Best Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

Under $100

Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers Under 100 Dollars

The latest and greatest in the Bluetooth Speaker industry?  You might think so.  They’re been out and around for a while now and one of the favorite gadgets for avid outdoors people.  Beaches. Camping.  Hiking.  It doesn’t matter.  A solar powered Bluetooth speaker will make your day easier and a lot more fun.  These speakers will have your music bumping and your soul grinding!

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You get to harness natures energy and listen to the tunes of make hands-free calls while you’re fishing, sunbathing, or camping.  The best part? With the power of the sun you’ll never have to recharge a battery or worry about losing your speaker when you most need it.

Have Sun?  Have a Party!

There are some solar powered speakers, like the Eton Rukus, that will actually have the capacity ad efficiency of awesome solar panels to not only power your tunes but will also allow you to charge your cell phone at the same time!  Say what? Say YES!  Now, that’s a BOOM Speaker.

Benefits of a Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Music to Stream

  • Pair a mobile device and keep your music going thanks to the sun for hours on end.

Charge Mobile Devices

  • Take your solar powered speaker and make keep your other devices fueled and charged so that you’re never without a phone or a tablet for calls, internet surfing, or reading your favorite eBook.

Never Go Without Your Music…Even in the Outdoors

  • Long hikes? Camping on the beach?  Multi-day fishing trips?  As long as the sun is present, then you’ll be able to charge your speaker, other devices, and listen to your favorite music or anything else you want to stream.

Going Indoors?  Keep it Charged the Old Fashioned Way

  • What’s the use of technology if you can’t fall back onto old traditions?  If you need to keep you solar powered speaker inside then you can do that and charge it traditionally via micro-USB.

Keep it Near the Water…You’re Safe

Most solar powered Bluetooth speakers are designed to be used in the elements and outside.  Splash proof is pretty basic.

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