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Best Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers Under $100 In 2023

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Are Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers the latest and greatest in the Bluetooth Speaker industry?  You might think so.  Actually, they’ve been out and around for a while now and are one of the favorite gadgets for avid outdoors people going to the beach, camping, or hiking Beaches. Camping.  Hiking.  

It doesn’t matter.  A solar-powered Bluetooth speaker will make your outdoor time easier and a lot more fun, but they can be expensive and were not about that.  So, let’s check out the best solar-powered Bluetooth speakers under $100:

Best Overall
Rugged Rukus Xtreme Rechargeable & Solar Powered...
Best Sound Quality
Eton Soulra XL Solar Powered Sound System for iPod...
Best Outdoors
Alpine Corporation Weather-resistant Bluetooth...
Rugged Rukus Xtreme Rechargeable & Solar Powered...
Eton Soulra XL Solar Powered Sound System for iPod...
Alpine Corporation Weather-resistant Bluetooth...
Best Overall
Rugged Rukus Xtreme Rechargeable & Solar Powered...
Rugged Rukus Xtreme Rechargeable & Solar Powered...
Best Sound Quality
Eton Soulra XL Solar Powered Sound System for iPod...
Eton Soulra XL Solar Powered Sound System for iPod...
Best Outdoors
Alpine Corporation Weather-resistant Bluetooth...
Alpine Corporation Weather-resistant Bluetooth...

1. Best Overall: The Eton Rukus Xtreme

With a timid resemblance to the Rugged Rukus Solar Speaker, the Eton Rukus Xtreme has several architectural advancements. It rocks a modern and creative casing, making it look like a pair of binoculars.

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With an average weight of 4.8 pounds, the Eton Rukus Xtreme may feel a little hefty to carry around.

Luckily, there is a solid integrated handle to help you carry it. It comes with an elastic band on the underside, helping you to conveniently hold your Smartphone.

It comes with an e-Ink display to help you read the status in the sunshine, but you need to be familiar with the symbols.

This solar speaker also features power-bank and speakerphone functionalities and the battery can last up to 6 hours.

Besides having a solar-powered design, the Rukus Xtreme Bluetooth speakers are built to give out a good audio sound.

It gives you well-defined mid-range tones and crisp highs to allow you to have an exciting listening experience. However, they can only produce a moderate amount of bass.

2. Best Sound Quality: The Eton Rukus XL

With a beefier and bigger casing than other solar-powered speakers on the list, the Eton Ruckus XL is built for a party.

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Its size highly contributes to its audio capabilities and its design allows you to easily store it after use.

Due to its large size, the Eton Rukus XL has limited portability, but the sound quality is worth all the effort.

Under its beautiful exterior casing, it comes with dual woofers, two tweeters, and four passive radiators. This gives you an amazing 22W stereo sound and allows you to get enough volume for a party.

The solar panel can be set in different orientations and it doubles as a power bank for small devices like a tablet or Smartphones.

It comes with a cell phone cabinet and a reliable battery life that allows you to party for 8 hours. In addition, it takes 5 hours to charge using sunlight.


3. Best Outdoors: Alpine Corporation Revolutionary Solar & Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker

Alpine has been a revolutionary brand in the electronics industry, especially when it comes to producing Bluetooth speakers.

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This outdoor rock speaker comes in a compact and creatively designed casing that resembles a large rock, weighing about 7.21 pounds.

This solar-powered speaker is lightweight and portable, making it great for different outdoor activities.

The exterior casing is built to withstand extreme weather conditions and the entire speaker is water-resistant.  Additionally, its rock design allows it to blend with most landscapes and the performance is amazing.

For sound clarity and volume, it comes with a 4-inch full-range speaker that features dual cone technology.

The battery can last for about 10 hours and the Bluetooth connection is very stable within a 50-foot range.

It features a 1-inch tweeter that allows you to get crystal clear tunes. However, you should be comfortable with using one unit since it doesn’t allow you to connect two speakers.


4. Smallest: Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Solar

Combining a phone case with a speaker unit, the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 is a portable solar-powered system weighing 15 ounces.

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Measuring about 7.1 inches long, it’s built for convenience and style. The audio clarity is amazing, for its size and it features simple control buttons.

For easier portability, the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 comes with a strong bungee cord that allows you to attach it to a bike handle or bag. This is a really great bicycle handlebar speaker. This wireless speaker also boasts waterproof exteriors, but you cannot fully immerse it in water.

As one of the finest solar-powered Bluetooth speakers, it fully charges within 8 hours of accessing sunlight. However, the USB cord will get the job done within 2.5 hours and the battery lasts for up to 15 hours per charge.

Apart from occasional Bluetooth hiccups, this solar speaker performs very well in outdoor scenes. it gives a natural and well-balanced sound, with clear and crisp audio. The audio is largely audible, making the speaker great for hiking, cycling and camping.

5. Best For Gardens: ION Audio Solar Stone

If you ever wanted a speaker that resembles a rock, the ION Audio Solar Stone is your dream speaker.

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It’s a wonderful solar-powered speaker that blends with almost any outdoor surroundings while giving you an amazing sound.

Inside the rock-shaped cabinet, the ION Audio Solar Stone comes with high-tech sound drivers and a durable battery.

The battery offers a whopping 48 hours of music playtime per charge and it charges fully after spending 55 hours under the sun.

With a 50-60 feet Bluetooth range, this solar-powered speaker delivers a nice sound. You can pair two units to improve the stereo sound and enjoy a kicky bass. More importantly, you won’t find any sibilance or distortion at high volumes.

The ION Audio Solar Stone has an IPX4 water-resistant casing, so it can take water splashes without sustaining any damages. The unit is approximately 10” (H) x 9” (L) x 8” (W) and the audio is rich and full.

6. The MicroSolar B2 Speakers

Built-in a modern and stylish casing, the MicroSolar B2 Speakers are high-performing, flexible, and convenient outdoor speakers.

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The exteriors are water-resistance, allowing you to take it by the beach or pool. It can even soak up the sunshine while underwater.

Rated IP44 waterproof and dustproof, it comes in a pot-like shape with a sturdy casing to make it durable.

At 2.5 pounds, the Microsolar Speakers are also highly portable, all thanks to the strong carrying handle above the solar lid.

It has an impressive battery that can give you 8 hours of non-stop music at full volume. The pot-shape of the Microsolar B2 Speaker allows it to perfectly reflect sound in all directions and deliver a great stereo sound.

The bass has a nice power added to it, but it’s not heart-thumping. However, you don’t get any sound harshness or distortion. You should also keep in mind that there are no extras like a battery bank or auxiliary input.

7. Honeywell Wireless Outdoor Solar Speaker

The Honeywell Wireless Solar speaker is built with the latest technology and the exteriors are designed to be a water resistant speaker.

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It delivers a phenomenal sound performance and allows you to enjoy clarity and bass in the audio. You can control the sound using the remote panel and there is no audio distortion at any level.

This outdoor speaker features a nice solar panel that powers up a robust 8-hour battery. The exterior casing is built for durability and the sound drivers can comfortably pump out a solid sound.

Its modern look allows it to match many interior decors and they perform very well in outdoor settings.

The bass extension circuitry makes the speaker loud, but the audio may not satisfy a serious audiophile. You can easily switch off the dock after using the speaker, but you should keep in mind that the speaker has no on/off switch.

8. Ecoxgear Sol Jam

Ecoxgear has been one of the best manufacturers of outdoor Bluetooth speakers for some time. The Sol Jam is great proof of their commitment to giving you amazing audio in outdoor devices.

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This wireless speaker features a sturdy casing and a rugged look, making the speaker survive both water and sunlight.

Hidden away in a sturdy box-like casing, the Sol Jam is made to be durable and portable. It features a hulk-ish look like the Eton Rugged Rukus and it clocks about 1.5 pounds on the weight scale.

The IPX7-rating on the speaker means that it can survive water splashes and you can submerge it in a meter of water for about 30 minutes.

Thanks to its 1.5W solar panel, the Ecoxgear Sol Jam can power up under the sun within 3 hours. The battery lasts for 3 hours and you can use it as a power bank.

As far as the audio is concerned, the Ecoxgear Sol Jam can get pretty loud in a small gathering. It plays beautifully in all music genres, but the bass may be a little disappointing.

9. Youmoon Solar-powered

Created for those who have a thing for renewable energy, the Youmoon Solar-powered speaker is a small and compact unit. It looks like a standard square alarm clock design, measuring 6” x 6” x 2.3” (LxWxD).

Youmoon Solar-powered

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The body is strong and durable, with a silicone finish on each side and a metal frame going around it. The frame doubles as a hanger and a stand for setting up the speaker in different orientations.

As an IPX4-rated speaker, the Youmoon Solar-powered sound system is water-resistant and dustproof.

It can be used in the rain or as a shower speaker, provided you don’t fully immerse it in water. The Bluetooth connectivity is very strong and you can use a micro-SD card.

The performance of the speaker is great for its size, giving you 5W of pure sound. It may not be exceptionally loud, but the audio is well-balanced.

You will enjoy a decent amount of bass and there is zero distortion at any volume level. Additionally, the battery can last up to 6 hours with a single charge.

Have Sun?  Have a Party!

You get to harness nature’s energy and listen to the tunes of making hands-free calls while you’re fishing, sunbathing, or camping.  The best part? With the power of the sun, you’ll never have to recharge a battery or worry about losing your speaker when you most need it.

There are some solar-powered speakers, like the Eton Rukus, that will actually have the capacity ad efficiency of awesome solar panels to not only power your tunes but will also allow you to charge your cell phone at the same time!  Say what? Say YES!  Now, that’s a BOOM Speaker.

Benefits of Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speakers

Music to Stream

  • Pair a mobile device and keep your music going thanks to the sun for hours on end.

Charge Mobile Devices

  • Take your solar-powered speaker and make keep your other devices fueled and charged so that you’re never without a phone or a tablet for calls, internet surfing, or reading your favorite eBook.

Never Go Without Your Music, Even in the Outdoors

  • Long hikes? Camping on the beach?  Multi-day fishing trips?  As long as the sun is present, then you’ll be able to charge your speaker, and other devices, and listen to your favorite music or anything else you want to stream. You need loud outdoor and portable speakers for this.

Going Indoors?  Keep it Charged the Old Fashioned Way

  • What’s the use of technology if you can’t fall back on old traditions?  If you need to keep your solar-powered speaker inside then you can do that and charge it traditionally via micro-USB.


Most solar-powered Bluetooth speakers are designed to be used in the elements and outside.  Splash-proof is pretty basic, you want IP67 waterproof speakers.


1. What is a solar Bluetooth speaker?

As the name suggests, A portable Bluetooth speaker is a type of Bluetooth speaker that operates and charges from the sun’s power. These speakers include a rechargeable battery that powers the Bluetooth speaker, a solar panel that charges the battery when the solar panel is exposed to sunlight, and a capacitive touch panel that controls the Bluetooth stereo speaker.

2. Does a solar panel in a Bluetooth speaker work without a Wi-Fi connection?

Even if there is no Wi-Fi connection, the solar will generate power. However, the data will not be transmitted or saved. Bluetooth does not need an internet connection of any sort to function. It can easily work without the presence of one. 

3. Why use solar-powered Bluetooth speakers?

  • It is good for the environment as no extra energy is being consumed, only natural energy from the sun. 
  • No electricity gets wasted on charging or making it operational. 
  • You save a lot on your electricity bills, which is a good thing for you and your family, and also, the society. 

4. Can too much sunlight affect my solar Bluetooth speakers?

The components used in making solar-powered Bluetooth speakers can bear the sun’s heat, and the solar panel can take in as much solar energy as possible. So, there will be no harm to your solar Bluetooth speakers. 


Solar-powered speakers are excellent devices if you are always on the go – hiking, camping, and that kind of off-grid activity.

solar powered bluetooth speaker

The massive advantage of these devices is not just the ability to enjoy music without a direct electrical power source, but the ability to charge your devices or say, use a flashlight. It’s certainly no doubt that these are extremely handy devices for survivalists and other outdoor lovers.