5 Best Waterproof Speaker Covers in 2024

Norvan Martin
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So you have a portable speaker that you intend to carry with you to enjoy some outdoor music? But, you are worried about the speaker getting wet. Will water damage it? Maybe you are planning a hiking trip by the rivers or a day to the beach.

Well unless you have a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, you will need a waterproof speaker cover to protect the device. If your speaker is not waterproof, water will surely damage it. Read this review for speaker covers to learn more about how to use one and where to get one.

Keep in mind that these are essentially waterproof PA speaker covers to be used for outdoor PA systems.

Top 3 Picks

Best For Harsh Weather
Two Compact Heavy Duty 600D Black Speaker Covers...
Best For Heavy-weight Outdoor Speakers
Outdoor Speaker Covers: Black, Medium Size (H...
Best For C-Bracket Speakers
Two Large Heavy Weight Speaker Covers for...
Two Compact Heavy Duty 600D Black Speaker Covers...
Outdoor Speaker Covers: Black, Medium Size (H...
Two Large Heavy Weight Speaker Covers for...
Best For Harsh Weather
Two Compact Heavy Duty 600D Black Speaker Covers...
Two Compact Heavy Duty 600D Black Speaker Covers...
Best For Heavy-weight Outdoor Speakers
Outdoor Speaker Covers: Black, Medium Size (H...
Outdoor Speaker Covers: Black, Medium Size (H...
Best For C-Bracket Speakers
Two Large Heavy Weight Speaker Covers for...
Two Large Heavy Weight Speaker Covers for...

1. Best For Outdoor Speakers: SoundCover Compact Outdoor Speaker Covers

The speaker cover is water-repellant, breathable, and designed with SoundCover’s unique UV 50 sun protection for year-round protection.

Two Compact Heavy Duty 600D Black Speaker Covers...
  • Heavy Weight Waterproof Protection Speaker Bags with Sound Flap Option - Prolong the life of your outdoor...
  • Two Compact Outdoor Speaker Covers for Yamaha NS-AW150, Polk Audio Atrium 5 – Two (2) covers will fit...
  • Easy Fitting & Quality Double Stitch Bag Construction - The cover tightens with TWO heavy duty touch fastener...

Fits and waterproofs medium-size outdoor speakers such as Polk Audio Atrium 5, Pyle 5.25, Klipsch KHO-7, and Herdio 5.25 Bluetooth Speakers. Users can fit the cover both vertically and horizontally.

The quality double stitch construction and snug-fitting together with the two heavy-duty touch fastener straps help secure the speaker’s cover for prolonged outdoor use.



  • Water-resistant
  • Have Velcro and drawstring for tightening around speakers
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Two vented airways on the side
  • Protects the speaker from sun, sand, and water



  • Pricey
  • Not suited for horizontal fitting

2. Best For Heavy-weight Outdoor Speakers: SoundCover Outdoor Speaker Covers

This is a heavy-weight waterproof speaker bag designed with SoundCover’s heavy-weight waterproofing and UV-blocking capability. The roll-up front sound flap makes it easier to constantly play music on your outdoor speakers with the cover on.

Two Medium Black Heavy Duty 600D Waterproof UV...
  • 2 BLACK OUTDOOR SPEAKER COVERS for Yamaha NS-AW294, Definitive Technology AW 5500, Polk Atrium 6, Yamaha...
  • EASY FITTING & QUALITY DOUBLE STITCH BAG CONSTRUCTION - The cover tightens with TWO heavy duty touch fastener...

Good for Yamaha NS-AW150, Herdio 5.25″, Polk Audio Atrium 5 & Pyle 5.25 Speakers. Besides, it fits both vertically and horizontally with the straps and locking button supporting more secure speaker protection and waterproofing.



  • Water drainage eyelets on the sides help drain water freely
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Heavy duty
  • The flap helps when playing music with the cover on



  • Appear buggy on speakers

3. Best For C-Bracket Speakers: SoundCover C-Bracket Mounted Speaker Covers

These speaker covers are suitable for C-Bracket mounted speakers. With a unique UV 50 sun protection, your outdoor speakers get a prolonged life. Besides, they are breathable.

View at Amazon

Ideal for Yamaha NS-194BL, Dual Electronics LU43PW, Klipsch AW-400, and Herdio 4 Inch & Polk Audio Atrium 4 Speakers.

It has high-quality double stitching construction and snug-fitting that helps it to tighten seamlessly between the c-brackets with the two heavy-duty touch fastener straps.

The cover comes in a convenient SoundCover storage bag and will fit both vertically and horizontally mounted outdoor speakers.



  • UV 50 protection
  • Breathable
  • Breathable
  • Water-resistant
  • Fits both horizontally and vertically mounted speakers



  • Causes sound distortion when used with the speaker on
  • No front opening for the grill

4. Best For Marine Wakeboard Speakers: SoundCover Marine Wakeboard Tower Pod Speaker Covers

This is a round speaker cover designed to waterproof and prolong the life of your marine powerboat wakeboard tower speakers. The bag has a SoundCover with special UV 50+ sun protection.

Two Small Heavy Weight 600D Waterproof Outdoor...
  • TWO BLACK OUTDOOR SPEAKER COVERS for Yamaha NS-AW194, Herdio 4 & Polk Audio Atrium 4 – Two (2) covers will...
  • EASY FITTING & QUALITY DOUBLE STITCH BAG CONSTRUCTION - The cover tightens with TWO heavy duty touch fastener...

The bag is breathable, water repellent, and ideal for Small, Medium, and Large marine speakers. With reinforced stitching, strong fastening straps, and a drainage button, you can be sure to secure your marine round speakers from weather elements completely.

The cover comes in a convenient SoundCover storage bag and has a warranty with a money-back guarantee for unhappy customers.

The black bag is suitable for large round boat speakers measuring about 14″ high, 14″ wide, and 12.8″deep.



  • Good for dust cover
  • Waterproof
  • UV 50+ protection
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Strong fastening straps
  • Drainage button available



  • No drainage eyelet
  • Not effective when used while the boat is moving
  • Light duty

Alternative Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers: Pair Rockville RWBC Marine Wakeboard Tower Speaker Covers

This is another affordable option made from quality, durable Neoprene fabric. It is supposed to protect your speakers from all sorts of moisture.

5. Best For Dust, Sun & Water Protection: SoundCover Outdoor Speaker Covers

It offers prolonged life to the speakers by waterproofing and protecting them from UV rays and dust with SoundCover’s unique UV 50 sun protection. Made for outdoor speakers, this speaker cover is also breathable!

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The cover is suitable for Klipsch KHO-7, Yamaha NS-AW350, Yamaha NS-AW294, Polk Audio Atrium 6, and Bose 251 Environmental Speakers.

You can however use it on any outdoor speaker within the dimensions of the cover for easy fitting.

They are designed for speakers ranging in height up to 13.6 Inches, Depth up to 8.9 Inches, and Width up to 7.9 Inches. There are four different sizes available.

The high-quality double stitching, snug-fitting, two heavy-duty fastener straps, and drawcord with locking buttons ensure secure protection. Besides, it fits both horizontally and vertically on the speakers.



  • Sand, sun, and water protection
  • Snug fitting
  • Quality double stitch
  • Fits vertically and horizontally



  • Expensive

Waterproof Speaker Cover Material

The best waterproof speaker covers allow for easy sound transmission. They also protect speakers from moisture.

If you’re looking for the right speaker cover, ensure it is made of a material that minimizes moisture penetration. Synthetic fabrics or threads are good at doing this. You can go for 100% polyester.

The material should leave many tiny, square openings that you can see under a magnifying glass or microscope. None of the warp threads should come together.

The tiny spaces in the material should allow sound frequencies ranging from 20Hz to 20 kHz to pass through to the listeners.

How to Make Waterproof Speaker Covers

You can buy a ready-made waterproof speaker cover. However, if you want to make one at home, you can do so. Here are the steps you can follow:

Step 1: Gather all the needed materials

Ensure you have these materials or their equivalents:

  • A yardstick for measuring your speaker dimensions
  • Wood for the frame
  • Dark paint for covering the wooden yardsticks
  • Paintbrush
  • Hammer and nails
  • Tape
  • Waterproof speaker cover material
  • A tool for cutting your wood yardsticks

Step 2: Measure your speakers

Measure the inside area of your speaker. After that, use the dimensions to cut your yardsticks.

Step 3: Paint the yardsticks

Using the paintbrush, paint the wood yardsticks. Ensure the entire wood stick is dark.

Step 4: Wrap the speaker cover fabric

Lay your waterproof speaker cover material on a flat surface and tape it to ensure the material is even. Use dark wood to create a frame where you’ll nail the fabric.

Step 5: Nail the frame

Make sure the frame is symmetrically even, and then nail the corners into the right place.

Step 6: Stick the frame to the speaker

Stick the frame to the speaker using glue or Velcro pieces for the best result. That’s all.

Outdoor Speaker Grill Covers

Most outdoor speakers are designed to resist various weather elements. They are weather-resistant, not weatherproof.

So, they’ll require quality outdoor speaker grill covers to minimize the risk of damage. If you ignore this, water and other objects in your surroundings can destroy the grills.

Use the same tips above to make or choose a suitable outdoor speaker grill cover.

Small Outdoor Speaker Covers

You can customize your outdoor speaker covers as per your size requirement. There are measuring manuals along with a standard-size customization table online.

As we have seen above, you can measure your speaker’s dimensions and make a small cover without any problem.

Outdoor Speaker Covers for the Winter

We’ve said that outdoor speakers are highly resilient. They often remain robust irrespective of temperature variations. Nevertheless, some of these speakers get damaged when exposed to moisture, condensation, and humidity.

For that reason, you should try as much as possible to avoid using your outdoor speakers during the winter season.

However, you can opt for improvised speaker covers if that’s impossible. Professionals encourage people to cover their speakers with plastic bags during cold weather. You can alternatively buy speaker covers that are designed for this purpose.

If you choose to make an outdoor speaker cover for the winter, ensure the fabric can effectively keep the cold air away from your speaker drivers.

Bose Outdoor Speaker Covers

Do you want to protect your Bose speaker system from scratches, dirt, and dust? Bose has designed speaker covers to do that. Buy one online today if you want.


1. Can You Buy A Single Speaker Cover?

There are waterproof speaker covers sold in pairs such as the Two sun dust & water-resistant outdoor speaker cover bags for Yamaha AW294, Definitive Technology AW 5500, Polk Audio Atrium 6, Yamaha AW350 & Bose 251 by SoundCover.

These models are only available in pairs and cannot be sold as single bags.

2. Are Speaker Cover Drain Holes Only On The Bottom When Mounting The Speaker Vertically?

The water drainage holes on the speaker cover appear on the sides and the bottom. The covers can therefore be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

3. Can The Speaker Covers Be Left On All The Time While The Speaker Is Under Use?

Some speaker covers are breathable and can be left on, and the speaker is used with them on.

However, if you play music at high volume levels, there will be some sound distortion. Besides, some waterproofing speaker covers have front opening flaps that allow you to open when playing music and close when not.

4. Will The Speaker Covers Protect Against Humidity?

The waterproof speaker covers are made from materials primarily used for sports bags and BBQ covers. Therefore, the materials are water-resistant and will handle all humidity levels.

5. Should I Cover My Outdoor Speakers?

Covering speakers is not a big issue, especially if you are willing to clean the drivers regularly. Grilles help reduce grime and dust, offering a much cleaner look than exposed speakers.

On the other hand, if you have outdoor speakers, they should be protected and well-maintained. To protect your outdoor speakers, keep them away from water and sunlight. Cover them with waterproof speaker covers, especially when bringing them inside is not practical.

6. How To Make Waterproof Speaker Covers (DIY Waterproof Speaker Covers)

You can make waterproof speaker covers yourself by using any waterproof material that can withstand harsh weather. This includes waterproof fabric such as wool, vinyl, oilcloth, and latex.

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