a Bluetooth Speaker to Get the Best Possible Sound

bluetooth speaker placement maximum sound

Bluetooth speakers are a pretty magical thing to have around your house. At the touch of a button you could be listening to your favorite tunes or a hopefully not boring podcast with great bass and clarity. However, depending on where they are placed, Bluetooth speakers can sound very different. Yes, sometimes it is indeed […]

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Loudest Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Loud bluetooth speakers allow you to hear the soaring highs and deep lows of all your favorite tracks. 1: Do you personally go out of your way to find the most remote outdoor areas so you can play your music really loud? If you want a Bluetooth speaker that can really bring the volume, Outdoor […]

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Best Party Bluetooth Speaker

Whether it’s a poolside get-together, sweet-16 birthday bash or dance party in the dorm, good music makes good parties!   Throw ya hands up! The UE BOOM2 is in da house! The Logitech UE BOOM 2 speaker is the best party Bleutooth speaker out there. Firstly, this speaker features “360-degree” sound and has 15 hours […]

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Amazon Echo v. Tap v. Dot – Choosing the Right Alexa-Enabled Bluetooth Speaker

The Amazon tap vs echo vs dot

It has been long enough since the first introduction of Amazon’s home Bluetooth speaker-housed, cloud-based virtual assistant Alexa that looking in to it is no longer “jumping on the bandwagon.”  An act that might, if the Samsung Galaxy S7 has taught us anything, literally burst into flames in our face. That’s the problem with the […]

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Top 10 Flat Bluetooth Speakers

10 Bluetooth Speakers So Flat and Small They Can Fit in Your Pocket If you are someone who is always listening to music on the go, whether you are a hiker, cyclist, biker, marathon runner or similar, you need a Bluetooth speaker that is portable, durable and reliable. You need a small, flat Bluetooth speaker […]

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Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running

Anyone into fitness knows how a good playlist can completely change your workout. However, no one knows the importance of an energizing playlist more than those who run. Rhythmic beats, deep bass, and even uplifting lyrics can be the perfect motivation to push further. However, runners also know the importance of good Bluetooth headphones, or […]

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Top 12 Best Shower Speakers To Buy In 2018


Best Shower Speakers For 2018 (Bluetooth) Some Bluetooth speaker owners like to have a speaker that sits on a shelf in the most used room of their house. Other owners like to have a speaker that they can take outside and it can withstand all the rolls and tumbles in their active life. However, I […]

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5 Best WiFi Speakers for the House (Not Bluetooth)

One of, if not the only, great thing about a series of WiFi speakers as opposed to multiple Bluetooth speakers is that they hook up straight to the home internet system as opposed to having to rely on a computer, phone, or tablet. This is especially helpful when, say, you normally use one device (phone) […]

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HUGE Amazon Black Friday Deals: Bluetooth Speakers,

So, I just got done looking at the Electronics and Home & Audion Deals on Amazon for this Black Friday and Holidays.  Let me tell you:  “WOW”.  I’ve seen speakers and audio equipment with sales up to 69% and 72% off!  Quality speakers, folks. I’m sure that it goes without saying that there is MUCH, […]

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