Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker Review

Editor rating

4.6/5 on September 22, 2016

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7,158 reviews


5 different colors to go with any room or set-up (Black, Blue, Red, White, Mint)

Surprisingly crisp and full-ranged sound.

Connects to phones, tablets, anything else that's Bluetooth enabled.


8 hours might seem like a lot but it's a rather limited battery charge.

Difficult battery change procedure.


Just don't let this speaker fool you because of the small size and light weight.  It packs a punch and brings the boom no matter where you are. If music drives your life, or at the very least helps you get through the day, then these are speakers that you'll want to have around as a sound companion.

If you’re still not convinced that small speakers can pack a punch by reading our pages then you’re going to be more than pleasantly surprised the by the Bose Soundlink.  It is one of the most perfect speakers available for your mobile, active lifestyle.  While not really billed as an “outdoor” or “ruggedized” Bluetooth speaker, the Bose Soundlink has all of the features that you’d expect to need in those kinds of products.

Connect Easy

With a range of 30 feet, the Soundlink Color you can still keep the loud and clear music just the way you want it…just without the wires.  It doesn’t matter what kind of device it is (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and more) as long as the device has Bluetooth capability then it can connect in a cinch with simple voice prompts.  That’s not all, though, the Bose Soundlink Color even remembers the last 8 devices that has connected to it so that it can make re-connecting even easier and quicker and can be connect to 2 devices at the same time.

Mobile Music & Sounds

At 1.25 pounds, it’s easy and smart to take the Bose Soundlink Color with you where ever you go.  No matter what you’re doing, climbing, playing, etc, then this is the Bluetooth speaker to have a around.  You’re traveling light and fast with this Bose.

The rechargeable lithium battery will last 8 hours and while there are longer lasting batteries out there, this isn’t nothing to scoff at.  The speaker is designed for ease of use. It features power, volume and source buttons. You control other functions from your Bluetooth device.

  • Auxiliary input enables you to connect to other audio sources, like a tablet or MP3 player
  • Charges with most USB power sources or the included wall charger
  • Micro USB port allows for charging and software updates