Bluetooth Headphones Under $100 – Wireless and Convenient

The best Bluetooth Headphones Under $100 isn’t an easy thing to decide on.  Not because there aren’t a lot of them, though.  These days, you can find a really good Bluetooth speaker for activities, the house, hiking, camping, the beach, and the shower for a great price. Some even under $50!  For the sake of this page we’ll be concentrating on those Bluetooth Speakers that are under a hundred bucks that also offer durability, power, clarity, battery play time, and portability.  Oh yeah, we also want our speakers to look good, too.

Disclaimer:  Not all headphones on this page are under $100.  Please check out details on Amazon for current price.

Our Choices for the 3 Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 100

We recently wrote a blog post about this subject here, although it was mainly for working out.  However, we would be remiss if we didn’t also include it on our headphones comparison page. Here’s a quick look at some of our other favorite Bluetooth Over the Ear Headphones (for under $100):

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Headphones

The Hesh 2’s have two things going great for them: They’re affordable and they’re trendy.  They most likely appeal to a younger generation who are not trying to wear headphones that make them look like a 1970s DJ.  People use the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00NCSIN4W” locale=”US” tag=”boom_speaker-20″]Hesh 2 from Skullcandy[/easyazon_link] for everything from listening to music around the house, traveling, and gaming.  The price tag and the look of the assorted makes ensure that just about anyone can own a pair of Hesh 2s.


  • 12 hours of play time
  • Backup cabel with microphone
  • 5omm drivers
  • Soft, round-cup, leather ear coverings that are noise proof!

Sony MDRX10 “Simon Cowell” Headphones


The Sony MDRX10, while not as affordabe (but still pretty well priced), are made by Sony…and that makes them pretty dang good right away.  In a world of trendy fashion, Sony has remained one of the top brands for entertainment electronics-from stereo to top-of-the-line smary TVs.  Sony brings the MRDX10 swinging onto the set as a kind of “ha ha” to all other Bluetooth Headphone makers.  They’re power and attraction are not in the “Sony” name, though, but in the great designs and superb sound.



  • 40mm driver units for that mad bass you’re looking for.
  • Compact to store with dual folding capability
  • Comfortable, non-cupping ear pads

August EP650

Another very affordable pair of quality Bluetooth headphones under 100 dollars.  And again, with various colors and great sound.  Only 6mm driver units but the August EP605 Bluetooth headphones combine quality, comfort, and sound that calls out to be worn and listened to.  Easy and quick Bluetooth connection and an earpiece remote that makes adjustment on the fly easy-peasy.  10 hours of play time make the August’s something to really look into getting.


  • Music, Volume and Calls control Buttons – Answer calls & control your music
  • Built-in Microphone – Stay connected to your phone with hands free calling
  • NFC Connection – Simply tap your NFC enabled device to pair the two together
  • Internal Li Ion Battery – Rechargeable battery gives over 10 hours between charges + 3.5mm Standard Audio In Socket – Connects to any non Bluetooth device

Durability:  You’re not paying an arm and a leg for these speakers but you should still be able to expect your speaker to be able to withstand bumping around inside of a backpack during a hike, falling off a tree stump table while camping, powering through a sprinkle at the beach, and lasting for a while.

Power:  Likewise, you should be able to hear you Bluetooth speaker from across a room or two or above the sound of rolling beach surf.  Heck, you should be able to hear your shower Bluetooth speaker from the other room!  Also in the “power” category is our idea of what is a good range for pairing and streaming music and phone calls.

Clarity:  Crisp, clear and refined.  You should be able to expect your speaker to accurately define the fine resonances of classical music and be able to crank some rock or metal and still hear the words clearly, right?

Play Time:  If you plug a Bluetooth Speaker to charge it and only get half the play time of charge time then we don’t feel that’s a good deal.  We want our speakers to sound great and play for a long, long time.

Portability:  The ability to pack, carry, hang and place your Bluetooth Speaker should be smart and effective…even if you paying under $100.

As you can see, we demand a lot from the Bluetooth Speakers that we review.  We aim to provide you with information and recommendations on ONLY those quality speakers that match our criteria above.  And if a speaker doesn’t live up to these standards or doesn’t perform the way they advertise, then we’ll tel you that too.