Best Bluetooth Car Stereos With Backup Camera | 2024

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With technological advancements in the automotive industry, most new cars have a backup camera as a standard feature.

However, older vehicles may not feature backup cameras for assistance when reversing or parking. Therefore, owners of such vehicles will need to add an aftermarket solution to enjoy this feature.

While there are many great backup cameras on the market, most require mounting a separate display on the dashboard.

car stereo with backup camera

That can create a cluster in your vehicle, especially when you don’t want to sacrifice your car stereo.

Thankfully, you can avoid all the trouble by choosing a car stereo with a backup camera. You will also want your stereo to have Bluetooth connectivity for seamless audio streaming with your Smartphone and other audio devices.

Here’s our list of the top 10 Bluetooth car stereos with a backup camera. Let’s check out!:

Best 7"
Pioneer AVHX4800BS 2-DIN Receiver with 7"...
Pioneer AVHX4800BS 2-DIN Receiver with 7"...
Best 7"
Pioneer AVHX4800BS 2-DIN Receiver with 7"...
Pioneer AVHX4800BS 2-DIN Receiver with 7"...

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Pioneer is among the best brands for car stereos on the market, and when it comes to radios with reverse cameras, they remain an essential contender.

They make dozens of variable models with superior quality and great features.

In general, their units are slightly more expensive than most comparable brands.

The AVH-200EX is an in-dash multimedia receiver designed to bring life to your car’s entertainment system. This new enter-level a/v receiver has features like built-in Bluetooth for audio streaming and hands-free calling. The stereo also supports audio and videos from DVDs and USB.

With a 6.2-inch touchscreen display, the AVH-200EX presents a stunning display. It has a backup camera for rear view assistance when towing or parking.

This rearview camera comes in a waterproof and dustproof design, with a wide viewing angle of 1700. Furthermore, it has a 480p definition, giving you clear images.

The AVH-200EX is ideal for a double-din dash kit installation, allowing you to replace the factory stereo for improved audio performance in your vehicle.

It features high-quality ABS plastic casing, easily matching the texture of your vehicle’s factory dash. While the Bluetooth connectivity may be tricky to configure, the kit boasts an easy installation process and 14 watts of RMS power in each of its four channels.

2. Best For Night Vision: Podofo Double Din Bluetooth Stereo

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Where most car stereos with backup camera fail are when it comes to night vision.

Of course, in most cases, light is attached to the rear camera that aids vision, but that’s often not enough for people with eyesight issues or elderly folks.

That’s where the Podofo comes in. This car stereo features a multi-color LCD touchscreen, a built-in FM radio tuner, and Bluetooth for audio streaming and hands-free calls.

Also included is a universal rear view camera with a full view lens, 4 LED night vision lights, and an IP68 waterproof rating. The 7-inch TFT HD multi-color touch screen has a 1080P video format and high screen resolution.

Podofo has multifunction support, compatible with most Android phones, tablets, and other Bluetooth devices Podofo supports audio streaming and hands-free calling and receiving. This top-rated car stereo also supports audio playback formats like FLAC/OGG/WAV/MP3/WMA and USB flash drives.

The Podofo double din is also a universal stereo compatible with almost all cars of various brands, like mini-vans, cars, and mini-trucks.

The 7-inch high-definition multi-color touch screen with a video format of 1080P and an 800 by 480 screen resolution provides a great users experience with Bluetooth remote control.

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Boss Audio has been a leading manufacturer of affordable and quality audio systems for over three decades.

The BV9386NV is a Bluetooth-enabled double-din car stereo that allows you to make hands-free calls without distractions.

It has a 6.2-inch LCD with a touch-sensitive screen for easy operation.

The BV9386NV is among the most compact and durable car units thanks to its build quality. When it comes to car stereos with cameras, it is probably the most durable.

The speaker offers excellent durability thanks to its superior-quality material and a range of premium features like built-in GPS navigation. Furthermore, it’s not cumbersome to learn how every feature works.

While connecting to your audio devices via Bluetooth, the BV9386NV delivers a maximum power output of 80 cameras.

Consider that a Bluetooth speaker delivering, say, 50 Watts per channel. With this kind of power output, the BV9386NV is one of the most powerful car stereos that is considered a powerful Bluetooth speaker.

It’s a little disappointing that you can’t change the wallpapers from the factory settings, but the overall performance of the stereo is impressive.

As you can expect from Boss, the stereo backup camera excellently delivers high-quality images of your vehicle’s rearview. The camera is also compact to enhance durability and supports an automatic power-on feature.

4. Best With Remote: PLZ Double Din Car Stereo

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Nowadays, it is commonplace to find Bluetooth speakers with a remote. However, this is not always true.

Even rarer are car stereos with cameras and remotes. If you want a double din car stereo with remote control, the PLZ car stereo is your best pick on our list.

The unit has a 7-inch LCD capacitive display with HD images and better touch response than resistive screens. It also features a high-end radio receiver with great reception.

For easy installation, the PLZ Double Din car stereo comes in a lightweight construction that’s simple to install with a dash kit. Unlike most units, the car’s backup camera offers a simple installation and delivers an HD rear view.

Additionally, the camera is connected to your car’s reversing lights to power on automatically in reverse gear.

The Bluetooth connectivity of this car stereo from PLZ is excellent, making it ideal for hands-free calls and music streaming.

Its excellent audio performance gives you 60 watts of peak power from each channel (4 channels). The stereo has excellent functionality but is not compatible with a 24V trunk.

5. Best Stereo Sound: PolarLander 2-Din 7-inch Car Radio

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Good stereo performance in a car is always essential for music lovers or just those looking to create that cool vibe in their vehicles.

If stereo sound is essential to you, then the Polander 7-inch radio is your best bet.

This universal double din car stereo supports video input, a clock display, and a rearview camera.

This camera automatically switches on by engaging the reverse gear, and it can also start automatically when in shutdown mode. Additionally, it comes with a 480p high-resolution screen that supports 1080p HD videos.

With robust built-in Bluetooth connectivity for audio streaming, the PolarLander car radio offers 60 watts of peak power per channel.

The car radio also features a high-quality built-in microphone ideal for hands-free calling. It also comes with a digital FM radio with an automatic search function to give you excellent reception while on the road.

When using this car radio with your Smartphone, you can charge it through the USB interface while watching a movie. The touchscreen display offers a convenient way to control your system; remote control is included in the package



These aftermarket car radios with cameras are sometimes even better than the officially branded ones. You can even pair these speakers with car PA systems if you want to.

If your car doesn’t have a reverse camera, people will consider it outdated, to be honest. So, if you are going to buy a radio, why not buy a radio with a reverse camera? If you don’t today, you’ll probably have to do it sometime anyway. In any case, we hope you found a radio with a camera that suits your needs here, and if not, we hope you learned something beneficial!

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