Best Wearable Bluetooth Speakers
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Wearables are all the rage now and wearable Bluetooth speakers are no different in this respect. You can even purchase smartwatches with speakers nowadays.

And for good reason…

wearable bluetooth speakers

Below is our collection of the Best Wearable Bluetooth Speakers available on the market.

Top 3 Picks

Best Design
JBL Soundgear - Hands-Free Speaker with Dual Mic...
Most Comfortable
Bose Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker...
Best Assisstant
TOKK Smart Wearable Assistant Hands-Free Bluetooth...
JBL Soundgear - Hands-Free Speaker with Dual Mic...
Bose Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker...
TOKK Smart Wearable Assistant Hands-Free Bluetooth...
Price not available
Price not available
Best Design
JBL Soundgear - Hands-Free Speaker with Dual Mic...
JBL Soundgear - Hands-Free Speaker with Dual Mic...
Price not available
Most Comfortable
Bose Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker...
Bose Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker...
Best Assisstant
TOKK Smart Wearable Assistant Hands-Free Bluetooth...
TOKK Smart Wearable Assistant Hands-Free Bluetooth...
Price not available

Noxgear 39g Wearable Bluetooth Speaker |...
  • ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT & WEARABLE | The incredibly lightweight 39g speaker securely clips to your shirt, jacket,...
  • SAFE & CONVENIENT LISTENING | When riding a bike, running, walking or doing most outdoor activities, you need...
  • WATERPROOF & DURABLE | Designed to withstand weather, hard workouts, long rides and the great outdoors, the...
ANCwear Portable Bluetooth Speakers Wireless Mini...
  • 🎶【Mini Portable Speaker】: ANCwear Bluetooth speaker can be used as an independent speaker or a wearable...
  • 🌈【High Clarity Sound with a small body】: Wireless Bluetooth speaker only 50g, Play with one hand;...
  • 👍【Long Battery Life】: Fully recharge in just 1.5 hours, the rechargeable battery support play up to 9.5...
Monster Boomerang Neckband Bluetooth Speaker, Neck...
  • 【True 3D Theater Stereo Sound】The wireless Bluetooth speakers built-in 3W speaker system and 2 bass...
  • 【Lightweight Comfortable and Wearable Design】The Monster wearable speaker is based on ergonomic design,...
  • 【Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity】Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chip, ensures stable transmission up to 33 ft (10m)...
Upgraded Wearable Waterproof Wireless Wrist...
  • Clourful Lights: Portable watch design with 8 light patterns. NOTE: The two holes in the middle on the right...
  • Music Player and Excellent Sound Quality: This speaker could not only be used as a Bluetooth speaker, but also...
  • Selfie Function: You can easily press the button for selfie in Bluetooth status, and at the same time still...
Frewico X10 Waterproof Wearable Bluetooth Speaker...
  • √ [Ultra Portable as A Watch, Take Your Tunes Everywhere!] Watch type Bluetooth speaker gives you the...
  • √ [Multifunctional Watch with LED Flashing Lights] Support Bluetooth speaker, IP45 Waterproof, LED flashing...
  • √ [The Wireless Experience] Put tangled wires behind you. You could wirelessly stream music through any...
Zulu Audio Magnetic Wearable Bluetooth Speakers...
  • Two small speakers that attach to your clothing for a portable surround sound kind of experience (Speaker...
  • Uses magnets that clip together to stay firmly in place while you are running, biking, etc. Wear them on top...
  • Bluetooth: pairs with any Bluetooth enabled device for wireless audio streaming

1.JBL SoundGear Speaker

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Design: Another one from the JBL extensive line of speakers, the SoundGear hugs your neck like an airplane pillow, this wearable Bluetooth speaker comes in a unique design, unlike any of its predecessors.

It features a stylish horseshoe design that projects sound upwards to create a solid audio experience.

Additionally, the JBL Soundgear speaker comes with a rigid body, weighing about 12 ounces.

Performance: When it comes to the audio output, the JBL soundgear offers you an amazing sound signature without deep lows.

However, voice distortion is not an issue at lover-mid volumes. The amount of bass from this wearable speaker is decent and fairly balanced without any harshness.

Verdict: Aside from offering you an excellent audio experience in a lightweight package, this Wearable speaker has high-tech Mic that offers great intelligibility. The dual-mic system cuts down the echo when on hands-free calls and the battery can last for up to 6 hours.

2. Bose Soundwear Companion

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Design: The Bose companion is a Bluetooth wearable speaker that offers hands-free calling while sitting on your neck.

The speakers direct the sound to your ears while using the inbuilt microphones for calling. As can expect from all Bose products, this speaker has excellent detail work, but it has a silicone finish that may be a problem for users with long hair.

Performance: As a wearable neck speaker that lets you listen to music while keeping the awareness of your surroundings, the Bose Soundwear companion has a great sound.

It uses innovative waveguide technology to angle the audio signal towards the wearer’s ears, without letting bystanders have a lot of sound bleed.

Verdict: If you appreciate good sound around the comfort of your neck, this Bose wearable speaker is the real deal. Its battery lasts for up to 12 hours, and you can have a quick 15-minutes recharge that gives you up to 3 hours of music time. Additionally, the microphone easily picks up audio signals and works well with Siri voice controls.

3. LG Tone Studio HBS-W120

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Design: Combining portability and sound immersion in the same unit, this LG neck wearable speaker comes in a nice and comfortable design.

The exterior body of this neckband gives the user a neat personality, with logical control buttons placed on each end.

Performance: While it has a very nice design, the performance is even better. First, the battery life is among the most impressive features of the LG Tone Studio.

You can enjoy up to 35 hours of music playtime while using earbuds and up to 6 hours while listening in loudspeaker mode. Moreover, this Bluetooth speaker features DTS technology for 3D surround sound experience.

Verdict: The HBS-W120 is the best choice for anyone looking for a neck wearable Bluetooth speaker that will blow your mind away. The speaker functions as both a speaker and earphones, allowing the user to personalize the audio experience. However, the price tag may seem a bit hefty for a personal speaker.

4. Tokk Smart wearable Assistant

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Design: The Tokk Smart is a high-tech wearable assistant that combines the functionality of a speaker with a microphone.

The speaker uses a strong magnet at the back to attach itself on metal objects and fabrics, making it an ideal audio device while on the go.

Performance: using Bluetooth wireless technology to allow you to receive calls with just a single tap, this wearable speaker is the best unit for your busy hands.

The speaker comes with an inbuilt microphone with an active noise cancellation feature and a remote camera function for hands-free selfies. Additionally, it comes with a rechargeable battery that can last for several hours.

Verdict: Built to attach it on your clothes magnetically, the Tokk Smart wearable Bluetooth speaker is what you need to stay active while using your Smartphone.

Whether you are driving, shopping or working in the office, this unit ensures that you enjoy music with high-quality digital sound. However, the volume control can be a bit finicky.

5. Zulu Audio Wearable

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Design & Features: In a market full of various types of premium wireless speakers, the Zulu Audio wireless will catch your eye at any day.

The speaker has a unique look unlike other units, with simple built-in controls to personalize the sound volume. The controls also allow you to receive calls using the built-in microphone.

Built for outdoor activities, the entire body of Zulu Audio wearable is sweat-proof and IPX4 water resistant. Additionally, it has a 30-feet Bluetooth range.

Performance: The Zulu Audio Wearable connects easily to your smart devices, with up to 4 hours of music playtime on a full charger.

The battery life might not be very impressive, but the sound performance is wonderful. It delivers a favorable light and airy sound, but it lacks a thriving bass line.

Verdict: The Zulu Audio Wearable provides you with a safer solution to listen to your music without blocking out ambient sounds. The lightweight magnet is strong enough to hold the speaker in place while skydiving, jogging, or doing other activities.

6. AmazonBasics Nano Bluetooth Speaker

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Design & Features: The Nano Bluetooth speaker is one of the smallest portable speakers from Amazon Basics.

The speaker comes with a silicone handle for hanging, and the exteriors feature a strong plastic material for durability. Additionally, the body is splash-proof and sweat-resistant.

Performance: With a great inbuilt battery, this speaker from Amazon Basics can last for up to 6 hours with a single charge.

The sound quality is admirable, with great volume and amazing clarity for both hands-free calling and listening to music.

The built-in mic also p[erforms very well when making calls. However, some users complain of having no way to jump to the next track.

Verdict: With a small and lightweight design that makes it easy to carry, this Bluetooth speaker is worth your investment. The sound output has superb clarity and volume, allowing you to listen to music on the go easily. Additionally, the Nano Bluetooth speaker offers broad compatibility and good battery life.

7. Polk Audio BITY-A

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Design: Last on the list of the best wearable Bluetooth speakers, but certainly not the least.

The Polk audio is built in a tiny and compact package, the Polk Audio BITY-A is a great micro wearable speaker that comes with strong Bluetooth connectivity for easy pairing.

The speaker features a durable body that keeps the music at full blast in any condition.

Performance: talking of the sound output, this Bluetooth speaker from Polk Audio has a relatively nice volume, but it’s a little lacking regarding the bass.

However, given its size and cost, this is only a small compromise. Additionally, it comes with 3-hour battery life and a mic for hands-free calls.

Verdict: While some may doubt its capability due to its tiny size, the Polk Audio BITY-A is a great Bluetooth wearable speaker to have. It allows you to take your music adventure at any place you desire and balances the music with the surroundings to give you the best listening experience. However, you may want to consider other units on the list if you desire a booming bass.

Why Use Wearable Bluetooth Speakers

There are many devices today that use wearable Bluetooth speakers. As we mentioned before, devices as small as smartwatches contain these devices.

Wearable Bluetooth speakers provide a whole new way to listen and enjoy your music.  Whether you are enjoying an outdoor adventure – be it hiking, riding your bike, jogging, or any other activity, wearable Bluetooth speakers provide an immersive audio experience that is surely unlike any other.

Wearable Speakers for TV

Wearable Bluetooth speakers are won around the neck. However, you can wear the horseshoe-shaped audio devices around your wrist as well whenever you want.

You can connect the best wearable Bluetooth speakers to your TV by positioning your wireless transmitter next to the TV and connecting your RCA audio cables into the TV’s “Audio Out” ports.

Next, place the speaker in the right around your neck or wrist and then power on the TV, transmitter, and the speaker.

Sony Wearable Speakers

Sony wearable speakers are among the best wearable Bluetooth speakers. They pair with wireless transmitters upon powering up. Moreover, these speakers can play music from your TV directly.

Depending on the content you are listening to and the volume, you can have difficulty hearing anything else that’s going on in your room. If you project the sound, anyone in the room can listen to the audio, though it will sound quieter to them.

As for you, you’ll be getting a deep sense of bass without projecting the audio. So, if you choose the best wearable Bluetooth speaker, you’ll be getting top-quality entertainment without annoying your neighbors or roommates.

Bose Wearable Speakers

Bose wearable speakers also give you the best way to listen to your favorite music. The speaker’s acoustic technologies guarantee you a fantastic sound.

With the best Bose wearable speakers, you can remain connected to your calls and music while staying connected to your surroundings at the same time.

The best Bose wearable speakers are also IPX4-rated. This rating means that they are sweat-and-weather-resistant designed, which protects your speakers if you are caught in the rain.

These wireless speakers are also versatile and easy to set up. Once you download the Bose Connect app, you are able to fully personalize your experience. The app makes pairing your TV with the speaker super simple.

Most Bose wearable speakers are super comfortable. The wireless speakers’ ergonomic neckband is coated with soft-touch silicone. So, you can wear the speaker all day long without any issue.

Wearable Speakers for Gaming

The best wearable speaker for gaming is only suited for one player at a time. They have high-quality drivers that deliver an immersive experience.

If you have a group of people playing any game or watching the action, ensure you get a set of wearable speakers to amplify the sound.

Wearable Speaker Vest

Wearable speaker vents look like vests, and they’ll transform gaming into an out-of-body experience.

So, they provide a complete skeletal realignment that chiropractors only wish that can have. The best ones allow you to play your games for hours on end without disturbing anyone.


That’s it, the best wearable Bluetooth speakers available on the market. If you’re an on-the-go person who loves music and gadgets, then wearable Bluetooth speakers are a great choice for you! It’s a great way to enjoy your music while avoiding the annoyance of having to fix your devices.

We spent hours compiling this list of wearable Bluetooth speakers and we can safely say they are not just the best out there, but they are incredibly feature-packed as well.

For example, most of the speakers on this list have built-in microphones for hands-free phone calls and voice assistants.  Moreover, they produce the kind of powerful and sustained audio s any other good Bluetooth speaker.