Bluetooth Speakers with Mic
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While a built-in microphone is not a primary feature with most Bluetooth speakers, it’s essential if you intend to enjoy hands-free calls using your speaker. Aside from calling, an in-built microphone comes in handy when issuing voice commands for easy operation. With that said, here are the top 10 best Bluetooth speakers with mic.

bluetooth speakers with built in mic

1. Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Microphone

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Design: Jabra Speak 510 is one of a strong collection of speakers from Jabra.

Shaped as your ordinary round radio speaker, the Jabra Speak 510 Wireless BT Speaker weighs not more than 10.2 ounces and comes in a very intuitive design.

Moreover, it has a unique travel cover that makes it quite easy to carry around.

Performance: Jabra Speak 510 is the real deal if you are into conference calls. It features a built-in Omni-directional microphone with 360-degree coverage, ensuring that everyone around is audible.

The sound quality gives you exceptional value for your money, with a 15hour battery life ensuring that your communications don’t get interrupted.

Verdict: Jabra Speak 510 is a portable unit that offers painless set-up and excellent sound quality. It’s a great product for the price, given that it saves you a lot of hassle when making conference calls. The clarity of calls over Bluetooth connects doesn’t match the USB connection, but the speaker’s performance exceeded our expectations.

2. NYNE Boost Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Mic

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Design: NYNE Boost is a mid-sized speaker that boasts of portability and convenience in different set-ups.

Ideally, its strength is in its volume which is loud despite its size.

Impressively, this speaker has rocks an innovative design as an all-weather gadget that can withstand rain, snow, and dust thanks to its IP67 waterproof casing.

Performance: The NYNE Boost is ideal for camping and small poolside parties. Fitted with a built-in power bank and a long-lasting battery, your party can last for 20hours continuously.

It’s 2-inch full-range audio drivers, and passive radiator delivers a stereophonic sound with great clarity and loud volume. Additionally, the mic has incredible functionality for hands-free calling.

Verdict: NYNE Boost Portable BT Speaker is an easy-to-use gadget suitable for various environments due to its versatility. Thanks to its practical design, compatibility, and portability, this is a one-for-all speaker ideal for your home, biking, and other outdoor activities. However, the performance of its alarm clock doesn’t match the speaker’s superior sound quality.

3. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II

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Design: Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II Bluetooth speaker with built in microphone comes in a small stout design weighing 1.2 pounds, more like a teapot, which makes it conveniently portable, like many Bose speakers.

Given that more emphasis on portability has been put on new-generation speakers, Bose has done enough to ensure this new BT Speaker does not disappoint.

It has a unique silicone cover that makes it quite easy to handle even in wet conditions, thanks to the IPX4-Certification.

Performance: Just like its predecessors, this speaker delivers an impressive sound quality despite its small size.

It offers 8 hours of battery life, with the built-in microphone offering speakerphone capabilities and access to digital assistants Google and Siri. Even better, voice prompts talk you through the Bluetooth pairing process, making it easy to use.

This speaker is particularly great for use in conferences since it’s a great wireless speaker for projectors as well.

Verdict: The Bose Soundlink II is an ideal BT Speaker for outdoor listening as it gives the ‘Party Mode’ experience with its versatility in sound. Besides, it’s IPX4 rating only makes it a more convenient option for outdoor gatherings regardless of the weather.  However, Google Assistant users are not likely to enjoy using this gadget as it relays its responses rather inaudibly.

4. SoundBot SB510 HD Water Resistant BT 3.0 Speaker

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Design: SoundBot SB510 Bluetooth Speaker With Built In Microphone is a stylish Bluetooth speaker that offers versatility to its users.

Featuring a wide range of modern technology, the small portable speaker has all it takes for convenience.

It has an inbuilt speaker microphone, a detachable suction cup, and a water-proof surface that makes it perfect for all weather conditions.

Performance: SoundBot SB510 is highly water-resistant, a factor that features prominently in its description. Its Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity makes it easy to connect to other devices within an extended range without compromising the quality of sound.

Its sound output is second to none as it has an enhanced HD music experience as well as a strong mid-range and bass balancing.

Verdict: The SB510 HD speaker doesn’t have the loudest speakers, but its versatility in many ways makes it a popular choice. It comes at a very considerate price of below USD20, but its biggest undoing is on its battery life. It has a playtime of only 6 hours, which could fall a little short of expectations. Otherwise, it’s a good gadget to add to the cart.

5. JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker With Microphone

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Design: The JBL Flip 3 Speaker is the latest addition to the Splashproof family of Bluetooth speakers.

It comes in a unique design featuring rugged rubber and durable housing to ensure your speaker withstands all sorts of adventure.

Its mid-size and smart design eases portability, at the same time making it even more ideal for various outdoor and indoor settings.

Performance: JBL Flip 3 Speaker is built to connect seamlessly to up to 3 different devices playing in turns amid producing super powerful stereo sound.

It has a playtime of 10 hours non-stop courtesy of an in-built 3000mAH battery. It also features a noise-canceling button that clears the environment during calls.

Verdict: If you are looking for uninterrupted music, crystal clear calls, and convenience in one package, JBL Flip 3 s the way to go. With a provision for playing 3 secondary devices in alteration, you can’t go wrong with this one. Whether biking, camping, at the beach, school, or even in your car, JBL Flip 3 sounds just center.

6. Zealot S2 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Built In Microphone

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Design: Zealot S2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Built In Microphone is not your ordinary type of speaker.

It comes in a unique compact design, easy to carry, and elegant for the eye. It’s a mid-size gadget, contrary to its spectacular performance and large sound.

It has a fully functional inbuilt microphone which enables Bluetooth communication using the main speaker as the speakerphone for hands-free calls.

Performance: Zealot S2 Wireless Speaker offers a clear sound output, more than you would expect from a speaker of that size.

It uses the latest Bluetooth technology that connects faster and seamlessly to other active devices, with an unbeatable range of 10 meters. It also has a battery capacity built to last for 24 hours in-play.

Verdict: Zealot S2 Wireless Speaker is an easy pick, notably due to its long in-play battery performance. Its ease of use and quick connectivity to other devices in extended ranges gives it an extra edge in a pool of numerous other choices.

7. VicTsing Shower Speaker

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Design: Enclosed in a durable silicone case and a striking interface, VicTsing Shower Speaker is the perfect outdoor solution.

It comes in a friendly design that makes it impressive and easy to move around with even in the harshest of environments. Also, it’s both waterproof and dustproof, with an IPX5 rating.

Performance: VicTsing Shower Speaker supports A2DP and has been built with a 5W speaker for incredible sound output.

A built-in microphone makes it rather possible to make and receive calls on hands-free mode via the Bluetooth speaker from wherever you are, provided the speaker has been connected to the secondary device.

Of course, as its name suggests, this is a great shower speaker. Not only is it a waterproof speaker, but it also has a hanger to use specifically in the shower.

Verdict: If you are an outgoing person, receive many calls, and love uninterrupted entertainment at the same time, this is your ideal partner. VicTsing Shower Speaker is the speaker for all situations to ensure you don’t miss a thing, literally. Surprisingly, its price range is way too low considering the number of possibilities it unlocks.

8. Etekcity RoverBeats T3 Ultra

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Design: Etekcity RoverBeats T3 Ultra is another addition to the collection of elegant small size speakers.

Its size dictates that this is the ideal gadget to move around with ease without leaving entertainment behind. With a compact, stout little shape, it can be placed in a host of places during outdoor and indoor listening.

Performance: Sound-wise,  Etekcity BT Speaker offers an enhanced audio output for an incredibly loud quality sound.

Its Bluetooth connectivity uses a 4.0 chipset to ensure that devices within the required range connect seamlessly for an audible session.

An in-built microphone to support hands-free calling, plus a lithium battery capable of running for 8 hours in-play are some of the extra additions.

Verdict: If you want a speaker that gives you more every time on a low budget, Etekcity RoverBeat should be your choice. The only downside is the fact that it is not waterproof, and the battery life is average. However, you won’t have any complaints about the mic or sound quality.

9. Divoom Aurabox Smart Speaker

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Design: Divoom Auraox BT 4.0 has to be one of the most elegant Bluetooth speakers around.

Its design doesn’t look anything like a speaker, but another smart military box.

An elegant display of neon-like colors is a catch during play, but its compactness and well-drilled function keys make it extraordinary.

Performance: Being the world’s first-pixel speaker, it has to be something. It has been built with a powerful bass speaker tuned by the Divoom sound masters.

It also uses the latest technology of 3D digital calculation and low-range bass enchantment. It’s compatible for use with all iOS and Android devices, making it an easy pick.

Verdict: Not many Bluetooth speakers will be easily compatible with virtually every smart device, but Divoom Aurabox easily connects with them.

Unfortunately, this is a gadget for the techies out there. It could be a little complex for rookies at first, but once you find your way, it certainly is the perfect partner.

10. Klipsch Groove Portable BT Speaker

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Design: Klipsch Groove Speaker has been designed for use almost everywhere party mood calls.

Most notably, it has a splash-resistant protector casing, meaning your outdoor activities move on flawlessly.

Spills from mild waters and little rain should not feature among your worries, besides, its manageable in size.

Performance: Easy to call it the ultimate performer for its sound and convenience, the Klipsch Groove has amazing functionality.

Its crisp, clear, and loud sound makes it ideal for music lovers who wish to take the party to the next level.

Its double bass radiators ensure your music is clear and there is absolutely no surface vibration. Additionally, it connects easily to other Bluetooth devices.

Verdict: Klipsch Groove Portable Speaker is the speaker for any concert. It is portable enough to take anywhere without fear of spills. However, even though its performance outweighs the price, it doesn’t come that cheap considering the market has a host of similar gadgets retailing at slightly cheaper rates.

Why Get A Bluetooth Speaker With Mic?

As you might have picked up, buying a speaker with a good-quality microphone can be a daunting task.

If you aren’t sure as to what features and specs you should be looking for, it can be even harder.

After all, you will see many speakers labeled Bluetooth speakers with built in microphones out there; but it’s hard to know which is good or not.

In any case, these Bluetooth mic speakers are used for many purposes, including:

1. Hands-free calling: Hands-free calling is very important for freelancers, busy moms and anyone who need s to be on calls while doing other tasks.

2. Rerecording: Having an integrated mic can become very handy for people wishing to do recordings.


Bottom Line

And that’s it, the best Bluetooth speakers with microphone. Bluetooth speakers with built in microphones are not hard to find, but it’s not easy to determine the best one. We hope you found the Bluetooth speaker with built in microphone that suits your needs. Feel free to browse the rest of the site for more interesting products and useful info!