Best Powered Speakers for DJs
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For a DJ, professional speakers form an essential part of your sound system as they define how the public enjoys the music.

Other than that, powered DJ speakers are very reliable when it comes to performing to a large cloud. The higher the speaker’s power, the better the audio quality you are likely to get.

After all, poor sound quality is the last thing you’d want after spending days practising, center?

Powered DJ Speaker

Whether you are performing at home or for a paid gig, here are the top powered DJ-speakers that are worth a listen based on their qualities and performance. So, lets jump into our list of the best powered dj speakers:


1. Best Overall: Rockville BPA10 Professional Powered DJ Speakers

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Design: The Rockville BPA10 is a 300watt powered DJ speaker and PA system boasting of high-quality components and incredibly rugged ABS construction.

As such, the speaker delivers greater functionality and durability compared to any other unit at this price point. Moreover, it features a built-in SD card and USB inputs, as well as Bluetooth integration for smooth operation.

Performance: With multiple reliable connections and high-fidelity components, the BPA10 offers superior sound quality.

Its 10-inch woofer provides an incredibly strong bass and acoustic power, ensuring that you enjoy a distortion-free playback. The speaker has a fantastic peak power of up to 400 watts and 100 watts RMS.


The Rockville BPA10 is an ideal unit for anyone who needs a durable and highly functional powered DJ speaker at an affordable price.

This compact and light-weight sound system offer distortion-free sound with massive bass, clear highs, and balanced mids. The remote controller is a little weak, but you can also control the speaker manually. Regardless, all the advantages of these speakers make them the all-round best powered DJ speakers.

2. Most Powerful: Pyle PPHP1049KT 2-Way Powered DJ Speaker

We know you DJs out there will probably read this speaker review first! 🙂 Afterall, what beats a powerful speaker? The is not just power, as you’ll see its easily one of the best powered DJ speakers available for several reasons…

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Design: The PPHP1049KT is a high-powered Bluetooth speaker with 10-inch subwoofers, high-performance tweeters and a compression driver with a titanium diaphragm.

It comes with five inputs options including a 3.5mm AUX input, SD card reader, USB flash drive, Speak-On Input and microphone-In for karaoke.

This heavy duty PA system also comes with a digital LCD-display and button control panel for easy operation.

Performance: With 10-inch subwoofers, this high-powered PA system offers a surround stereo sound with amazing bass.

The speaker claims a maximum audio output of 1000watts peak power and 500watts RMS, allowing you to play your music as loud as you’d like. Indeed, this is one of the loudest speakers you’ll come across. It delivers everything from a thumping bass to chirpy high-end, creating a distortion-free 2-way sound from this versatile cabinet.


The Pyle PPHP1049KT is a versatile and powerful PA system claiming 500watts RMS power with impressive bass and a chirpy high-end. It’s compatible with Bluetooth devices for wireless music streaming, making it ideal for outdoor DJ parties and indoor home use. The microphone has a little static when you speak loudly to it, but the music sounds great. As we said in the intro, this is easily one of the best powered DJ speakers.

3. Most Durable/Best Construction: Turbosound IQ-10 Powered DJ Speaker

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Design: Built in a compact design with convenient carrying handles, the Turbosound IQ-10 is a portable 2-way speaker system with solid construction.

The speaker modeling includes industry standard features like a 10-inch low-frequency driver and a compression driver with high-performance voice coils.

Additionally, the loudspeaker’s performance is handled by a simple and sophisticated digital signal processor, KLARK TEKNIK technology.

Performance:  Equipped with KLARK TEKNIK power amplifier, this lightweight and portable loudspeaker has an impressive 2500watt power output.

The speaker’s voice coil allows it to deliver enhanced high-end performance, giving you the utmost clarity at high volumes and an exceptional full range response at low volume. The sound is loud enough for any occasion, and the bass is heart-thumping thanks to the 10-inch subwoofer.


The Turbosound IQ-10 is a solid 2500Watt two-way powered loudspeaker ideal for a wide range of fixed or portable installations. The IQ-10 boasts of cutting-edge technology and features, crammed into a compact design to ensure it provides the most explicit signal and best performance possible. It may seem pricey, but its performance and construction are worth it all.

4. Most Versatile: Mackie Thump15A Powered Speaker For DJs

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Design: With a new professional enclosure and solid protection system, the Mackie Thump15A gives you the confidence to walk into your next gig.

The Thump comes with an inbuilt 2-channel mixer that instrument and mic signals with ease, allowing you to plug into the speaker without using an external mixer.

This speaker also comes with a universal internal power supply, something that no other powered loudspeaker can claim.

Performance: Designed to sound better than its predecessors, the Thump15A delivers a proven chest-thumping bass in a highly affordable package.

To keep up with the DJ’s demands, it features an innovative 1300watt amplifier with Dynamic Bass Response technology.

It also claims an incredibly fast response to bass-heavy music, giving you maximum whenever you need it.


Designed with a professional enclosure for heavy use, the Mackie Thump15A can easily match the demands of a DJ and modern music performers. Thanks to its 1300watt high-powered amplifier, the speaker has an excellent volume and a thumping bass as well. The bass boost can be overwhelming for a small room, though the speaker is designed to offer a balanced sound in large spaces.

5. Best Features: Behringer Eurolive B210D PA Speaker

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Design: This speaker from Behringer is a perfect combination of a 10-inch woofer with the revolutionary class-D amplifier.

It features an integrated sound processor that protects the speaker and also gives you ultimate control over the entire system. All these features are contained in a strong and lightweight plastic housing that gives the speaker a solid look.

Performance: With a high-quality amplifier, the Eurolive B210D speaker delivers a marvellous sonic performance.

It features an internal power supply to give you a transient response and noise-free audio experience. The power supply also enables the speaker to consume low amounts of power, while delivering 100watts of sonic sound and 200watts peak power.


Built by Behringer, a company that has shown tremendous improvements in the quality of their speakers, the Eurolive B210D demonstrates that cheap doesn’t always mean low-quality. It has great power for home and touring DJ, giving you a solid sonic performance in the super-light unit. Moreover, its robust exterior promises you a prolonged useful life.

6. Best Bass: JBL EON612 Powered Speakers For DJs

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Design: The JBL’s return of the EON series brings us a revamped speaker with a superior sound quality that none of its predecessors can match.

The speaker is yet another lightweight unit weighing about 15kgs, giving you maximum portability.

Additionally, the speaker adds Bluetooth technology among its features to allow you to control the equalization and volume parameters conveniently.

Performance: Sound-wise, the EON612 is the best sounding speaker in the EON series. JBL has optimized the speaker’s enclosure for ideal resonance, offering you a tremendous performance with a wonderful volume.

It has a 12-inch subwoofer for thumping bass, delivering up to 1000watts at peak power and 500watts continuously (RMS).  However, the built-in Bluetooth does not support music streaming.


Designed and constructed by JBL engineers, the EON612 powered DJ speaker leverages the latest advancements acoustic science and cabinet materials and is easily one of the best powered DJ speakers. It offers true versatility and portability at a great price point, allowing you to enjoy a remarkable performance for any occasion. Furthermore, it comes with a built-in handle for easy transportation.

7. Best For Parties: Grindhouse GH210L-Pair Powered DJ Speakers

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Design: The Grindhouse GH210L is a pair of passive loudspeakers with built-in dual 10-inch high output ribbed cone woofers.

Also, there is a 1-inch high-temperature multilayer copper voice coil built on a high-frequency 1-inch horn tweeter for high-quality sound.

The covering is of a rugged material with a steel mesh screen to prevent damage to the horn and speaker.

Performance: GH210L has a power rating of 525W RMS, a 1050W peak power to give a well-balanced sound with no distortions or overtones even at maximum volume.

The built-in 1-inch high-frequency horn tweeter and the dual 10-inch high output cone woofers provide high-quality audio with balanced mids and highs.


If you’re looking for a speaker to turn your party lively, the Grindhouse GH210L is the speaker to buy for a DJ, public address and public speech. The GH210L speaker is a brand pro audio gear, a high-quality product that produces superb sound and is very affordable. Just give GH210L a shot and get to enjoy a quality product with unique features.

8. Best Two-Way: QSC K10 2-Way Powered Speaker

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Design: The QSC K10 is a two-way powered speaker with a 10-inch woofer, 1000W class-D power amplifier through a 500W bi-amped system.

With a lightweight and rugged housing, it’s a highly portable speaker with a professional appearance for any DJ.

It has a range of inputs for easy connectivity and also comes with ergonomic aluminum handles for easy portability.

Performance: QSC K10 is a game changer; with redesigned efficient power modules this speaker sets new standards for active public address systems.

The class-D amplifier gives out clean 1000Watt continuous power with 2000 Watts at peak. That allows the speaker to produce a deep sound with tight lows and clear highs with no overtones even at high volumes. All this comes in a lightweight and user-friendly package.


Whether you are a live performer or a mobile DJ, the QSC K10 is a versatile and indispensable speaker that lives to its reputation in quality, reliability, and durability. With so much power (1000watts), the K10 can comfortably take center stage as a primary public address system in a wide range of events. You can get other alternatives for much less, but the performance and durability are unrivaled.

9. Best Sound Quality: Harmony Audio HA-C10A Powered DJ Speaker

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Design: Harmony HA-C10A include a large, powerful amplifier, a multi-input mixer, and a high-performance PA speaker in a 10-inch 400W powered speaker cabinet.

The cabinet features audio input, microphone input, and XLR audio output for daisy chaining. Moreover, the cabinet includes 1-inch titanium compression tweeter, high-quality woofer, three molded carry handles, and a recessed 35mm stand mount.

Performance: With 10-inch woofer, the Harmony Audio HA-C10A has a power handling capacity of 200 watts RMS and 400 watts peak.

The superior audio signal brought to you by this powered speaker eliminates all buzzing, crackles and hums. It boasts of solid bass performance and wonderful listening experience with a loud volume.


This Harmony Audio powered speaker is ideal for DJ parties, public address and speech delivery to a large crowd. The sound performance is well balanced, with adjustable bass and treble to give you a personalized audio experience. The speaker also rocks durable material that can last for years; saving replacement costs and improving efficiency.

10. Most Portable: Costway 2-way Powered DJ speaker

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Last but certainly not least on the best powered DJ speakers is the Costway 2-way Powered DJ speaker.

Design:  A mountable unit with a tripod stand, the Costway 2-way powered speaker comes with a high power 15-inch woofer with the 2-inch aluminum voice coil.

It comes with a corded microphone and built-in Bluetooth to help you stream music wirelessly from other Bluetooth devices.

Moreover, Costway supports USB and SD Card reader and has ergonomically shaped handles for easy portability.

Performance: While the speaker is compatible with a range of devices, this Costway speaker can deliver 3000watts of audio power at peak and 400watts RMS.

The woofers feature high-power aluminum voice coils for a pounding bass, while the tweeters come with piezo compression horns for crystal clear and loud highs. The remote can be a little tricky to use, but the speaker’s performance is very impressive.


When throwing a party for friends, or performing on a live show, the Costway 2-way speaker will be a reliable partner for you. The Bluetooth feature is highly convenient, and the audio performance is thrilling. Moreover, you can keep track of your music using the built-in LED display, while the function buttons give you total control of the system.


That’s It!

There you have it! The best powered DJ speakers. These speakers are ideal for DJs for a number of clear reasons. They are not just powerful but include a number of important features that make them perfect for jamming on the turntables!

By the way, if you are looking for a DJ speaker for home use, these powered speakers may be overkills. You can check out our DJ speakers for home use guide instead.