Best Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers
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We can’t talk about new trends in home improvement lighting and sound without mentioning Bluetooth light bulb speakers. In this article, we will be checking out the very best of them.

That’s a cool speaker and light bulb all in one.

Whether you’re planning a weekend party or simply like the idea of having two devices in one, Bluetooth light bulb speakers are a perfect choice.

So, let’s introduce the best Bluetooth light bulb speakers available on the market.

By the way, if you are looking for a party experience, then you may need a Bluetooth disco light speaker instead

1. TexSens Smart Light Bulb Speaker Generation II

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Design: The Texsens Generation II smart light Bulb is one of the trendiest products of its kind. This energy efficient light bulb comes with LED lights that are synchronized with the music to create a colorful light dance.

Moreover, it comes with a remote controller to personalize the light from the multi-bulbs.

Performance: As an energy-efficient source of light, the Generation II light bulb speaker delivers an adjustable light volume similar to a 50-watt halogen bulb.

Sound wise, the bulb can deliver a total power output of up to 12 watts, with its expected lifespan ranging at 50,000 hours.

Verdict: If you like flashing lights with your music, the TexSens Generation II light bulb is among the best options in the market. It features strong Bluetooth connectivity and innovative design, with a remote control to help you adjust light intensity and sound volume. However, it can only connect to one Bluetooth device at a time. You may also experience a little distortion in high volumes.

2. Minger Multi-Color Smart Light Bulb

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Design: A quality speaker that adds color to music, the Minger Multi-color light bulb is a simple-to-install and energy-efficient unit.

The Smartphone controlled light bulb is compatible with a wide range of wireless compatible devices by App and Bluetooth. Additionally, it has a timer and wakeup-feature that allows it to switch on and off automatically.

Performance: The Minger Color light bulb is a 7W smart bulb equivalent to a 60W bed-lamp, with an estimated useful life of 20,000 hours.

The bulb speaker also boasts of a luminous light that creates conducive working temperatures for homes and offices. Sound-wise, the speaker is capable of delivering 3 watts of clear sound.

Verdict: The Minger Smart Color-Changing speaker works great, and the sound is amazingly good. It has vibrant color patterns, and it creates an awesome environment while listening to music. The bulb is energy efficient, and Smartphone controlled, but it would be nice if you could operate multiple bulbs with the app.

3. Creazy Music Led Light Bulb

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Design: While packing a range of excellent features, the Creazy Music LED Light Bulb is a colorful E27 light bulb with white and RGB colors. It has a super easy setup and great Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity that turns every light bulb into a speaker controlled with a remote.

Performance: The inbuilt 3W speaker on the Creazy LED light bulb gives you crisp, clear sounds, precise highs, and strong bass.

Its outputs about 350 lumens of light – equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb, while consuming only 12 watts of energy. Furthermore, this energy-efficient light bulb speaker has an expected lifespan of 30,000 hours.

Verdict: If you are looking for an improvised speaker that adds color to your home, then the Creazy LED light bulb is what you want. The setup is super easy, and it has a long lifespan. Moreover, it delivers a strong Bluetooth connectivity and a pleasing sound while being energy efficient. However, it may produce a feeble sound with some music genres.

4. Sengled Solo Pro Smart Bulb

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Design: The Sengled Sole Pro is a high-quality light bulb that fits in a standard E26 light socket, giving you an easy installation.

The smart bulb features an inbuilt wireless Bluetooth speaker with an IP43 damp rating, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor (patio) use. Moreover, it’s an Alexa enabled device for hands-free operation and comes with an app for volume control and dimming the lights.

Performance: As a superior-quality smart bulb, the Sengled Solo Pro comes with a built-in 13-watt JBL Bluetooth speaker that seamlessly streams music from your phone.

The bulb allows you to save more than 80% of energy compared to an incandescent bulb, with an expected useful life of 25,000 hours. Sound-wise, the JBL speaker delivers rich and powerful audio.

Verdict: Sengled is known as a global innovator of LED lights. The Solo Pro Smart bulb is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to bring life to silent spaces. It integrates a JBL speaker with energy saving LED bulbs, creating an intuitive, reliable and entertaining product with app control. However, it doesn’t have a solid bass response.

5. RAYWAY Bluetooth Speaker LED Light Bulb

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Design: The RAWWAY LED Lightbulb is a multi-color light bulb with a solid look and has a dimmable effect to create a warm mood for the night.

It comes with a remote control for color personalization and playing music. The bulbs are also built with the superior standards, making it easy to install while using an E26 base.

Performance: The 2-in-1 RAYWAY LED light bulb delivers a nice sound (crisp highs and clear midrange) performance in a small room, creating a relaxing environment with a colorful visual effect.

The bulb comes with a foreseeable lifetime of 20,000 hours, and it consumes only 12 watts while the light is comparable to a 30-60Watt incandescent bulb.

Verdict: This LED light bulb from RAYWAY is an ideal choice for small spaces, but the bass may fall a little short in large spaces. It has a nice visual effect, creating a great environment for relaxing while listening to music through the Bluetooth speaker. Furthermore,  has an affordable price and a long useful life.

6. Sengled Pulse LED Smart Bulb

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Design: The Pulse LED Smart Bulb is one of the top Bluetooth lightbulbs created by Sengled to offer a unique user experience.

It’s easy to install in a standard E26 light fixture and can connect effortlessly with echo dot and Amazon dot for voice control via Bluetooth.  Additionally, it has a robust body for durability.

Performance: Sound-wise, you will enjoy a 13-watt high-fidelity audio performance. The speakers are also good at creating an effect similar to a center-left stereo pair.

Moreover, the speaker allows you to spread out the sound throughout your house by linking up to 8 bulbs (seven satellites and master) within a 100 feet range.

Verdict: If you want a solid light bulb with a 13-watt superior sound quality, then the Sengled Pulse Smart bulb is for you. The smart bulb allows you to link up to 8 bulbs for an amazing audio experience, with up to 8 colors. Its price may be on the higher end compared to other units, but its efficiency, durability, and performance are all worth it.

7. CRIOO Bluetooth Speaker Bulb

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Design: This Bluetooth speaker has a simple and colorful look comprising of 256 colors to go with your mood.

The CRIOO speaker bulb uses an app for controlling the colors and can connect to a Bluetooth device within 33 feet. It installs effortlessly in an E26 socket, and you can link multiple bulbs together.

Performance: With an inbuilt speaker sitting inside the CRIOO Bluetooth bulb, you can expect to enjoy a relaxing audio performance with clear vocals and crisp highs.

The bass may not be heart thumping, but it’s amazingly good for its size. Furthermore, you can expect the bulb to create a warm and pleasing atmosphere for at least two years.

Verdict: The CRIOO Bluetooth Speaker bulb is one of the best for anyone who admires simplicity and functionality. The built-in speaker offers a 3-watt audio performance with detailed midranges and clear highs. Moreover, it’s an energy efficient unit that uses about 12 watts for both the speaker and led lights.

8. LightMe Intelligent E27 Colorful Smart Lamp

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Design: There is no argument that style is a crucial part of our homes. That’s exactly what the LightMe Intelligence E27 colorful lamp offers you while allowing you to enjoy an awesome audio-visual experience.

This trendy speaker comes with remote control and Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP technology for a seamless operation.

Performance: With a 3-watt speaker power, the LightMe E27 Smart lamp delivers a well-balanced sound for a small room.

Besides the noise-free, high fidelity sound, this speaker adjusts its brightness based on ambient light and offers four lighting modes. Additionally, it’s highly durable, with an average life of 50,000 hours.

Verdict: The LightMe E27 Smart lamp will suit the needs of anyone looking for a trendy light bulb speaker with a simple operation. It comes with remote control, and the sound performance is highly considerable at its price range. The speaker distorts in high volumes, but you shouldn’t have an issue while playing at an average volume level.

9.KAILAKE Sm Lam Light Music Bulb

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Design: The SM Lam music bulb from Kailake is a 6-watt energy-efficient unit that replaces your 50watt incandescent bulb.

The smart speaker bulb features up to 13 color choices with 12 colorful lights and a daylight white light. It excellently creates a new nightlife and is easily installable in an E26 or E27 adapter.

Performance: This Bluetooth enabled LED smart light delivers a clear and noise-free quality sound aimed at pleasing you.

The 6-watt bulb cuts down your lighting cost by 85% compared to other incandescent bulbs, delivering efficiency and quality performance. Furthermore, it’s a durable speaker with an average life of 50,000 hours.

Verdict: With a 3-watt speaker and 12 watts of power input, the Kailake SM Lam Music Bulb is among the top energy-saving units on the list. The speaker has enough power to deliver an amazing musical performance, but you should avoid playing at full volume to avoid distortions. Furthermore, you can control multiple bulbs with one remote, but only one Bluetooth device can connect to each bulb.

10. MagicLight Pro Bluetooth Speaker light Bulb

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Design: The MagicLight speaker bulb is a simple and efficient unit made with the highest quality standards in the industry. It’s easy to install and use, allowing you to control it through your smartphone using an app. It has about 16 million colors, and all of them are dimmable.

Performance: With an average useful life of 40,000 hours, this Bluetooth speaker is comparable to an 80W incandescent bulb.

The bulb is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices, and the inbuilt speaker helps you enjoy every beat to the fullest. Additionally, the lights can transform any room into a dance floor with a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

Verdict: The MagicLight Pro is a solid and energy-efficient unit consuming 10 watts of power while saving 80% of energy.  It has a huge collection of colors to turn your house into a dancehall, creating a relaxing environment. Moreover, it features a timer mode, and you can control multiple bulbs with one app.  However, it’s not Wi-Fi enabled.


Wrap Up

So there you have it, the best Bluetooth light bulb speakers for 2020. These light bulb/speaker combinations provide a smart and nifty all in one solution.

There are excellent especially for small rooms with no power outlet, but also for many other applications! what will you use your Bluetooth light bulb speaker for?