Best Spotify Equalizer Settings For Rap Music

Norvan Martin
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Rap is a special musical genre with its fast rhymes and quick changes, deep bass, punchy kicks, beats, and tone. Of course, you can listen to rap music on different devices and platforms, but the streaming service Spotify is incredibly well-liked and is one of the most popular.

To achieve the best rap listening experience on Spotify, you can adjust the equalizer settings to emphasize certain frequency ranges that are typically prominent in rap songs.

This guide will help you maximize your sound quality, especially for rap music. 

Here is the quick:

  1. Open Spotify and go to “Settings.”
  2. Scroll down to the “Music Quality” section and tap on “Equalizer.”
  3. Now adjust the sliders of the equalizer. Adjust the sliders to the following levels:
  • 60 Hz: Normally rap is bass-heavy, so decrease slightly to maintain a balanced bass without overpowering other elements. This will create a deeper bass impact.
  • 150 Hz: By increasing this level slightly, you can enhance and add more depth to the bass.
  • 400 Hz: This level affects the warmth and body of the vocals and instruments. Adjust to your preference.
  • 1 kHz: Increase slightly. This will add presence to the instruments.
  • 2.4 kHz: Increase slightly. This will emphasize the crispness and attack of snare drums and similar instruments.
  • 15 kHz: Increase slightly for added clarity at the higher frequencies.

Remember, these settings are just a starting point. Feel free to experiment and adjust the equalizer to suit your taste and the specific characteristics of the headphones or speakers you are using.

Spotify equalizer settings

Additionally, the quality and characteristics of the audio source (recording, production) can also affect the optimal equalizer settings.

Why Use the Spotify Equalizer?

An EQ isolates the frequencies of a track and then modifies the “color” of the audio output. The player can produce a distinctive sound output by doing this. For instance, boosting the bass frequencies can make a song sound more thunderous.

Alternatively, you may improve the treble to make the vocals clearer. Guitars, keyboards, and other musical instruments could have their tone and timbre altered using an EQ. Or, you can eliminate distracting audio from music, such as low rumbling.

When listening to music or podcasts, you can adjust your listening experience using Spotify’s equalizer. The equalization on Spotify is a key tool for customizing your listening experience. You can adjust your music with the manual knobs or the presets.

It’s crucial to know that the Spotify equalizer takes six frequencies into account when altering your music: 60 Hz, 150 Hz, 400 Hz, 1 kHz, 2.4 kHz, and 15 kHz.

A sound’s sonic characteristics can be changed by adjusting the gain of specific frequency bands on an equalization circuit. You won’t want to listen to anything else once you’ve grown accustomed to the resounding beats.

What Spotify Equalizer Setting Is The Best?

On the Spotify platform, there isn’t a universally applicable equalization setting that works best. The optimum Spotify equalizer settings will instead vary depending on the device, streaming quality, musical genres, and even specific songs.

For instance, if you are using the speakers that come with your laptop, it is usually recommended to increase the bass and decrease the mids.

You can ramp up the highs while utilizing speakers that have strong bass to create a sense of balance. Because of this, the best equalizer settings for Spotify may vary greatly depending on the hardware.

The EQ settings that offer the greatest listening experience may vary depending on factors like your age and hearing ability. For instance, the Spotify equalization settings that suit your needs the best might not be the same as those that suit the needs of your senior family or friends.

For instance, the Rap, Classical, Jazz, and Rock music genres are all represented on the Spotify app.

Even if each person has their distinct musical preferences, it’s comforting to know that the streaming giant caters to the majority of people’s tastes. The built-in equalizer settings on Spotify are a huge time saver.

Setting Your Equalizer For Rap Music

Rap is a music genre that frequently emphasizes the low end, whether it comes from the beat or bassline. Of course, with this genre, the lyrics are equally crucial, so you must ensure that you can hear them. If you’re wondering how to use Spotify’s equalization for this purpose, it’s simple!

Select the Hip-Hop preset from the ‘equalizer’ drop-down of the settings, and you’ll notice a bump in the low end and a small spike in the highs.

  • A sub-bass increase from 20 to 60 Hz will increase the power and thud of your song. 
  • Simply remove some of the low-end at 60 Hz and 150 Hz to clear up any muddy audio. Just be careful not to remove too much low-end or the track’s weight will be completely lost. 
  • Incorporate warmth by giving the lower midrange (250Hz–500 Hz) a slight increase.
  • If necessary, a modest increase between 1 kHz and 2.4 kHz will aid in making the lyrics stand out.
  • To make your track sparkle, boost the high frequencies at 8–10 kHz.

You may make little modifications that will help you customize the sound to your tastes by experimenting with various settings. With time and effort, you’ll get a better understanding of what suits you and the best ways to modify your rap equalization settings for the finest audio quality.

With this, you are good to go! Have a blast of your rap songs and more. 

Benefits of Good Equalizer Settings For Rap

The advantage of setting your equalizer to rap is not limited to a better overall experience.

It comes with other benefits such as:

  • If you increase the bass frequencies without boosting the volume, you’ll be able to hear the song better. This may prolong the life of the battery because listening softly consumes less power than listening loudly.
  • If you have problems hearing certain frequencies or like a particular style of music, rap equalizer settings can help you adjust your listening experience. By raising or cutting specific frequencies, you can adjust the sound of the song to your liking.
  • Equalizer settings can help you focus on the music more easily, which can help you reduce distractions if you work or live in a noisy environment. You may make listening more tranquil by eliminating low-frequency noises like traffic noise and human conversation.

Can I Combine Spotify With Other Equalizer Apps?

If you use Spotify on a Mac or PC, you can. However, be aware that third-party apps may damage your device. 


You will find the Spotify equalizer settings for rap useful. You’ll be stunned by how much detail you were previously losing when you use Spotify. Once you get used to the rich sounds of your rap music, probably won’t want to listen to anything else with a lower standard of quality. 

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