Loud Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers: The 5 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Outdoor Use

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Whether it be walking by the beach or hiking up in the mountains, you love spending time outdoors, but you definitely don’t want to leave your music behind. For the avid outdoors person, you need a Bluetooth speaker that loud and powerful as well as portable, but rugged enough to endure a few slight bumps in the road. We’re tallking about loud outdoor bluetooth speakers! It therefore makes sense to take some time to review the best portable Bluetooth speakers so you can find the best fit for your outdoor needs.

So in short, if you like to spend your time out in the wild, you need a Bluetooth speaker that is both loud and durable.


Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers-What to Consider When Buying Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

When shopping around for a small speaker for your desk, you may consider sound quality and size, but when looking for a speaker to use in your campsite, there is a different set of criteria that your Bluetooth speaker needs to meet.

Durability – Your speaker needs to be able to handle the unexpected. At very least, your choice in speaker should at least be able to endure splashes of water and a bumpy ride down the road. Look for speakers with an IPX4 water resistance rating or above as well as one that has a bit of armor.

Portability – What good is a speaker if it weighs 100 pounds and you really don’t want to lug it around? The more durable outdoor models will be a bit heavier than your indoor ones, but the best ones won’t be unwieldy.

Functionality – This criterion can be different for every person. Some want a Bluetooth speaker that is easy to use and to set up while others want it to be able to do a number of functions at a touch of a button.

In other words, you need a strong, loud outdoor bluetooth speaker. Its that simple.

From fairly substantial to downright heavy-duty, here are five of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market to toss in the back of your truck and take out into the wilderness.


Loudest: The Big Turtle Shell

When considering loud outdoor bluetooth speakers, the Big Turtle Shell is one of the ‘biggest’ in terms of sound, its LOUD! If you personally go out of your way to find the most remote outdoor areas so you can play your music really loud or if you want a Bluetooth speaker that can really bring the volume, Outdoor Tech’s Big Turtle Shell speaker is really your best option.

If you believe that the best portable Bluetooth speaker is the loudest speaker, then you need not go any further.

While its contemporary design may suggest a lack of durability, Outdoor Tech specifically designed the speaker so that it is not only easily recognizable, but built tough. With a stable foundation and a grill to protect from dust and water splashes, The Big Turtle Shell can stand with the best of them. However, its true highlight is performance.

The design allows it to pump out optimal sound quality at 110 decibels, making it easily the loudest outdoor Bluetooth speaker on the market. The turtle shell design also comes in a smaller, less loud size for easy transport. However, The Big Turtle Shell does have handles for easier transportation.


Most Affordable: Photive Hydra

The Photive Hydra is one of the most popular outdoor Bluetooth speakers on the market, and for good reason. Encased in a smooth rubber grip on all sides, the speaker is water resistant and easy to carry around. The speaker itself is cover in a tough metal grill to protect it from any outside irritants. In other words, it’s a heavy duty Bluetooth speaker. With a water resistance rating of IPX6, the Hydra can withstand splashes, but should not be submerged in water.

Where the Photive Hydra really shines is in its sound quality. It is small, but it is fierce. While the bass is not earth-shattering, it is respectable for its size, but the clarity is amazing. The sound is so clear that it sounds like the vocals and instrumentals are coming from different speakers, but they are not. With its small size and punchy sound, the Photive Hydra is a great choice for the outdoors person who is always on the go.


Most Durable: UE BOOM 2

Don’t be deceived by its sleek and fashionable design. The UE Boom 2 only looks like it should stay indoors, yet it had made this list of the best portable Bluetooth speakers for good reasons.  In fact, its portable and eye-pleasing design is both durable and gives a great performance. Due to its design, the UE BOOM 2 gives off the loudest 360-degree sound on the market in crystal clear quality.

While small and easy to put out of harm’s way, if it does come into danger, the BOOM comes with sealed ports to keep liquid and debris away from its sensitive components. While the exterior mesh looks weak, it has been coated with water and stain resistant materials, making it look like an indoor speaker, but perform like an outdoor speaker. No wonder it comes in as most durable on the list of best portable Bluetooth speakers.


Most Portable: Divoom Voombox

The Voombox may be tiny, but it is tough. This is a heavy duty bluetooth speaker. With 6 drivers and a 15-watt output, the Voombox can put out a powerful sound making its portable shell so deceptive. The speaker is encased in a strong metal body that is reinforced with shock-absorbing rubber, making it ready for whatever adventure you have ahead.

Although it only has a IPX4 water resistance rating (making it only safe from splashes), you can enjoy 12 hours of omni-directional sound on one charge. Its small size and weight also make it easy to slip into a pack so that you are not carrying an 80’s-style boom box on your shoulder over to your campsite.


Overall Best: Fugoo Tough

When considering a list of the best portable Bluetooth speakers,  portability, durability, functionality, and sound quality are the most important factors. So, what’s the overall best? Which tops the list of best portable Bluetooth speakers?

It is the fierce-looking Fugoo Tough. This is a real heavy duty Bluetooth speaker!

Marketed as the world’s most rugged Bluetooth speaker, this is one model that lives up to its reputation. With six drivers spread across four sides, the Fugoo Tough delivers loud 360-degree sound at a respectable 95 decibel volume.

That performance is all wrapped up in a tough shell that isn’t just for show. While its IPX5 rating makes this speaker safe from splashes, it is also snow-proof, mud-proof, and dust-proof, assuring you can do pretty much everything with this speaker along for the ride.

Is there any wonder as to why the Fugoo Tough comes in as the best portable Bluetooth speaker?

While all of that is excellent in an outdoor Bluetooth speaker, does it really merit the $300 price tag? It does when you consider that its charger holds for 40 hours of continuous use. Yes, you didn’t read that wrong, 40 hours! So, if you spend more time out in the bush than you do in the house, the Fugoo Tough is definitely worth the investment. If you think about it, the Fugoo really meets the criteria for the best loud outdoor Bluetooth speakers.




There you go, our review of the best portable Bluetooth speakers. Think about which factors are most important to you and choose the speaker that is right for your outdoor needs. Whether you are going hiking, camping, cycling or any other rigorous outdoor activity, then you surely found your match on this list. Apart from that, just go with the Fugoo, a loud, tough, heavy duty Bluetooth speaker. You certainly won’t go wrong with that power box.

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