Top 7 Best Emoji Speakers 2023

Norvan Martin
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You probably know of emoji pillows, but did you know there are emoji speakers? Yep! Imagine these speakers that are as expressive as the music that comes out of them!

You are styled to look like your favorite emojis, including Laughing, Crying, Purple Devil, Crazy Face, Growing Heart, Heart Eyes, and Kiss Face.

Vibrant and cute, these speakers make excellent gifts for your girlfriend, kids, or anyone who likes emojis.

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If you are looking for a pillow speaker, please check out this review guide instead.

Let’s check out the best emoji Bluetooth speakers!


1. Best Overall: JAMOJI LOL Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Retailing at a very affordable price, it’s pretty easy to write off this JAMOJI speaker as a novelty. However, the speaker is built for both performance and durability.

Its smiley face design is adorable and features a nice metal grill that makes it very durable.

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You can easily connect the Jamoji LOL Speaker with any Bluetooth device within a 30 ft range, and its performance is better than you might expect.


As a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker, the Jamoji LOL delivers 6 hours of playtime on a full charge.

The sound is pretty good for the money, but don’t expect wall-shaking bass effects. Nonetheless, the center volume will give you an excellent baseline to enjoy your music.

The speaker also features an inbuilt mic that gives it excellent speakerphone capabilities. Moreover, you can connect other audio devices via the AUX-in port, though you can’t pair two Jamoji LOL speakers. The size of this speaker shows that emoji mini speakers are great choices too!

Long-lasting battery
Strong Bluetooth connectivity
Simple volume and lights control
Attractive and durable design

No heart-thumping bass


Regarding emoji speakers, it’s pretty hard to get a speaker that offers both style and durability at an affordable price, like the Jamoji LOL.

The build quality is excellent, and it sounds fantastic for its size. However, you can’t pair two speakers for a surround sound performance.

2. Best For Kids: JAMOJI Kidding Wireless Speaker

For those looking for a fun and comfortable emoji speaker, this speaker from JAMOJI should be among your top choices.

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It comes in a cute design, making it a perfect gift for kids and any fun-loving youngster or teenager.


With a range of superb features, including an integrated microphone for receiving calls, the JAMOJI kidding speaker promises an impressive performance.

It gives you an incredible musical experience with a solid sound and a powerful bass, but it’s nothing booming.

The speaker’s rechargeable battery can last up to 6 hours, and you can take it anywhere. Nonetheless, you won’t be able to pair two units to increase the audio power or loudness.

Excellent connectivity
Impressive musical experience
Fun and comfortable design
Affordable price

It doesn’t light up while playing the music


If you want a speaker that shows off your kid’s fun-loving altitude without breaking the bank, the JAMOJI Kidding is the Bluetooth speaker for you.

It’s easy to connect it with all your audio devices, and it sounds brilliant for the size when the volume is set at the center level.

3. Best For Teens: JAMOJI Love-Struck Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Love-Struck is another brilliant speaker from JAMOJI” s line of emoji speakers designed to offer bright sound in an adorable design.

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The speaker is packed with a 6-hour rechargeable battery, and the Bluetooth connectivity is solid for an impressive performance within a 30-foot range.


With an inbuilt microphone for speakerphone capability, the JAMOJI Love-struck speaker delivers a crisp, clear sound when answering phone calls.

The sound is fantastic for its size, and you can crank the volume without any background noise or sound distortion. However, you may consider other options if bass performance is among your top priorities.

Stylish and lovely emoji design
Great volume control
Impressive audio performance
Easy to set up and use

Its kickstand doesn’t open widely


The JAMOJI Love-Struck is among the affordable emoji Bluetooth speakers designed for teenage girls and anyone who firmly believes in love.

It will work with your cell phone, laptop, and other audio devices, giving you a fantastic audio performance. Additionally, it comes with a non-slip pad at the bottom to avoid scratching your furniture.

4. Best Emoji Speaker For Indoor Parties: JAMOJI Chocolate Swirl Wireless Speaker

Popularly known as the poop speaker, *chuckles* the JAMOJI Chocolate Swirl is far from being the shittiest speaker you’ve ever seen despite its looks.

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It has a modern and funny design, making it an excellent gift for kids and fun-loving people. Moreover, it is affordable, just like other JAMOJI speakers.


With an integrated microphone, this JAMOJI speaker allows you to enjoy crisp vocals when answering your calls and to listen to music.

It packs a powerful sound with a solid baseline and crisp high-ends, but you may need a subwoofer if a wall-shaking bass is among your top desires. Nonetheless, you can enjoy a reliable audio performance when the volume is 50%.

Funny and stylish emoji design
Solid audio performance with crisp highs
Highly portable and durable
Affordable price range

You can’t pair two speakers together



Like the JAMOJI Love-Struck Emoji speaker, the Chocolate Swirl lets you show off your fun-loving attitude while cranking up your tunes.

It offers a good battery life, and you can use it as a speakerphone to keep your phone out of hand.

Moreover, the Bluetooth connectivity is excellent though you can’t connect multiple units with one device.

5. Best Emoji Speaker Under a Budget: JAMOJI Trouble Wireless Speaker

While you can’t expect it to be water-resistant at its price range, the JAMOJI Trouble comes in an excellent design that will last for a couple of years under the center conditions.

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 It comes in a colorful construction that merges with most interior decors. However, the color may not work for everyone, especially people with masculine taste in speakers.


With every unit working as a single speaker, the JAMOJI Trouble Wireless speaker boasts a strong Bluetooth connection and delivers a brilliant audio performance.

The audio is clear, with a solid bass level, crisp highs, and detailed mids. You can also crank up the volume to the maximum without sacrificing quality.

Though quite different from the JAMOJI Chocolate Swirl, they both boast a 6-hour battery life, but it can take a few hours to recharge.

Its compact size and stand make it easy to set up anywhere in your room, and it comes with dazzling lights that create an attractive rhythmic display of lights when playing your tunes.

Excellent speakerphone capabilities
A dazzling display of lights
Compact size and simple setup
It’s among the most affordable Bluetooth speakers on the market

Long recharge time
it doesn’t make a sound when fully charged


If you don’t mind having a purple speaker in your room, the JAMOJI Trouble will be a great option, especially when on a budget.

Its compact size makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use, though it might get damaged if it comes into contact with water.

6. Best Emoji Speaker As A Gift: JAMOJI Kiss Bluetooth Speaker

While retailing at a higher price than the JAMOJI Trouble, the Kiss Emoji speaker comes in a classy design and beautiful color.

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 It has a strong integrated stand at the back, making it easy to set up on any flat surface despite its circular shape. The speaker also lights up in response to the beats of your music.

As a gift, it’s great for a girlfriend, mom, or another loved one.


With the center amount of volume, you can expect a great sound with zero distortions at any volume level. The base might be a little disappointing for anyone accustomed to bookshelf speakers, but the sound quality is still good enough to enjoy the vocal performance.

You can control the volume of your music from the back of the speaker or your device. Additionally, you can answer calls directly from the speaker while the battery gives you up to 6 hours of playtime.

6 hour wireless playtime
Compact size and stylish design
Durable construction
Speakerphone capabilities

Not water resistant
Weak bass performance


While the JAMOJI Kiss may not be the cheapest emoji speaker from this manufacturer, it’s among the best units for young adults.

Its minimalistic design makes it easy to carry around, and its performance makes it worth every penny.

7. Coolest Emoji Speaker: JAMOJI Too Cool Wireless Speaker

Being the most expensive emoji speaker on our list, the JAMOJI Too Cool Wireless Speaker is also the coolest unit from this manufacturer.

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The price is still relatively affordable, and it has several cool features in high-end Bluetooth speakers on the market.


At around 45 grams in weight, the JAMOJI Too Cool is highly portable and easy to set up. Like most of its predecessors, the speaker’s rechargeable battery gives you a 6-hour continuous playtime, though it can take up to 4 hours to recharge.

Sound-wise, it delivers a fantastic musical clarity with detailed mids and crisp high, though the bass is a bit weak. Nonetheless, the bass is decent enough to answer calls through the speakerphone and listen to music.

Compact and durable design
Simple controls
Fantastic speakerphone capabilities

A bit expensive compared to others on the list
Weak bass line


If you want an Emoji speaker that makes you stand out when listening to music with your friends, the JAMOJI Too Cool will be worth a look.

It supports wired and wireless connections, giving you an outstanding audio performance with the center volume level.

Bonus Emoji Speakers

The JAMOJI Trouble wireless speaker

If you are quirky, have a fantastic sense of humor, and like to show your nerdiness outwardly, this is for you.

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This is an excellent gift if you want to make a statement. These emoji speakers are a bit of a novelty item – but they suit anyone who is quirky and not afraid to hide their sense of style while listening to great music!

Here are the reasons we chose the JAMOJI speaker:

  • The JAMOJI has a strong Bluetooth connection and delivers great tunes
  • Enjoy at least 6 hours of battery life on the move
  • It lights up while music plays for even more quirky fun

JAMOJI Trouble wireless speaker

The compact size and simple setup mean the JAMOJI Trouble is a great all-purpose speaker – even if it stands out a little!

Why Get An Emoji Speaker?

These speakers for great for several purposes:

1. As Gifts: Have a friend that’s a Whatsapp emoji junkie? Buy them an emoji speaker! These are one-of-a-kind speakers that anyone will love! However, as you must have guessed, these speakers are great for kids.

2. Connectivity: These are not just cute speakers; these emoji speakers can connect to your smartphones, tablets, computers, and other enabled devices via Bluetooth. Additionally, most speakers provide fair charge time (often up to six or so hours) and speakerphone functionality. 


1. Does any top brand, like Bose, JBL, etc., make emoji speakers?

As of now, these brands do not make emoji speakers. They have different styles that help people recognize their brand. 

2.  Which is the latest version of Bluetooth currently on the market?

It is Bluetooth version 5.3, which is new. It was launched in the year 2021 and can connect with your emoji speakers. 

3. What is the difference between Amazon Alexa and emoji speakers?

Amazon Alexa responds to your commands, curates a list of groceries and more, updates you with current affairs, etc. On the other hand, emoji speakers are widely used for music only. Emoji speakers do not respond to your commands. They work like normal speakers.

4. Can Divoom DITOO work like speakers?

Yes, some Divoom DITOO has speakers in them for music. Like the emoji speakers, it can be connected via Bluetooth. However, it has additional features like a computer-like-setup with pixels and more that the emoji speaker does not have. 


Emoji speakers are fun yet functional speakers. They are great for personal use and companions for your bedside table, and they can also be great for picnics and parties.

Bluetooth Wireless Emoji Speaker

Most importantly, the fun design of these speakers makes them ideal gift ideas. Let someone know you are always thinking about them with a smile, a heart, or a kiss. Whatever you decide, there aren’t any speakers that are as fun as emoji speakers!

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