Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers with Lights
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The best Bluetooth shower speaker with lights allows users to shower while enjoying music and cool disco lights. Remember that shower time is a reflection time for many people, so you need a speaker that’s not boring. Here are the top 5 speakers that will enhance your shower with ease without fear of droplets damaging the device. We have also included answers to frequently asked questions.

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1. Best Overall: Motast IP7 Shower Speaker

Motast IPX7 is a water-resistant and portable Bluetooth speaker with LED lights. It comes with a battery that lasts for seven hours, more than enough for a day at a pool party or the beach. With a 99% five-star rating on Amazon, this speaker is among the best deals of value.

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Since this speaker has IPX7 waterproof rating, a tumble or copious water splashing in the bath cannot destroy it.


  • Highly durable
  • Long battery life
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Powerful sound ( 360-surround sound)
  • Light-Weight ( 0.4 pounds)
  • Seven-color light show with exceptional LED light


  • It can be averagely loud

2. Best for Shower Tunes and Outdoor: TOPROAD IPX7 Waterproof Speaker

TOPROAD IPX7 waterproof wireless outdoor speaker comes with LED lights that are designed to help set the mood.

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This speaker features audio with a stronger bass characterized by a high-quality sound that makes it perfect for the outdoors. Remember, the speaker’s IPX7 rating means it’s protected against a low-pressure water stream and will stay safe in shower rain, on a boat, or by the pool.

This shower and outdoor speaker uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology. So, you can pair it with other portable devices much faster. Besides, the speaker has a high-capacity battery that guarantees you up to 10 hours of unlimited music. You can charge it in two hours with the included Micro USB cable.


  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Crystal sound quality
  • Charges in about 2 hours
  • Batter life is 10 hours
  • Includes built-in LED lighting options
  • Easy to install


  • Need proper maintenance to prevent rusting

3. Best Sounding Shower Speaker: Hydro Beat shower Bluetooth speaker

The Hydro Beat shower Bluetooth speaker can fill your shower with an impressive 10 LED light options, though its functionality extends far beyond the bathroom.

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You can select one of the colors if you want to create a perfect ambiance. Moreover, given that it uses Bluetooth 4.0, you won’t have issues trying to pair the speaker with other portable devices.Bluetooth Shower Speakers with Lights

It’s also fully submissive, meaning it’s great around water. Its battery is long-lasting and reliable. You charge it under for 3 hours and get up to 6 hours of playing time.


  • Waterproof and floats on water
  • Dustproof and shockproof
  • 10 LED light options
  • Comes with a highly durable suction cup
  • Excellent customer support


  • Average sound quality
  • Inability to see the FM station that’s on

4. Best Basic: EBODA Bluetooth Shower Speaker

EBODA Bluetooth shower speaker is rated IPX67, which means it is fully protected from dust and immersion between 15cm and 1 meter. In layman’s terms, splashing of water from any direction can’t interfere with it. Besides, it’s fully protected from sprays and dust.

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The speaker’s five LED light patterns can also make the life of users more interesting.

The EBODA shower speaker comes with a 2000 mAh battery and uses 5.0 Bluetooth technology. So, you can enjoy a better signal and high transmission rate for over 8 hours before the next charge.


  • Five LED lighting options
  • Battery life of approximately 500 minutes
  • Easy to adjust the volume
  • Connects up to 33 feet


  • Requires 3 hours to recharge
  • No bass port to click on

5. Best Rugged: Blufree Bluetooth Speaker with Colorful Lights

This Bluetooth shower speaker is IPX7-rated can immerse for up to 3 feet for 30 minutes underwater without any issue. Remember, it has adopted one of the best designs that float on water. The rugged design makes this wireless speaker perfect for outdoor and indoor, boating, camping, sport, party, travel, and more.

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The speaker has quality fidelity stereo sound with adjustable volume levels. It also guarantees long playtime.

The battery can serve you for as long as 8-hours non-stop after a full charge.

Moreover, the speaker provides seven different color-changing themes and slow flashing and fast flashing light modes that improve listeners’ mood.


  • Includes hands-free calls
  • Louder than most people think
  • It gives you an impressive showering experience, especially at night


  • Connects up to 20 feet
  • The limited range makes it unsuitable for pool parties


1. Are shower speakers safe?

Yes, as long as you choose the right shower speaker and follow the safety protocols on the user’s manual, nothing can destroy it.

2. Are shower speakers good?

Many modern shower speakers are good. The ruggedness and sound quality of these speakers have improved significantly over the last few years.

However, before you choose one, consider your needs. The most rugged and highly-rated waterproof speaker may give you the best experience. Consider the sound quality, the battery life, and the likes, and choose one designed with your needs in mind.

3. Can waterproof speakers go underwater?

As you likely know, no one should intentionally submerge waterproof speakers in water. IPX67 rated shower speakers are protected from sprays, splashing water, and dust.

IPX7 can be dropped in water for a while. It’s important to note that you should not drop them in water intentionally, as the risk of causing lasting damage to the device exists.

4. How do you waterproof old speakers?

If your old speakers are not waterproof, you can coat them in a high-gross polymer. Polymer vanishes or polyurethane sprays can do. Nevertheless, the latter functions well but doesn’t have a visual appeal.

5. Can you put your regular speakers in the bathroom?

Regular speakers are designed to be used in dry places. You can use them indoors or outdoors.

In other words, the speakers can suffer damage if you use them in the bathroom regularly. So, it doesn’t matter whether you know how to waterproof speakers. The safest option is to buy one of the best Bluetooth shower speakers with lights if you want to keep enjoying your favorite music in the bathroom for a long time.


Now you have everything you need to choose the best Bluetooth shower speaker with lights. You can go ahead and choose one that best suits you.