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Best Gaming Chairs with Bluetooth Speakers

It doesn’t matter if you believe in the PC master race or are a tried and true console junkie, there is one piece of equipment that can enhance any gaming experience, regardles. It is not the headset or the peripherals, it is the chair! While gaming chairs are a worthwhile investment for those that want to enhance their gaming prowess, or just want to be able to game longer in a more comfortable way, not all gaming chairs are created equal. There are gaming chairs that are made for comfort and ergonomics and then there are gaming chairs that are set up for comfort and ergonomics with speakers. Below is a list of the very best gaming chairs on the market.

Top PC Gaming Chairs for Grown Ups and Serious Gamers

Not only can the sound of explosions, laser blasts, and the clang of swords right by your ears enhance your immersion, but it can even help you detect those subtle footsteps of an enemy sneaking up on your six. Yet, you can have that immersion with just a few wires, but this world is quickly advancing beyond wired technology. If you have your house fully integrated with Bluetooth for your music, why shouldn’t it be the same way for your gaming?

Why You Should Have a Speaker in your Gaming Chair?

When it comes to gaming, these days it is all about immersion. They craft intricate stories, go for either intense realism or the quality suspension of disbelief, and even VR is about better getting you pulled into the world of the game.

If you have a surround sound system, then that offers some decent immersion, but there is no better experience than sound that you can actually feel. Getting blown away by a tank shell in Battlefield has never felt so satisfying when your entire chair starts vibrating from the noise.

While you can get away with getting some satisfying sound, volume, and vibration from other sound systems, they likely won’t be Bluetooth and they will like be a couple thousand dollars in price and take up a lot of room in your house unlike a Bluetooth gaming chair that is both wireless, affordable, and produces quality sound in a complete and compact package.

Features to Look for in a Bluetooth Gaming Chair

When shopping for a gaming chair, there are a number of features that you need to keep in mind, but if you want a specifically Bluetooth gaming chair, then those features that qualify a good chair begin to shift slightly. You not only need a chair that is going to last, but other factors, like sound quality, begin to matter.

Material and Style

Even if you are looking for a chair that is able to immerse yourself in sound, you still want it to be not only a quality chair that will last, but a comfortable one. Otherwise, you might find yourself not even using it. As for the style of chair, typically companies only make them in two styles, rocker and executive. However, the executive-style chair are a rarity, but necessary if you intend to do a lot of PC gaming.

As for material, you often have a lot more options available to you. Leather, pu leather, and faux leather are all popular across both rocker and executive-style chairs. However, mesh is also a popular material, though often only as an addition. Leather, be it fake or real, makes for the sturdiest chairs and also makes them easy to clean. However, if you get hot easily, you will want to either choose mesh or find a chair with air holes in the back to keep things from getting too ridiculously hot.

Ease of Use

What is the point of having a Bluetooth gaming chair if you can’t figure out how to use it? Not only should a good Bluetooth chair be easy to set up, but the control panel should be in a place where it won’t get in the way, but you can still reach it when you need to make adjustments.

Thankfully, ease of use for Bluetooth chairs isn’t normally so complicated. Other wireless chairs require setting up a transmitter for each of your devices, but the benefit of using Bluetooth is typically it is just a button press away from being synced.

However, more important is the placement. You don’t want something that will be in the way where you will constantly have to worry about pressing the buttons and volume control accidentally. You will also need to consider if the controls will be damaged after years of repeated use. Some gaming chairs put the controls in the actual seat of the chair and as the cushion get smashed down, so, too, do the controls. Many are in a protective casing, but that can also be a problem when it comes to comfort.


It can be difficult to judge the sound quality in a gaming chair, even when shopping for one in person since you can’t actually test the speakers. In order to get good quality sound, you want to stick with a brand you can trust, which in this market is either X Rocker or Lumisource.

When shopping, typically you want to pick a model that comes with both speakers and a subwoofer, since without the subwoofer, you lose a bit of the depth of sound. However, the larger the subwoofer, the more powerful the sound vibration will be in the chair itself, but you run the risk of other problems like a loss in clarity or a subwoofer hum.

It is also important to consider the placement of the speakers. If they are in the front of the backrest, your own back could muffle the sound. If they are in the back of the backrest, then that sound is getting radiated behind you. These two issues are typically compensated by excellent volume. However, the optimum placement is on the sides of the backrest. This way, the sound is still radiated somewhat towards you, without being muffled by your body.

Wireless Gaming Chairs VS Bluetooth Speaker Gaming Chairs

When it comes to picking out a gaming chair, it can be a frustrating process, especially if you want wireless, but specifically Bluetooth. Typically, the terms are used interchangeably, and it is not wrong to do so. Bluetooth is a form of wireless after all, but not the only form of wireless.

When shopping for a wireless gaming chair that uses Bluetooth, many sellers will just say that it is “wireless,” but to be safe you should lean more towards models that specifically say Bluetooth. As Bluetooth is the gold standard of wireless, smart companies won’t miss a chance to put it in the description.

Budget Bluetooth Gaming Chairs Under $200

If you want the sound and immersion of a Bluetooth gaming chair, but don’t want to break the bank, then you are in luck. There are a number of great Bluetooth-ready gaming chairs that provide quality sound and comfort for under $200. While you can get a gaming chair without Bluetooth or even without speakers for under $100, for Bluetooth you need to be ready to throw down a little more. However, you need to be aware that if you are going budget, you may not be able to get a good PC gaming chair unless you have a particularly low desk.

GM Seating

At a glance, the GM Seating chair looks just like your average ergonomic office chair, but that split lumbar support is actually a set of Bluetooth speakers that provide sound and soothing vibration from said sound. This is an excellent chair if you are big into PC gaming because it is tall enough to sit at a desk. Unfortunately, while the vibration from the sound is nice, having your back against it does muffle it slightly, but it has smaller speakers on the back that help negate it.

With controls on the base, out of the way from accidentally hitting them, even if you aren’t using the speakers, this is actually quite the quality office chair. The tilt adjusts and locks, the seat depth adjusts, the armrests adjust, and even the lumbar speakers adjust for an even more comfortable sit.

X Rocker Surge

Although rocker-style chairs have a near monopoly on gaming chairs with speakers – wireless, Bluetooth, or otherwise – typically the cheaper you go, the worse quality you get. When it comes to the rocker-style from the trusted X Rocker brand, the Surge is as cheap as you go without sacrificing either a lot of sound quality, bass, or both. The Surge comes with crystal clear sound that radiates out of the side speakers at the top of the headrest and respectable bass that you can feel from the subwoofer inside the chair.

Although it is built in the rocker-style with easy to clean faux leather, the Surge also features the racing-style inspired air space in the back to keep your shoulders nice and breezy so your back doesn’t completely overheat during long gaming sessions.

Lumisource BoomChair Stingray

Lumnisource makes a number of great gaming chairs in its BoomChair line, but the most affordable of which is the Stingray. Although it looks a little flimsy at a glance, it is a surprising sturdy little chair that you can tell was built with immersion in mind.

The whole idea behind the Stingray is to be able to move while you game. It is a concept that is not for everyone, but the way the chair is made allows the user to easily move around while they are playing. With the speakers on the side, you get the sound radiating upwards as you play. However, they are located far enough away that even those with wide bottoms don’t really have a problem of covering them up.

One potentially problematic feature is the position of the control panel, though. Since it is positioned literally right between your legs, it is something that you can expect to accidently hit on occasion. However, the placement is actually pretty convenient when you need to plug in headphones, which is likely what they had in mind when they created it.

X Rocker 0287401

When shopping for gaming chairs, the racing-style is one of the most popular designs around. They comfortably cradle the body and are actually the perfect design for the long gaming sessions. However, very few racing-style chairs actually come with speakers. This X Rocker model is the rare exception.

Although you don’t get the color options that come with other chairs, you get a racer-style executive chairs that prioritizes comfort without impeding sound quality. The Bluetooth speakers on the back pump out surprisingly loud sound with the controls located on the seat of the chair. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a separate subwoofer so don’t expect any vibrating bass from this gaming chair.

What it lacks in bass, it does make up for in volume, though. While it lacks a lot of the finer adjustable features of higher end office chairs, because the control panel is on the actual seat, you do get more resilient padding in the seat which makes it much more comfortable than your typical racing model.

Black Sound Kube Ottoman

If you’re not willing to throw down the cash on a Bluetooth gaming chair that you may or may not even like, a good alternative is to get an ottoman like the Black Sound Kube. Not only is it an affordable way to get immersive sound, but it can transform your already favorite chair into a respectable gaming chair.

The faux leather is both padded and attractive with large speakers that radiate sound throughout a room. Although it is a little bulky for an ottoman, it does also have a storage compartment so you can store things like your headset or your controllers in one convenient place. However, because it is not built specifically to be a chair, there is no headphone jack or other nice features you get with actual chairs.

Top Picks for the BEST Bluetooth Speaker Gaming Chairs

If money isn’t really an issue and you just want the best Bluetooth gaming chair to suite your particular needs, we have you covered. However, you need to evaluate what features you specifically need over a gaming chair, because you might have to make some sacrifices.

Most Powerful Subwoofer

 X Video Rocker Vibe

If you want a serious subwoofer, one that has the power to shake your seat, you won’t find one in a gaming chair not even if you have serious cash to burn. You won’t find a subwoofer bigger than four inches. However, what you can aim for is a chair like the Vibe. It features clear sound and great bass, each controlled by separate volume and bass controls, but features a vibration mode that is not only soothing, but strengthened by that bass blasting off with each exciting moment in your game. While the vibration doesn’t enhance the bass, the bass does enhance the vibration.

Bass and vibration aside, this racing-inspired rocker-style chair features a comfortable and easy to clean polyurethane exterior and air holes to keep you from getting too hot after long hours of sitting. While it folds down to save space, the best feature of this rocker is that fact that it comes with armrests, something you often have to sacrifice with the style. While the armrest could be more padded, it does offer you an even more comfortable sit.

Best Quality Sound

X Rocker X-PRO

Typically when a brand slaps “pro” in front of their product, it is a lot of bluster. However, when X Rocker does it, it means they have stepped up their game. Not only is the X-Pro one of X Rocker’s more comfortable chairs, it pumps out some of its top quality sound.

The X-Pro features padded armrests for that extra touch of comfort, but it is that extra layer of padding over the seat and backrest that make it really worth sitting in. This chair was designed for long hours of gaming, but it also feels like it helps the subwoofer resonate throughout the seat when that bass goes off. Yet, the real star of the show is those two speakers on the side of the headrest that offers up unimpeded crystal clear sound with a volume that can really rock your gaming room.

Most Comfortable

Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair

Although the Long Rail isn’t specifically made as a gaming chair, it is without a doubt the most comfortable gaming chair you can get. It is both a great chair, but a massage chair as well. Who couldn’t do with a little shiatsu massage when they are getting spawn camped?

The Long Rail is specially crafted to give the seated the best possible massage. The form-fitting memory foam headrest cradles the neck and head while the sides see you snugly fit so you can both relax and dominate in the game world. The speakers on the side provide great quality sound and are easy to connect, but this chair doesn’t come without its kinks.

As you can tell by its specific build, the chair comes with a low maximum weight limit of 200 pounds, and even then, some people with wide hips may be threatening to spill over the sides or accidentally touching the control panel. It is also sadly without a subwoofer, but typically the massage function makes up for that.

Best Bluetooth PC Gaming Chair

X Rocker 0778401

For console gaming, the type of gaming chair you sit in doesn’t really matter. However, when it comes to PC gaming, unless you have your rig and monitors on a set of milk crates, you need a chair that can match the height of your desk. It should also be easy to connect and easy to switch between speakers and a headset.

This X Rocker model is one of their few that aren’t designed in the rocker-style, but instead opts for the racer-style. Not only do you get those attractive racer-style colors that can set off any gaming room, but you get the air holes in the backrest to keep you from getting too hot. The control panel is located on the seat of the chair and the speakers are located behind the backrest so there is no chance of muffling them. As the chair also comes with its own subwoofer and the backrest is thinner than the typical rocker-style, you also get that great bass that you can really feel.  As this X Rocker combines the height and comfort of a proper desk chair with the speakers that make the brand so coveted, it becomes an all around excellent gaming chair that you can use to switch between the PC and console if need be.

Best Overall

X Rocker Pro Series II

So what is the cream of the crop in terms of Bluetooth gaming chairs? Well, it has the overall good quality sound of the X-Pro, but improved upon the overall model. It is the Pro Series II. This is the absolute top of the line from X Rocker when it comes to their Bluetooth models.

Not only do you get upgraded padding from the X-Pro for extra comfort, but the chair is wider, taller, and all around bigger to accommodate people of any size. As the Pro Series II is also a pedestal rocker-style chair, you can use it for not only console gaming, but PC gaming as well.

This is a chair for gamers that want the complete package. If you want comfort, but also quality sound and bass, the Pro Series II is easily your best option.




Best Massage Gaming Chair: Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Chair

Now, there are some SERIOUS gamers out there. I’m talking about 12 hours non-stop. For these guys, the basic ergonomic design and extra padding won’t suit there needs. The same goes for gamers who are experiencing issues with their back. If you fall into either of these groups, you need your chair to be extremely relaxing and comfortable. You need a chair with massage functionality!

Our number one pick for massage Bluetooth speaker is the Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Chair. If you are tall, no problem, if you are plus-size, no problem, this chair supports up to 350lbs and includes multi-function arm rests for extra comfort. The chair is built with a padded executive racing style design and even includes a headrest pillow and lumbar pillow. These are then reinforced with a free USB electric massager.

If by looking at the chair you assume its made of quality material, you would be right. The Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Chair is made of high-quality PU leather, which wont peel and makes the chair quite durable and easy to clean. It fact, certain sections are built with faux leather with a stitching design. This greatly improves the texture and quality of the fabric.

How does the massaging fucntion work? The implant massaging function activates along two sections of the chair:

  1. The sides
  2. The lumbar cushion

With the massaging effect of those two sections of the chair, you’ll experience a soothing pulsation that is extremely comforting.

The seat itself is built with extra padding in a bucket design to ensure maximum support and comfort. In fact, the chair allows for backrest adjustment which ensures greater comfort as you tackle your opponents within the game.

Spent 12 hours gaming and want to take a quick nap? You won’t need a bed since the Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Chair is built with a retractable footrest. Along with the adjustable armrests, this chair is ideal for napping.