best ihome bluetooth speaker reviews
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For over 10 years, the iHome brand has gradually established itself as a major player in the speaker industry.

iHome is a division of SDI Technologies, a company with over 60 years of experience in consumer electronics, having an impressive catalog of award-winning products.

The distinction with iHome is that they design speakers with a variety of iPhone, iPad and iPod users in mind, hence the ‘i’ in iHome.

In the post, we are looking at the best iHome speakers in different categories available today.

best ihome bluetooth speaker

If you are looking for a portable iHome speaker that while small delivers a powerful sound, then the iHome iM60 is an excellent option.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a powerful little system that complements your home decor and can charge your devices as well as play your music, then the iHome iDL45 is a great choice. We will be reviewing these and other speakers below.


1. iHome iBT74BXXC Color Changing Bluetooth Speaker

The iHome iBT74BXXC is a robust wireless speaker that features a built-in microphone for speakerphone capability. It comes with a high-tech noise-cancellation feature that ensures audio clarity while on calls.

This Bluetooth speaker features up to 6 color modes (similar to other RGB color speakers) which may be switched off to save power. The in-built Li-ion battery can play music for up to 6 hours. The device powers up within four hours when connected to a power circuit.

The audio performance of this stylish speaker is also amazing, allowing you to enjoy a strong bass and well-defined mids. Moreover, this Bluetooth speaker weighs about 520 grams, and it comes with convenient carrying straps, making it highly portable.

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2. iHome iM60 Rechargeable Mini Speaker

As one of the smallest iHome Speaker systems, the iM60 is a portable, handheld unit that offers a size defying sound. It comes in a vacuum bass design, allowing it to conveniently produce an incredible volume and bass response, for its size.

For versatility, the iHome iM60 speaker system comes with collapsible speakers that allow you to use a single speaker for a mono experience. This collapsible speaker also allows you to connect two units for a simulated stereo experience.

The iM60 contains an inbuilt amplifier, powered by a robust rechargeable battery that can last for up to 8 hours. It also features charging, and power LED lights.

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3. iHome iPL8XHG Dual Alarm Clock FM Radio

The iHome iPL8XHG is a small and compact unit that takes minimal space of your desk and delivers a huge FM stereo sound. The lighting dock allows you to charge all lightning-compatible devices while playing music. It also allows you to accurately set the time on your device using Auto Time Sync.

Built with dual side-firing speakers designed in Reson8 sealed enclosures, it delivers a fantastic stereo separation. The sound allows you to enjoy clear highs and strong bass.

With a backlit display to show time, the iHome iPL8XHG speaker system also works well as an alarm clock and FM radio. It also comes with a backup battery, but you may encounter a few issues while using the dock to charge your phone.

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4. iHome iBT84 Splashproof Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

The iHome iBT84 is one of the finest stereo speakers that offer up to 6 color modes and strong Bluetooth connectivity. The speaker construction features IPX-4 waterproof material, making the speaker splash-proof and durable.

This wireless speaker comes with dual stereo drivers for a rich and detailed sound, with clear highs and strong bass. It also features a high-tech built-in microphone with a digital echo-canceling feature for speakerphone capability.

Though the speaker is a little bigger compared to other wireless speakers on the market, it comes in a strong, portable case. More importantly, the iHome iBT84 features a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 10 hours and can double as a power bank.

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5. iHome iDL45 lighting Dock With FM Radio

The iDL45 speaker is a beautifully crafted sound system with a nice charging dock for your Apple devices. It comes in rectangular box design, and the exteriors are well put together for durability.

At only 1.3 kg, the iHome iDL45 lighting dock is a highly portable unit with a 1-hour backup battery and an FM radio. The battery life may not be admirable, but it compensates what it lacks in power with an amazing sound performance.

For an enjoyable user-experience, it comes with large control buttons on the upper side and an attractive display on the front side. Furthermore, it features specially sealed enclosures for sound clarity, power, and depth.

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6. iHome iDL46 Lightning Dock With Clock Radio

The IDL46 is a modern iHome speaker that lets you play music from your IOS devices while charging them through a lightning dock. It comes with a programmable clock that features custom alarm settings and a backup battery that sustains it during power interruptions.

Its reson8 speaker chambers are specially built to deliver an astounding audio clarity, power, and depth. It also features multiple sound enhancements, including treble, bass, balance and 3D equalizer settings that let you customize the sound.

The exterior casing is built with plastic and aluminium materials, making the speaker durable and elegant. Moreover, it features a user-friendly control panel, but it may feel a little heavy to carry around.

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7. iHome iPL8 Stereo Clock Radio

With six programmable FM stations and the ability to play music via a docking unit, the iHome iPL8 Stereo Dock is a flexible sound system. It comes in a nice compact design, and isquite easy to set up.

When it comes to sound, the iPL8 has an incredible audio performance for its size. The stereo separation is wonderful, and the quality of the sound is crystal clear.

For portability, the iPL8 stereo speaker comes in a relatively small unit. However, you will need to remove your phone’s casing to fit in the dock.

8. iHome iHM16 Portable Speaker System

The iHome iHM16 is a small and portable stereo speaker that uses four “AA” batteries to play music from your phones and tablets. This compact and durable speaker delivers decent sound quality and clarity.

It’s easy to connect the speaker with your devices, but it’s only powered by batteries, which lasts for a limited time.  Additionally, the iHM16 features a clean, contemporary design that can complement any décor.

The iHM16 comes with high-fidelity speakers and a sturdy casing, but it produces some static noise after prolonged use. The audio may also distort at high volume.

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9. iHome iBT29BC Bluetooth Color Changing Speaker

The iHome iBT29BC is an elegant speaker system that allows you to stream music from all your Bluetooth-enabled devices conveniently. Thanks to the in-built high-tech speaker, it delivers a crystal clear sound, and the volume is very impressive.

This iHome speaker system features a cool display and a simple cabinet for holding your devices. Additionally, the unit comes in a sturdy and highly portable unit, with five color-changing lights to improve the ambience.

For a hands-free experience when receiving calls, the iBT29BC comes with an inbuilt microphone. It also features other convenient features, including an FM radio and an alarm clock.

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10. iHome iBT290B Wireless Color Changing Speaker

Built using the latest SDI technology, the iHome iBT290B is a high-tech color changing speaker with an alarm clock. This wireless speaker uses Bluetooth to stream music, and features an FM radio.

To give you hands-free experience while on calls, it features an inbuilt microphone with an echo-cancellation feature. This dual alarm speakerphone functions as a power source for your devices, and the sound is pretty good for its size.

Aside from its elegant exteriors, the iBT290B comes in a small and compact size for portability and durability. Furthermore, it comes with intuitive controls to customize the sound and light intensity.

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Why iHome Speakers?

After reading these iHome speaker reviews, do you really need to ask?

Just kidding…

iHome is a division of SDI Technologies, a company with over 60 years experience in general consumer electronics innovation. This includes a wide range of electronic toys including Beauty & The Beast, SpiderMan, Shopkins, and Pirates of the Caribbean. More on SDI below.

best ihome speakers

Today, iHome remains the #1 selling brand in digital player speakers space with a wide range of award-winning devices. In fact, other devices under the brand include alarm clocks, clock radios, headphones, a smartphone and tablet.


About SDI Technologies and Home Speakers

Founded in 1956, SDI Technologies designs manufactures and markets a broad range of consumer electronics that set new standards for quality and innovation in various categories.

SDI’s key product lines include alarm clocks, clock radios, portable speakers, home audio systems, headphones, and smartphone/tablet accessories.

SDI markets these products under the iHome and Timex brands.

SDI’s affiliate, KIDdesigns / eKids, manufactures and markets a broad range of electronic toys and youth electronics under several national brands, including Beauty & The Beast, SpiderMan, Shopkins, Jojo, Frozen, Doc Mcstuffins, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, Cars, My Little Pony, Despicable Me, and several others.

ihome speaker

Our products feature innovative technologies and interactive applications for role-playing, learning, and entertainment for boys and girls of all ages.

SDI supports its products with national advertising on television, in print, online, outdoor, and through PR and social media campaigns, and has won industry awards for its innovative products, unique features, and custom designs.

SDI has six offices and facilities throughout North America and Asia with over 400 employees. SDI designs and develops all of its products, packaging, and displays in-house and performs cross quality control checks in both the US and Asia, which is how it maintains one of the lowest return rates in the industry, in addition to its 99% on-time shipping record.

SDI’s products can be found worldwide through virtually every distribution network in over 70 countries.


Bottom Line:

iHome’s first system,  an iPod-docking clock radio, proved to be extremely popular,  it was the top-selling iPod accessory for the year.

good ihome speaker

This success firmly established iHome as a major brand in the audio accessories industry. In fact, some of the best iHome speakers are equally some of the top-selling speakers in the digital player speaker industry.

Today, iHome has expanded into a much wider array of devices including alarm clocks, headphones,  smartphones and tablets. This demonstrates the brands established stature in the marketplace and the mark of quality that it offers with its products.