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If you want to bring your music to the beach or pool, you should bring a waterproof speaker. But, that’s just not enough as you can’t take these speakers into the pool with you. If the speaker sinks underwater, you won’t hear it anyway.

So, you really want a floating waterproof Bluetooth speaker. These speakers conveniently float, which means you won’t have to dive in after it falls into your pool at your next party.

The best floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers not only float on water but provide stunning audio performance as well.

In this post, we have rounded up the best floating waterproof speakers available. These speakers are great for use either by the pool or they can float alongside you in the pool while playing music. Imagine enjoying your speaker in the pool without risk of moisture damage.

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The UE Wonderboom is a waterproof speaker for the wettest of places – from the beach to the pool.

It’s easily one of the best floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers available on the market. With its soda bottle design, this speaker is designed to float.

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Built in a stylish, portable, and pool-friendly design, the UE Wonderboom is one of the most popular Bluetooth speakers available at the moment. With an IPX7 rating, it can survive under a meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Apart from being waterproof, the Wonderboom offers true 360-degree sound, delivered from its two active drivers and two passive radiators. In addition, it offers a 100-foot range and can pair two devices simultaneously.

At 430g, the UE Wonderboom measures 10cm tall and 9cm wide, making it easy to carry it in your backpack. The sound quality is fantastic with mind-blowing volume for its size. The sound is warm, favouring mids and mid-bass and doesn’t distort at maximum volume. However, the Wonderboom does not have a speakerphone.

floating speakers ue wonderboom

Aside from being ridiculously loud, this IPX7 waterproof speaker is highly durable with all its components enclosed in a  rubberized membrane. Additionally, it has a solid battery life, lasting for about 10 hours so that you can enjoy a full day at the beach or pool.

2. JBL Charge 3

The JBL Charge 3 is another excellent floating waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The Charge 3 is an IPX7 waterproof speaker that can survive spills and rain.

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Thanks to its waterproof exteriors, you can not only submerge this Bluetooth speaker underwater, but it floats as well.

It’s built with durable fabric and comes with a powerful 6,000mAh Li-ion battery that gives you 20 hours of continuous playtime.

The in-built echo and noise-cancellation speakerphone allow you to enjoy crystal clear calls and you can link multiple units together to amplify the sound.

jbl charge 3 floating waterproof bluetooth speaker

When it comes to the audio performance, the JBL charge 3 gives you 20watts RMS, but the bass can be disappointing. This portable speaker measures 21.3cm x 8.7cm x 8.85cm (W x D x H) and weighs about 800g.


3. Anker SoundCore

Built in a small and compact unit, the Anker Soundcore is one of the few floating speakers with dual sound drivers.

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This Bluetooth speaker is compatible with all Alexa-enabled devices and you can easily connect to devices within a 66-feet range.

The Soundcore is IPX5 waterproof, making it perfect for pool parties and dancing in the rain. Of course, it’s a lightweight speaker that can float on water.

The SoundCore can easily handle immersion in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. You don’t need to worry about that however, because it will float after taking a plunge. The device also offers high dust and sand resistance.

Additionally, the Anker SoundCore offers a worry-free battery life of about 24 hours.

best floating waterproof bluetooth speaker anker soundcore

Delivering a remarkable stereo sound, the Anker Soundcore is a dual channel speaker that comfortably delivers 12watts of clear audio. It packs all these desirable features in a small and compact box weighing 365g and measuring 16.5cm x 4.5cm x 5.4cm.

4. UE ROLL 2

Designed with waterproof exteriors, the UE ROLL 2 is a fantastic wireless speaker that can survive up to 30 minutes under a meter of water.

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It comes with Bluetooth connectivity feature, and you can connect a device within 100 feet. One of its distinguishing features is that it’s one of the flattest Bluetooth speakers available.

This IPX7 waterproof Bluetooth speaker delivers exciting stereo sound, with great highs and clear lows.

It features a bungee cord that allows you to easily strap it to your bike, your board, or your backpack, and it’ll still be there. Maximum portability. It also features a 3.5mm audio jack to allow you to connect to non-Bluetooth devices.

ue roll2 floating waterproof bluetooth speaker

Aside from having an excellent Bluetooth connection, the UE claims a great Li-ion battery that lasts for 9hours with a single charge. It’s small in size, weighing only 4.5g and measuring 13.5cm x 13.5cm x 4cm.

5. Kicker Bullfrog BF100 Waterproof Wireless Speaker

With IP67 waterproof certification, the Kicker Bullfrog BF100 is an awesome wireless speaker that offers convenient Bluetooth connectivity. It’s completely dust-proof and it will even float on the pool, hot tub or lake.

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Aside from having a cool floating design, the BF100 features an in-built carrying handle and comes in a small, compact casing. It weighs about 51.3g and comes with a 2600mAh battery that has a 12-hour run-time.

The sound performance is good, with its four speakers pumping out a 16-watt stereo sound. The 360-degree sound is loud and clear, but you can pair it with another Bull Frog speaker for more room-filling audio.


As one of the best floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers, the ECOXGEAR ECOXBT is completely waterproof.

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It comes in a rugged design and it has two large handles on each side, making it easy to carry and run straps to secure it to your body, bicycle or showerhead.

The ECOXBT has a powerful Li-ion battery that lasts for more than 10 hours and you can enjoy your music while it’s still charging. The controls are simple to use, but the buttons may be a bit hard to press.

ecoxbt waterproof speaker that floats

The unit weighs 680g and measures 10.16cm x 22.86cm x 7.37cm (H x W x D), making it easily portable. More importantly, it has two stereo speakers that pump out 3watts of full stereo sound per channel.

7. ECOXGEAR Eco-Stone Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

The EcoXGear Eco-Stone is a portable IPX68 waterproof speaker, acoustically engineered to give out an incredible sound, with good highs and clear vocals. It’s not only 100% waterproof, but it also floats on water.

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The Eco-Stone offers seamless wireless connectivity to your devices using Bluetooth AptX technology and there is a 3.5mm AUX jack at the back.

It features an integrated handle and there is a camera style mount at the bottom.

This floating dual-channel speaker measures 12.7 x 25.4 x 9.4 cm (H x W x D) and it delivers a 24-watt stereo sound. It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery that gives you a 12-hour playtime and it doubles as a power bank for your devices.

8. ECOXGEAR EcoCarbon

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The Ecoxgear Ecocarbon is an amazing IP68 standard waterproof speaker that floats on water.

It’s efficient for you to stream your music, using third-party apps like Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify.

It comes with a robust Li-ion battery that gives up to 12 hours of playtime, which means you can listen to your favorite music the whole day.

The Ecocarbon measures 7.62cm x 22.8cm x 10.2cm and has an integrated power bank that lets you charge your phone. It’s perfect for outdoors and active lifestyle, giving you fair quality sound with its 16-watt speakers.

9. ECOXGEAR – ECOROX Rugged & Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Built in a rugged design, the ECOXGEAR ECOROX is an IPX7 waterproof speaker that wirelessly connects to your phone and tablet via Bluetooth. The speaker can last under 3 meters of water for about 30 minutes as well as float.

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The inbuilt waterproof microphone helps you to manage your calls through the speakerphone, making it perfect for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Its battery can last for more than 10 hours continuously and its two inbuilt speakers can pump out 8watts of crystal clear sound with thundering bass.

This Bluetooth speaker has a 10-meter connectivity range and you can physically connect it to your Android or IOS device. It weighs 317.5 grams and measures 2.5cm x13.5cm x 8.1cm (H x W x D).

10. Monster SuperStar BackFloat

The Monster Superstar BackFloat is a waterproof speaker that is perfectly designed to enable it to float on its back.

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This speaker has a transparent mesh case that protects it while playing within craggy environments and a silicone wrap that covers it.

The battery life gives you a 7hour playtime when fully charged.  You can connect the speaker to IOS and Android devices using a 3.5mm audio jack and wirelessly connect any device within 10 meters using Bluetooth.

Aside from having shockproof exteriors, the Superstar BackFloat delivers a punch. However, it doesn’t have a speakerphone feature and the sound is directional.



Bottom Line:

There you have it, the best floating waterproof Bluetooth speakers available. As you can surely tell, these speakers are your greatest companions when taking a trip to the beach or pool.

Of course, these speakers are meant to float and can survive being submerged, but don’t submerge them for too long as you may risk damage.