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While most serious games will opt for a great pair of Bluetooth headphones for gaming, there’s really nothing quite like filling a room with the sound of your current gaming love affair with an awesome Bluetooth speaker.


Whether that’s the “pew, pew, pew” or rapid machine-gun fire of first-person shooters like Overwatch and Call of Duty or the serene music and sound effects of No Man’s Sky.  Something like Star Wars: Battlefront really does magic for a room!

According to our research, studies and testing-the below speakers are the best Bluetooth speakers for gaming with passion and deft skill.

Lowest Cost…Good performance and Value

Sykik SPEA0218BT

Besides the really cool name of these speakers there’s also a lot going for them despite the very low price tag at under $100

  • Very small space taken up. You can put the bass box under the desk at your feet and both speakers at desk level, on either side for a great experience.
  • Cool brushed design with fresh looking blue LED light giving the Sykik a modern, sleek look.
  • Easy to set up. Quick to get going and gaming with great sound.
  • One year Sykik warranty.
  • Bluetooth will connect to most compatible devices including smart phones TV, computers, etc.
  • The option of Bluetooth/wireless connection or wired via RCA input ports.
  • Front-facing volume and bass controls.
  • Sub Woofer: 9”H, 5”W, 11” D. Satellite speakers each: 3.5”x3.5”x3.5”.

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Mid Range Cost…Great Performance, Sound and Value

Logitech Z323 Speaker System

We thought about NOT including the Logitech Z323 in this list because it’s NOT a true Bluetooth device as it needs the Bluetooth adapter that it comes with.  That being said, it’s a monster of a device the provides accurate, crisp sound to that makes all the pops, echoes, and crashing of gaming a joy.

  • Immersive Logitech 360-degree sound for crystal-clear, room-filling audio.
  • Ported, down-firing subwoofer delivers deep, rich bass
  • RCA and 3.5 mm inputs for easy connections to a gaming console, DVD player or iPod.
  • Great ratings on Amazon with 4.3 out of 5 stars in over 750 reviews at the time of our review.

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High End Prices for the Best Sound in Gaming from Bluetooth Speakers

Rockford Fosgate P560

For the ultimate experience in computer gaming sound, then you need this monster of a product from Rockford!

The sound is so clear, the surround sound SO intense and accurate that you would swear that you’re wearing headphones.

You’ll easily be able to determine which direction those enemy footsteps are approaching from and the minute (but necessary) grunts of an approaching an enemy or an ally.

  • 1000+ watts total peak power (530 watts RMS) delivering the most powerful audio entertainment
  • Convenient desktop control includes: on/off switch, input source selection, master volume control, bass volume control, surround control, headphone output jack, auxiliary input jack
  • The system offers various methods of connectivity including Bluetooth, Optical, RCA, AUX, and the latest in gaming sound cards
  • Ideal for watching movies, gaming, or playing music
  • The system includes: (4) satellite speakers, (1) center channel, (1) subwoofer, (1) multi-function control pod, (1) wireless IR control, and (5) speaker wires

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Wrap Up

We should tell you that if you are seeking a surround sound gaming experience, the best way we have found to do that is with a gaming chair with speakers. You can check out our list of the best gaming chairs with speakers.